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Power Down

Promotes Restful, Restorative Sleep
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  • Helps You Get More Restful Sleep
  • You May Wake Up Feeling Refreshed
  • Non-habit Forming

Promotes Restful, Restorative Sleep


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nbpure power down 90 capsulesnbpure power down 90 capsules


Power Down can help you get the deep, restful sleep you need.

Experts agree that sleep is essential for building a strong immune system. Other benefits of Power Down include:

  • Helps you fall asleep more quickly
  • Helps you sleep deeply and wake without feeling drowsy
  • Avoid side effects (common with prescription sleep medications).

Each ingredient is chosen for its proven effectiveness. They really work to support sleep and build your natural immunity.

Helps get you to sleep deeply. Without medicine. Without melatonin. And without feeling drowsy the next day.

Non-habit forming. All-natural ingredients.

Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract, Magnolia Bark Extract (Magnolia officinalis), KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract (Withania somnifera), Rhodiola rosea Root Extract, L-Theanine, Chamomile Root Extract, GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid).

Power Down Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients:
Certified Organic Rice Flour and Vegetable Cellulose Capsules.

High-quality, all-natural and bioavailable ingredients. Free of binders, fillers, and excipients.

Helps you fall asleep, and handle stress so you sleep more deeply. Can help lower blood sugar, balance cortisol levels, and decrease extreme low moods.

Eases stress and reduces insomnia.

GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid)
Works directly with your brain to gently decreases activity in your nervous system. This gives a sense of calmness.

For thousands of years, Chamomile has helped reduce anxiety and insomnia. Also settles digestive upset, lowers inflammation and eases muscle spasms.

Works to reduce stress, lowers blood sugar and helps extreme low moods.

Directions for Use

Take 3 capsules, 20 minutes before bed, or as directed by your healthcare professional

Recommended Use

Get the deep, restful sleep you need to help build a strong immune system and wake feeling refreshed.

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