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Crystal Pearls – Sparkly

Make Energized Water, Fast
Price: $60.00
  • Instant Energized Water to  Hyper-Hydrate Your Body, Pets & Plants
  • Use it in Your Humidifier, Your Cooking Pot for Grains, Soups, Stews - All Water Applications
  • Restore Flow to Energy Relieve Blockages, Pain and Stiffness

Make Energized Water, Fast


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Make Energized Water, FastMake Energized Water, Fast


These Crystal Pearls – Sparkly work faster than the regular type Crystal Pearls in water-contact applications.

You can quickly turn ordinary water into highly structured, energized water. Or turn your bottled water into a much superior product.

The Crystal Pearls create Energized Water for superior hydration. Energized Water is efficiently absorbed at the cellular level, and this allows healing, regeneration and maintenance of living cells.

You can cook with Crystal Pearls – Sparkly to upgrade your rice, potatoes, soups, sauces and stews.

Wonderful for making plant extracts and infusions.

You build a substance from 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen and call it the water. Let’s just say they are little round balls that are held in place with an electrical charge, positive and negative electricity. If you take this molecule and put it in the presence of the Pearls, the energy charge of the water molecule will change. The common name for this change agent is Chi, Prana or Life Force. We (Jim Carter and Norman Shealy) trade named it Yinergy. We also know this force as Love, the force that makes all life in our universe possible. It is the dominant force that will replace or overpower everything else given enough time. This force changes the electric relationships between water molecules so that the little round balls are packed in smaller clusters. We haven’t changed their mass. We change their surface tension, their pH, their ORP, and clustering.

We have documented that this water is very bio-acceptable. It’s a tighter water molecule arrangement that living tissue accepts readily. The smaller molecule clusters will pass through cell membranes with ease, unlike the big water molecule clusters with their electrical charges repelled by your cells.

In order to moisturize the body you have to drink a lot of common water, elevate your blood pressure and it helps to eat a little bit of salt, and pressurize your whole system to push moisture into your tissues. Our small-cluster water is much better at it.

Twilight America, Make Energized WaterLaminar crystal silicates in ceramic base fired in a kiln to activate.

  • Crystal Pearls-Sparkly, Small – 1/2″/12mm diameter
  • Crystal Pearls-Sparkly, Medium – 3/4″/18mm diameter
  • Crystal Pearls-Sparkly, Large – 1″/24mm diameter

Directions for Use

Drop one to four pearls into your water, to achieve the level of taste and vitality that you desire.

All sizes of the Crystal Pearls are made from the same ceramic mix, and do the same job.
The main difference among them is their size, which also controls their active radius, or speed.

Smaller ones are more convenient, bigger ones work faster.
The small Crystal Pearls are ideal for instant energized water in your water bottles.

Sparkly Pearls work faster in water: when quicker water processing is desired, use this sparkly version, with its Laminar Crystals exposed.

Recommended Use

You need never buy bottled water again! Crystal Pearls-Sparkly work even faster than regular Crystal Pearls to super-hydrate your body, pets & plants with energized, Life-force enhanced Water. Provides superior hydration for proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

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