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Crystal Cupcakes – Imperfect (12)

Balance Energy in Your Water and Body
Price: $240.00
  • Restore Energy Flow, Make Energized, Super-hydrating Water
  • Treat Your Hot Tub, Spa, Pool, Bath, or Your Body Directly
  • Make Water Structuring Devices

Balance Energy in Your Water and Body


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Balance Energy in Your Water and BodyBalance Energy in Your Water and Body


Crystal Cupcakes – Imperfect (12) Energize Water and Your Body

Check out the Crystal Cupcake to see how you can:

  • Energize Your Water – Drinking, Bath, Pool or Spa
  • Energize Your Rooms – Harmonize all Humidity
  • Restore Flow to Energy Blockages – Bring Flexibility to Your Tissues

Use all 12 cupcakes in your hot tub, bath tub, or place them on your body. With larger volumes you can create your highly-energizing experience.

These Imperfect Crystal Cupcakes are cracked and/or chipped, but function exactly as the Crystal Cupcake – they don’t look good but function perfectly.

Crystal Cupcakes are used in our Star Chamber in the second stage, where we energize the water for the super-hydrating bath. The energy treatment helps clear distortions from the water to support superior hydration and healthy function through unimpeded energy flow.

Crystal Cupcakes – Imperfect (12) bring the Star Chamber Spa experience to your home.

Laminar crystal silicates baked into potters clay.

Use to make treat water in pools, spas, tubs, gardens, or for bodywork and energy clearing

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These Artifacts work on the same principle as our other Star Chamber devices. They accumulate ambient life force and transfer it to any water rich objects near by. The effects people experience include increased energy, relief from pain and clarity of thinking.

Twilight Product Directions

Twilight America inventor, Jim Carter, says that as soon as you are taking in more magnesium that you are losing, you have stopped the aging process, and have started getting younger.

About Twilight America

Twilight transdermal products are based on an ancient technology that was rediscovered by Jim Carter.

Scientific References: Water