Proleotytic Enzymes
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  • Helps Reduce Risk of Tumors
  • Supports Normal Cell Growth
  • Increase Pancreatic Enzymes

Proleotytic Enzymes


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Feral Tissue (trophoblast) Detox

The trophoblast, which becomes the placenta, has similarities to tissues in tumors. For the first 56 days, the trophoblast:

  • Grows quickly
  • Invades local tissue
  • Has accelerated blood vessel growth
  • Lacks of contact inhibition and both have low voltage.

At day 56, fetal pancreatic enzymes turn all this behavior off.

For more information, look at the works of Dr.s Beard, Kelly and Gonzales.

Trypsinogen and Chymotrypsin (precursor forms) in a liposomal base.

Directions for Use

Take 3 capsules/day.

Recommended Use

Helps reduce risk of tumors, supports normal cell growth, and increases pancreatic enzymes.

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Scientific References: Enzymes

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