Cold Fire ORMUS Oil

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  • Anti-Inflammatory - Calm& Soothing for Your Spirit
  • Great massage oil - load up with ormus and start healing
  • Grape seed Oil - easy to absorb



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Cold Fire ORMUS Oil is Anti-inflammatory

ORUMS Oils, Anti-inflammatoryMost inflammatory conditions are believed to be caused by an overproduction of an enzyme called COX-2. The essential oils used in this proprietary ORMUS oil blend have long been used for treating inflammatory conditions, and may be natural COX-2 inhibitors.

Combining these essential oils with ORMUS and grape seed oil creates a very powerful anti-inflammatory oil.

Cold Fire Ormus Oil helps to calm pain from inflammatory conditions to ease muscle and joint pain and strengthen the body’s responses to infections and injuries.

In addition, a growing body of scientific evidence is showing that blocking the COX-2 enzyme is involved in the development of many diseases including tumors and dementia.

Physical Benefits:
The four essential oils used in Cold Fire ORMUS Oil have been found to calm pain from inflammatory conditions, infections and injuries. In addition, a growing body of scientific evidence is showing that blocking the COX-2 enzyme may prevent or reverse many life-threatening diseases such as tumors and dementia.

Spiritual Benefits :
Balances the solar plexus chakra. Calms the mind and soothes the spirit so that better spiritual harmony can be achieved. Especially beneficial for those who feel restless and for those who need to work through strong, deep-seated emotions.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is the means of communication between the inner and the outer. Ormus Oils and Lotions have an energetic effect with the aura, increasing the auric field. In addition to acting topically, the Ormus and essential oils in Ormus Oils and Lotions are transdermally absorbed into the body, strengthening the Light Body and perfecting the physical body.

Cold Fire ORMUs Oil is a synergistic blend of organic, first cold-pressed grape seed oil (a cooling oil naturally high in m-Rhodium and m-Iridium, the “healing” ormus) and four essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties, all enhanced with additional Ormus in the form of m-Gold, m-Rhodium, and m-Iridium.

Directions for Use

Apply Ormus Oils and Lotions everywhere, or anywhere on the skin where it is needed most, and the Ormus and essential oils are absorbed into, and circulated throughout, the physical and energetic bodies to do their work.

Recommended Use

Anti-inflammatory. Calm and soothing for your spirit.

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