Water: Energized

Already Energized for you, these water products have their molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells, your pets and plants. Superior hydration. One major key to body repairs. And the maintenance of health and vitality. Superior hydration fights pain from inflammation. May improve nutrient absorption and immunity. Supports clearer thinking with more balanced emotions. Try Core-Water when you're ready to raise your consciousness. Then H2Ormus to push for highest consciousness. If you would like to make your own Energized Water, we have many devices for you to choose from at Home and Body Care > Devices: Food and Water. Take a look at our Blogs about Devices, Water Energizing and Water TreatmentsYou might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Health BreakThroughs M Water


    Hydration and Emotional Balancing

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     By: Health BreakThroughs
    Hydration and Emotional Balancing

    M-Water helps increase hydration, oxygen and energy, plus: Helps increase absorption and utilization of nutrients More efficient detoxification of the whole body May decrease pain from inflammation Helps more accurate cellular replication process. In addition, all other supplements and nutrients may be absorbed more efficiently. You may feel all body systems function better, promoting overall better health. Independent clinical studies prove that drinking sufficient amounts of M-Water significantly increases cellular hydration within a few days, then stabilizes at higher levels over extended periods of time. The body repairing properties M-Water are based on...

    • Helps Increase Cellular Hydration and Oxygen
    • May Uplift and Increase Energy
    • Helps Remove Energy Blocks and Erase Negativity
  • EssenceSea Volixer Water Concentrate

    Volixer Water Concentrate

    Supremely Energized Water

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     By: EssenceSea
    Supremely Energized Water

    Volixer Water Concentrate supports enhanced hydration, nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. Helps reduce inflammation and pain. May increase energy and brain health. Nourishes blood and lymph. Experience Optimal Hydration Like Never Before! This optimally-hydrating water helps restore cellular hydration. Simply add it to your own water, and you create pure, living, mineral-rich, alkaline water to help rejuvenate your whole body. This innovative Volixer Water Concentrate has been restructured through a patent-pending process, creating biologically-preferred molecular structures that increase your nutrient absorption and utilization. The unique structure allows enhanced nutrient absorption and toxin elimination....

    • Supports Enhanced Cellular Hydration
    • Activated Trace Minerals help Replenish Cellular Needs
    • Superior Hydration May Reduce Inflammation and Pain
  • Health BreakThroughs Core Water


    50x Hydration and Emotional Balancing for Self-Actualization

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     By: Health BreakThroughs
    50x Hydration and Emotional Balancing for Self-Actualization

    Core-Water will hydrate, to regain the power to shape your own destiny. You may feel a dramatic improvement in brain function. Maximize mental clarity, and access a deep level of happiness. When you're ready to raise your consciousness, Core-Water helps push you there, to full Self Actualization. Beyond simply removing energy blockages (M-Water works for that), Core-Water helps paint a new design for your way of thinking. Helps dramatically increase your body repairs, and the organizing power (life force) in every cell throughout your body. Reduce underlying patterns...

    • Helps Improve Nutrient Absorption
    • May Increase Immunity
    • Helps Mental Clarity, More Balanced Emotions
  • Health BreakThroughs H2Ormus


    Hydration with ORMUS

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     By: Health BreakThroughs
    Hydration with ORMUS

    H2Ormus helps transforms elements and minerals within your body, into monatomic form, causing a direct increase in super-conductive and coherent cell to cell communication (based on the properties of coherence and conductivity). This is one major key to a long, healthy life. Based on a physics principle that deals with electrons going to higher orbits, then coming down to lower orbits, to emit light - some sensitive people can actually see this subtle light in themselves and others, from taking H2Ormus. The optimum Monatomic Element Program is to take both H2Ormus and...

    • When You’re Ready to Push for Highest Consciousness
    • Open Your Crown Chakra – Connect to Divine Consciousness
    • Helps Increase Hydration, Energy, Oxygenation and Remove Negativity