Tranquility ORMUS

Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually
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  • Calm Yourself Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually
  • Reduce Insomnia and Improve Quality of Sleep
  • Soothe Headaches and Muscle Tension
  • Uplift Moods, Creating a Sacred Space of Tranquility and Joy

Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually


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Calming: Physically, Emotionally and SpirituallyCalming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

ORUMS Oils, Calming: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually Stress from everyday life takes a toll on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether stress is manifesting in you physically as tense muscles, headaches, lack of restful sleep, nerve and muscle spasms, or emotionally as anxiety and depression, or spiritually as a feeling of a lack of connectedness and abundance, Tranquility ORMUS Oil and Lotions can help to create a buffer of sacred space which allows you to replenish from Source.

Physical Benefits:
Improves sleep, soothes tense muscles, calms nerve spasms, and eliminates tension headaches.

Spiritual Benefits:
Stress and worries fall away, leaving a space of tranquility and relaxation, allowing you to re-connect to your true essence of Abundance and Joy.

ORMUS Oils and Lotions
Both allow for the absorption of ORMUS through the skin directly into the bloodstream to be circulated where it is needed most. Choose your preference.

ORMUS Mists are aromatherapy sprays, energized with ORMUS to harmonize your energetic bodies. These are vibrational remedies,based on the concept that we are energetic beings, and when our energies become unbalanced, all levels of our lives are affects. ORMUS Mists help rebalance your energies and raise your vibration, to be your highest self and live your best life.

Once Ormus is collected and concentrated from its natural source material, it can be combined with specially formulated Essential Oil blends for targeted benefit, and then infused into a carrier oil or a moisturizing lotion base for optimal transdermal absorption. Essential Oils “ensoul” Ormus by providing an extra level of vibratory energy that can charge and “direct” the Ormus for specific outcomes.

Provides Quantum Nutrition in the form of concentrated Ormus to strengthen the Light Body and perfect the physical body. Ormus aids in spiritual development by raising consciousness levels, increasing feelings of connection with the Divine, and enhancing natural psychic abilities.

Apply Ormus Oils and Lotions everywhere, or anywhere on the skin where it is needed most, and the Ormus and essential oils are absorbed into, and circulated throughout, the physical and energetic bodies to do their work.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is the means of communication between the inner and the outer. Ormus Oils and Lotions have an energetic effect with the aura, increasing the auric field. In addition to acting topically, the Ormus and essential oils in Ormus Oils and Lotions are transdermally absorbed into the body, strengthening the Light Body and perfecting the physical body.

Tranquility Ormus Oil and Lotion contains Ormus and the Essential Oils lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang.

Tranquility ORMUS Oil combines concentrated ORMUS from our special alchemical process, organic cold-pressed grape seed oil for deep penetration, and lavender and chamomile essential oils

ORMUS Oil and Lotion

Combines ORMUS with special Essential Oil blends (for targeted benefits), then infused into a carrier oil or moisturizing lotion base, for optimal transdermal absorption.  Provides an extra level of vibratory energy that can charge and direct the ORMUS for specific outcomes.

Grapeseed Oil is an excellent carrier oil for ORMUS – naturally high in m-Rhodium and m-Iridium (healing ORMUS minerals). Aids in collagen production and keeps cell membranes healthy. Also high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Olive Oil is highly compatible with our skin and is an excellent moisturizer. Aids in skin cell regeneration and cell membrane repair. Rich in polyphenols for anti-aging and skin healing. Excellent source of vitamins A, D, K, and E.

Enriched with Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Argan Oils – luxurious lotion base in all ORMUS Lotions. Strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier, restoring beauty and radiance.

Contains water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise its vibrational energy, ORMUS from Dead Sea Gold Manna, and custom essential oil blends to set the specific intention of each ORMUS Mist formula.

Directions for Use

ORMUS Oil and Lotion
Apply ORMUS Oils and Lotions anywhere on your skin where needed most. The ORMUS and essential oils are absorbed into, and circulated throughout, the physical and energetic bodies to do their work.

Good for all skin types, absorbs easily (not greasy or sticky). Leaves skin silky and nourished.

Shake gently before using.
Spray ORMUS Mist in an arc around yourself and your personal energy space.
Can also be sprayed in your room (to negative and unwanted energies) and set your intention for the space.

Recommended Use

Calm yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Perfectly safe, but please avoid your eyes.

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