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Vitamin C by QuickSilver Scientific

Potent Liposomal Antioxidant and Detoxifier
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  • May Help Slow Aging and Risk of Tumors
  • May Reduce Inflammation
  • Supports Stronger Immunity

Potent Liposomal Antioxidant and Detoxifier


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Potent Liposomal Antioxidant and DetoxifierPotent Liposomal Antioxidant and Detoxifier


Vitamin C by QuickSilver Scientific

acts as a powerful antioxidant. It’s been shown to help:

  • Neutralize free radicals that can potentially damage DNA, lead to premature aging and a number of chronic diseases including heart disease, blood sugar issues and unwanted growths.
  • Support immune function to help fight the flu and other infections. Ongoing supplementation has shown to significantly enhance immune function, and can reduce your risk of catching the common cold in half.
  • Healthy aging and brain functions, and reducing inflammation and pain.
  • It shields your cells and DNA against free radical damage, helping to stop chronic inflammation. This may lead to neuroprotective effects and enhanced blood flow.
  • Synthesize collagen, increasing it by up to 8 times. This promotes healthy hair, nails and connective tissue. Also linked with faster wound healing, improved skin hydration and enhanced protection from sun damage.

Vitamin C is an essential, water-soluble micronutrient for overall wellness, and it supports many important bodily processes including:

  • Cell repair and protection
  • Immune system regulation
  • Joint function
  • Detoxification (1)

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin C?

Just 10% of people eat the RDA (Recommended Daily Serving) of fruits and vegetables.
That means you’re probably missing out on a wide range of micronutrients. With increased exposure to environmental toxins, pollution, stress, and decreased soil quality, that 10% number could rise. Anyone living in the modern, 21st-century world could likely do with a helping hand.

If you’re a college student, smoker or older adult, you may be at an even higher risk of experiencing sub-optimal levels of Vitamin C. A few warning signs of a Vitamin C deficiency include:

  • Easy bruising
  • Inflamed gums
  • Swollen and painful joints
  • Weight gain
  • Digestive upset
  • Weakened immune system
  • Dry hair
  • Rough skin.

Liposomal Delivery Bypasses Absorption Constraints

Intestinal absorption of Vitamin C is limited, making it difficult to achieve therapeutic levels in the body. Maximum absorption is achieved with liposomes. They are small enough to pass between cells. Smaller and more stable molecules begin absorbing as soon as they hit your mouth.

This liposomal form of Vitamin C is less likely to cause GI upset. And it enables effective, high level dosing.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that readily donates electrons to electron-deficient free radicals and inhibits radical-induced oxidative damage to lipids, proteins, and DNA.

Vitamin C supports connective tissue health by serving as a cofactor for enzymes that synthesize collagen.

It plays vital roles in the immune system, enhancing the production and function of white blood cells and quenching excessive inflammation caused by infection.

Emerging research suggests that vitamin C may also support cognitive function, regulate gene expression, and protect cardiovascular health by inhibiting oxidative damage to the vascular endothelium.

While abundant in fruits and vegetables, vitamin C degrades rapidly when harvested. Even the best of eaters may have an insufficient intake.

Serving Size: 5 ml (1 tsp)
Servings/Container: 24

Quali®-C Vitamin C (from European Sodium Ascorbate) 1000mg (1,111% DV)
Sodium (from Sodium Ascorbate 125mg (5% DV)
Phospholipids (from purified sunflower seed lecithin) 250mg
(Daily Value not established)

Other Ingredients:
Water, glycerin, ethanol, natural citrus oils.

Vegan, GMP Certified and tested free from Allergens, soy protein and Non GMO.

This product does not contain gluten.

Directions for Use

Take an empty stomach, at least 10 minutes before meals.

Take 1 teaspoon by mouth and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Repeat to desired dosage.

Refrigerate after opening. Use within 60 days of opening.

Recommended Use

Helps reduce symptoms of aging and risk of tumors. May reduce inflammation and pain. Supports stronger immunity.


If pregnant, consult physician before use.

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