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Plant Formulated Nutrients plus Trace Minerals
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  • Broad Spectrum Plant Nutrients and Minerals
  • Aid Digestion and Enhance Immunity
  • Quality Enzyme Action

Plant Formulated Nutrients plus Trace Minerals


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CR Supplements, PFN+CR Supplements, PFN+


PFN+ is designed to to aid digestion and enhance immunity. With a broad spectrum of plant nutrients and minerals. Quality enzyme action and phytonutrient function.

An easy way to support your health, these nutrients compliment your daily diet. Get your enzymes working, and your cells communicating again.

Nutrients lacking in your food can create cravings and disease. Processed foods that most of us eat do not provide enough nutrition for good health. Processed foods do not feed all cells equally. Only the cells most essential to survival get the nutrients. The remaining cells get leftovers, if there are any.

Many discomforts and diseases are associated with one or more nutritional deficiencies.

PFN+ offers a broad spectrum of nutrients than can fill in your nutritional gaps. It’s a plant-formulated nutrient liquid with trace minerals. The plant source for PFN+ is lightly fermented organic soy beans which contains a broad spectrum of nutrients and minerals. Liquid trace minerals have been added for even more mineral nutrition value. Organic soy that is lightly fermented + trace minerals – what a great combination!

Many of today’s dis-eases are associated with one or more nutritional deficiency.  PFN+ offers your body a broad spectrum of liquid minerals for many of your nutritional gaps.

Lightly fermented, organic non-GMO soy plus added minerals.

Contains NO:
Gluten, GMOs, preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, stabilizers, yeast, meat, milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, plants, grains, coloring.

Serving Size: 1 tablespoon (15ml)
Carbohydrates: 0.3mg (<1% daily value based on 2000 calories)
Glucose: .06mg
Sucrose: .05mg

Vegan and Hypoallergenic. Kosher of America approved. PAREVE certified.

Directions for Use

For best results, take on a full stomach.

  • Adults take 1 tablesoon (15ml) daily, mixed with any liquid.
  • Children under 4 take 1/4 tablespoon daily (3.6 ml) or as directed by your health care professional.

Storage in a cool, dark place away from children.

Consult a physician before taking.

Recommended Use

Support your overall health with plant nutrients and minerals for quality enzyme action, enhanced digestion and immunity.

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