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Bowel Tonic Formula
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  • Supports Better Toxin Elimination
  • And Enhanced Nutrient Absorption
  • May Increase Your Overall Health

Bowel Tonic Formula


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Earth Friend Herb Co. Organilax Herbal Tincture 1 fl oz.Earth Friend Herb Co. Organilax Herbal Tincture 1 fl oz.


Organilax is an excellent aid to help regulate and cleanse your small and large intestines.

Good bowel function is possibly the most important aspect of good health. If your bowels are slow or clogged, your overall well being will greatly suffer. Health will diminish. Eventually disease and more serious health challenges will follow.

A more efficient elimination system increases your nutrient absorption. And longer lasting good health.

Your body will never become dependent on Organilax to have regular and comfortable bowel movements. It works on the absorption capacity of your small and large intestines. By cleansing and increasing its ability to absorb nutrients.

Better toxin elimination and nutrient absorption leads to better health.

If you need extra support, try Digest-Ease LG.

All herbs are certified organic or wild crafted.

Common Name Latin Name
Cascara Sagrada Rhamnus purshiana
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera
Cape Aloe Aloe ferox
Barberry Root Berberis
Red Reishi Ganoderma lingzhi
Senna Senna
Turkey Rhubarb Root Rheum palmatum
White Pond Lily Root Nymphea odorata
Fennel Seed Foeniculum vulgare
White Oak Bark Quercus alba
Ginger Root Zingiber officinale
Prickly Ash Bark Zanthoxylum americanum
Ginger Root Zingiber officinale

Also contains grain alcohol, distilled water and vegetable glycerin.

Directions for Use

Take half dropper, 3x/day, between meals.
Take straight then drink water.

Do not mix in water or any other liquid.

Make sure to drink an adequate amount of water and fluids every day, to help efficiently flush toxins.

Keep away from children.
Not for use with pregnancy or nursing.

Recommended Use

Helps regulate and cleanse your small and large intestines. Better toxin elimination and nutrient absorption leads to better overall health.

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