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Dollop Of Love

Heal and Soften Skin Tissue
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  • Skin Mask, Shaving Gel, and Hair Conditioner Too!
  • Restore Magnesium and Counteract Hardening of Your Skin
  • Excellent on your face, neck, chest and other weathered skin

Heal and Soften Skin Tissue


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Heal and Soften Skin TissueHeal and Soften Skin Tissue


Dollop Of Love can accelerate the healing and repair of any skin tissue. Soften and smooth wrinkled skin. Fade age spots and sun damaged skin. Apply to any skin problems, including rashes.

This formula delivers much needed magnesium to your face, neck and chest in the form of a skin mask. It will rehydrate your skin, soothing your dried out cells. It is like turning raisins back into grapes!

Use Dollop Of Love When You Need To Look Your Best

This is an excellent means of absorbing critically needed moisture and magnesium, both essential for cellular regeneration. Magnesium soothes the nervous system, providing deeper rest. Medical research shows that low cellular magnesium accompanies several major diseases.

Pulls toxins out of your body, through the skin, and will not be reabsorbed.

If you don’t wash the Dollop off, it will just peel off. The gel agent in the Dollop is Methecel and is used in a lot of cosmetics. It’s literally a liquid form of cellulose (non-toxic) that’s used in bread, beer, ice cream, yogurt, and other foods. Methecel makes gel stable at all temperatures and pressures.

The Dollop of Love was originally made as an additive to be used in any cosmetics, any shampoo, conditioner and body lotions. Simply mix into your own.

I shared the Dollop of Love with my sister-in-law, and saw a miracle right before my eyes. She suffers constantly from such severe outbreaks of red spots and flaky skin that much of the time she cannot even use her hands. I told her to mix the Dollop of Love with her own bare hands. I said to her, “Submerge your hands in this and hold them there for a minute or two.” When she pulled her hands out of the Dollop of Love solution she exclaimed, “I can’t believe what I am experiencing! This has to be a miracle! Doctors have not been able to help me and I just paid $85.00 for a jar of cream that did nothing. My hands feel wonderful. I can hardly wait to get home and show everyone!”?

Magnesium chloride, Laminar crystal (silicates), Cellosize or Methecel (cellulose based gel agent).

Directions for Use

The Dollop of Love should be made with energized water, such as Prill Water or Magic Water. Makes 1 to 2 cups of wonderful gel.

For one application, add the Dollop of Love to one cup of energized water, and mix with your hands for at least five minutes, until it “webs” between your fingers when you spread them wide. This is the right consistency, and your hands will have begun to absorb magnesium.

Apply to your entire body and let it dry. Your body has then extracted as much magnesium as it needs. Rinse off in shower or bath. Use as often and wherever desired. It is safe for children and fun to play with, so let your imagination be your guide.

For multiple applications, to keep the mixture sterile, use a one-pint container and sturdy nonmetal spoon. Mix the Dollop of Love in one cup of energized water until the mixture is thick. Stir the mixture before every use, as the darker stabilizer can settle to the bottom. If used once a day, the Dollop of Love can last three weeks or more. If you keep it longer, it should be refrigerated.

The Dollop of Love can be mixed into shampoos, conditioners, shaving gel (men & women), body or massage lotion, in any desired proportion, making it an easy magnesium supplement for the whole family. A relatively small amount of shampoo will yield a tremendous amount of suds. It may even help restore the original color to your graying hair.

To make an excellent shampoo, mix the Dollop of Love with Miracle II Liquid Soap. Gives you a tremendous amount of suds.

The name comes from the sensual nature of the Gel. It is a wonderfully voluptuous toy to share.

Recommended Use

Excellent magnesium supplement, skin mask, shaving gel and hair conditioner. Restore vital magnesium for cellular rejuvenation to exceed degeneration.

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