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Crystal Energy

Hydration, Detox and pH Balancing
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  • Fast Fix for Commercial Water - just Add a Few Drops
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Helps Increases Energy and Stamina

Hydration, Detox and pH Balancing

Original price was: $49.50.Current price is: $48.95.

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Phi Sciences, Crystal EnergyPhi Sciences, Crystal Energy


Crystal Energy…

The Secret of Longevity: True Hydration – Heavy Metal Detox – and pH Balancing

Without proper hydration, your cells cannot properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Both of these functions are critical to maintaining your health. Crystal Energy takes hydration to the next level, helping toxins get out faster, and nutrients get into your cells to aid in repair.

Crystal Energy is a food-grade liquid dietary supplement that tastes great and does your whole body good. Simply add it to water and discover just how refreshing and replenishing water can be.

True Hydration

Crystal Energy is the key to unlocking the hydrating potential of water for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. The quality of the water you drink has a profound effect on your health and well-being, and Crystal Energy improves your drinking water’s ability to hydrate your cells.

Without proper hydration, your cells cannot properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. And both are so very critical for your health.

In a state of dehydration, body cells cannot assimilate nutrients and remove waste. Dehydration also occurs as a side effect of caffeine. Caffeine effects include anxiety, dizziness, headaches, sleep disorders, and many common ailments. Crystal Energy also helps fight the negative effects of alcohol, stress, and free radicals as part of aging.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Humans need to remove toxins to survive. It is the key to long life and anti-aging. However, due to mass food production, mineral deficient soil, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, over-processing of foods, chemical preservatives, and drinking over-chlorinated and over-fluoridated water, people do not detoxify enough daily. Body cells become damaged, hydration levels decrease and cells age. In summary, Crystal Energy challenges the symptoms of dehydration and minimizes the process of aging.

Mineral supplements like Crystal Energy help defy the aging process. Millions of people around the world use Crystal Energy. It’s safe and has been tested and shown to have no known side effects.

Mercury, lead, cadmium, PCBs… the list of toxins in our environment is staggering. So are the lists of degenerative diseases associated with them and their accompanying pains.

Worse yet most doctors do not offer any safe ways to pull these toxins out of your system (called chelation). However, for the past decade millions of customers around the world have known that Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s patented product Crystal Energy will pull these toxic metals out of your system. Crystal Energy encloses the toxins in his revolutionary nano-sized (that’s 1 billionth of a meter) Flanagan Microcluster.

The process works by tiny little spheres made of silica that literally encapsulate the toxic metals. Once enclosed, these toxins are rendered harmless and then your body can naturally dispose of them. The disposal process is made even easier because water with the Flanagan Microcluster hydrates semi-permeable membranes (i.e. your cells) 6 times faster than regular bottled and tap water without it.

That means the toxins get out faster and the nutrients get into your cells to aid repair.

Heavy Metal Toxicity:
Ever taken a shower? Or lived in an old house? Or used an aluminum pot? Had a silver filling?
Are you tired, depressed, achy? Are you constantly dehydrated or hungry?
You may be suffering from classic toxic overload from heavy metals in your body and it’s dangerous. That’s why Dr. Patrick Flanagan developed Crystal Energy, a patented form of minerals that makes water wetter.

pH Balancing

Crystal Energy naturally adjusts pH based upon what you need, either more alkaline or more acid. The Microcluster silica cages expand and contract in size, based on pH of surrounding fluids, balancing your pH.

Get more out of your food and supplements, and protect yourself against toxins in the environment.

Alkaline Flanagan Microcluster
7.2 mg  Silica Proprietary Blend (silica, potassium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, oleic acid

Other Ingredients:
Purified water.

Serving size = 40 drops (.04 oz / 1.25 ml), servings per container = 94

Crystal Energy is clinically tested and physician approved.

For 30 years Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s life work has been to discover the health and longevity secrets of the Hunza people of the Himalayas, negatively charged nanocolloids. Crystal Energy is a product that changes the wetting angle of water to levels that are similar to levels found in human biological fluids, creating Wetter Water.

Directions for Use

Daily use is highly recommended. Simply add 42 drops of Crystal Energy to 32 ounces of water.

Recommended Use

True hydration, heavy metal detoxification and pH balancing

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