Salus per Aquam

Ionic SPA Replacement Electrodes

Get Re-Energized
Price: $295.00
  • Replacement Electrodes for Salus per Aquam Ionic Spa
  • Choose Stainless Steel or Graphite
  • Good for 200 sessions, 15 minutes each

Get Re-Energized


  • Type : Graphite
    SPA320G In Stock
  • Type : Stainless Steel
    SPA320S In Stock
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Choose from:

  • Stainless Steel electrodes are good for 200 sessions, 15 minutes each (50 hours).
  • Graphite electrodes wear out sooner, but cost less.

Works with our 24V DC power supply

Recommended Use

Affordable hydro therapy device combines the life-giving properties of energized water and bio-electric fields to help clear stuck energies, and release toxins through your skin.

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