Topical Benefits for Pain and Skin
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  • Mend Scar Tissues
  • Ease Any Body Pains and Cramps (menstrual, digestive)
  • Improve Health of Skin, Hair and Overall System-wide

Topical Benefits for Pain and Skin


  • Kit : 16 oz Oil, 10 Bandages 6" x 8"
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Castor Oil Gel and Bandages

Mend Scar Tissues

You may need the gel only, depending on location of concern, bandages may not be necessary.

Ease Any Body Pains and Cramps both Menstrual and Digestive

  • Detoxifying (apply over the liver)
  • Ease menstrual cramps (apply over uterus)
  • Help digestive discomforts like gas and bloating (apply over whole abdomen).
  • Reduce joint and back pain (apply on area of concern).

Improve Health of Skin

  • Soothes and reduces inflamed skin (redness, blemishes, pigmentation)
  • Fights signs of aging
  • Reduces scarring and stretch marks
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Disinfects broken skin (injury, bites, stings).

Hair Benefits

Conditions and promotes hair growth, treats scalp issues.

Overall – Systemic Health Benefits

  • Treats ringworms
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases mobility.

Castor OilUsed since Ancient Egypt times, Castor Oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, and traditionally applied topically, to support lymphatic drainage and general detoxification.

No need for “old-school” Castor Oil packs that are messy and time consuming (need to lie down for an hour or more).

CastorPatch solves this issue by turning Castor Oil into Gel for easy application, sealed against your skin with a bandage (10 included).

All the benefits of a Castor Oil pack without any of the inconveniences.

Scar Tissue

CastorPatch can also be applied directly over closed scar tissue, but depending on the location of the scar and your skill in applying the patch, it may be preferable to just rub some of the gel into the scar instead. You will need to shave the area you are working on.

Bent Penis (scar tissue build-up)

As men age, scar tissue can accumulate in the penis causing it to twist and bend.  Sometimes this is minor, other times it leads to pain and dysfunction.  Since it can worsen with time, it is better to address this as soon as it appears.  Internally, both serrapeptase and EDTA may be of use (consider Notoplex and Medicardium).  Externally, Castorpatch may be considered.  To use Castorpatch in this way, shave the hair around the base of the penis, put some Castorpatch into a condom and then place the condom over the penis and tape it to the base of the penis.  This will keep the Castorpatch against the penis for extended periods of time.  1 hour a day may be suggested.

Proprietary blend of organic castor oil, onion extract and organic essential oils.

Directions for Use

Keep refrigerated and apply cold gel onto center of bandage, enough to cover desired area, making certain to keep sticky parts of bandage dry, so it will adhere to your skin.

Draw an imaginary line from the nipples down to where the ribs end and measure. Image on the right shows the distance to be about 6″ and this is where top of patch will go.

Cut this length of material with sharp scissors. Dull scissors will tear and fold patch.


If the person is hairy, shave a one inch border around where the patch will go.  Hair under the patch will create a path for the gel to leak.  Even if a person isn’t hairy, shave where the bottom of the patch will go.

Remove the white backing from the patch by separating the wavy cut lines.

Place 1-2 tablespoons of the gel (depending on size of patch) centered left to right, and slightly above center of patch.  If you want to be mobile, place gel about 1/3 down from the top because gravity will pull the gel down

Take care to keep gel away from edges because the patch will not seal.

Place the patch on skin, working from the bottom center, pressing along the edges outwards, then upwards to seal,

Take care to not get folds in the patch, or gel will leak.

This stage should be done within one minute as the gel turns liquid at room temperature.

Remove the clear backing by separating at the blue strip.

Getting a perfect seal, especially along the edges is difficult, even with experience.

Image on the left shows 1.5″ support strips applied along the edge, with 1/2″ over the patch and 1″ over the skin.

These smaller strips are easier to apply properly, and significantly increases the patch’s sticking time.  You must completely apply the main patch before applying the support strips.

Image on the right shows the person laying on their back, without support strips.

While you can walk about with CastorPatch applied, it will pool on the bottom, so for best results, lay on your back (if applied to your abdomen). The seal won’t last as long if you move around.

Also, if the seal is not perfectly applied, laying down will increase the time the patch will stay sealed. Just lay down and keep a rag/paper towel near to clean up any leaks.

Getting a good seal takes some practice. A good seal can stay for hours.

If the patch fails, all traces of oil must be removed before attempting again, as the residual oil will keep the next patch from adhering.

Image on the left shows the patch applied with a person standing up, without support strips – the gel moved downwards.

Whether you stand or sit, check the patch every 15 minutes as it will keep moving downwards and will eventually break the seal.

A good seal can stay on for hours.

Increase effects with a heating pad or hot water bottle, but this is not necessary. The effects are delivered transdermally, through your skin – your body’s largest organ.

Recommended Use

Mend scar tissues, ease any body pains and cramps – both menstrual and digestive. Improves the health of skin, hair and overall system-wide by transdermal delivery.


CastorPatches have not be sterilized. Do not put them over broken skin.

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