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Crystal Pearls

Make Energized Water
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  • Energize Water for Drinking - Hyper-Hydrate Every Cell
  • Spray Treated Water On Your Skin for Awesome Hydration
  • Use Pearls to Cook Soups, Rice, Potatoes, Pasta for Excellent Taste

Make Energized Water


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Make Energized WaterMake Energized Water


Now you can instantly turn ordinary tap water into pure, energized water. Or turn your bottled water into a much superior product.

The Crystal Pearls create Energized Water for superior hydration. Energized Water is efficiently absorbed at the cellular level, and this allows healing, regeneration and maintenance of living cells.

Wonderful for making plant extracts and infusions.

Twilight America, Make Energized Water
Laminar crystal silicates in ceramic base fired in a kiln to activate.

  • Crystal Pearls, Small – 1/2″/12mm diameter
  • Crystal Pearls, Medium – 3/4″/18mm diameter
  • Crystal Pearls, Large are – 1″/24mm diameter
  • Crystal Pearls, Extra Large – 1.5″/36mm diameter

Imperfect Pearls are from the same material, just not looking great. You can shape them with a nail file or with sand paper. You will get a 16 pack of various shapes.

Directions for Use

Drop one to four pearls into your water, to achieve the level of taste and vitality that you desire. Crystal Pearls do not dissolve, use them over and over.

The length of time to create Energized Water depends on your starting water – the source (well water, spring water, city tap water) and it’s mineral content. Also, your state of health will determine your perception of it. For a healthy person, Energizing will take about 5 minutes for drinking, 12 hours for spray-on or plant extraction quality.

All of the Crystal Pearls are made from the same ceramic mix, and affect all fluids in the same manner. The main difference among them is their size, which also controls their surface area and their speed of action. Smaller ones are more convenient in water applications, bigger ones work better in body-work and pain control.

The Small Crystal Pearls are ideal for instant energized water in your water bottles. They are 1/2″ (12 mm) in diameter.

The Medium Crystal Pearls are excellent for food and other kitchen applications (cook soups, sauces, rice). They are 3/4″ (18 mm) in diameter.

The Large Crystal Pearls are used to energize water in larger volumes such as a bath or hot tub, or for body energy work. They are 1″ (24 mm) in diameter.

To use the large Crystal Pearls for body energy work, place them on any place of concern on your body; wear it in a pouch or your pocket, taped to your skin, or to the underside of your clothes. They have a field effect in all directions, making them very effective.
Use the large Crystal Pearls in your bath or hot tub, in conjunction with the Laundry Appliance and Crystal Cupcakes. If used in a hot tub, add hydrogen peroxide to help sterilize your water, and end the use of chlorine.

The Extra Large Crystal Pearls are used for body energy work. They are 2″ (48 mm) in diameter. They can be used placed flat against your body to clear blocked energy flow.

Recommended Use

Crystal Pearls work (in conjunction with Prills) to super-hydrate your cells with energized, Life-force enhanced Water to enhance proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

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