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Crystal Cupcakes – Imperfect (12)

Balance Energy in Your Water and Body
Price: $240.00
  • Energize Water for Drinking and the Moisture in Your Air
  • Remove Energy Blockages to Relieve Pain and Stiffness
  • Hyper Hydrate Your Skin

Balance Energy in Your Water and Body


$2.40 Cashback
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Twilight America Crystal Cupcakes ImperfectTwilight America Crystal Cupcakes Imperfect


These Imperfect Crystal Cupcakes (12) are cracked and/or chipped, but function exactly as the Crystal Cupcake. They don’t look good but function perfectly.

For Details please see Crystal Cupcake.

Laminar crystal silicates in a ceramic base, fired in a kiln to activate.

For Directions for Use please see Crystal Cupcake.

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Ancient Rejuvenation Technology

These Artifacts work on the same principle as our other Star Chamber devices. They accumulate ambient life force and transfer it to any water rich objects near by. The effects people experience include increased energy, relief from pain and clarity of thinking.

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Twilight America Product Directions

Inventor Jim Carter says if you take in more magnesium than you lose, you will stop aging, and start getting younger.

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Twilight America

These transdermal products are based on an ancient technology that was rediscovered by Jim Carter…

Scientific References: Water