Relieve Swelling, Redness and ItchingRelieve Swelling, Redness and Itching
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Relieve Swelling, Redness and Itching
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  • Soothe Hemorrhoids & Fissure Pain
  • Shrink Swollen Tissues and Reduce Itching from Inflammation
  • Can Be Used on Other Mucous Membranes

Relieve Swelling, Redness and Itching


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The soothing, cool gel blend of witch hazel and organic silica in HemoSil is easily absorbed into your skin or mucous membranes.

HemoSil has astringent (shrinking), moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the pain, swelling, burning and pruritus (itching) that often accompany hemorrhoids in order to improve venous circulation in the anorectal region.

It eases the discomfort of hemorrhoids, irritation, itching and fissures, bringing immediate and lasting relief to the area treated. It can be used occasionally or regularly as required. According to the Spanish Journal of Digestive Disorders hemorrhoids are due to a weakness in the connective tissue of the anal muscle. Organic silica has been shown to stimulate regeneration of connective tissue, making it stronger and more flexible. We recommend using Hemosil in conjunction with drinking a regular dosage of Orgono Silica Liquid.

This product is past Best Before Date. New batch will not be made.

Water, hydroxyethyl cellulose (gel), methylsilanol (organic silica), witch-hazel extract (hammamelis) and silica.

Directions for Use

For external use only. Apply a thin layer of gel to the affected area. Repeat as often as necessary.

Recommended Use

Soothe hemorrhoid & fissure pain. Reduce inflammation and moisturize.

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