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Book: Know Your Fats

By Mary G. Enig. The complete primer for understanding the nutrition of fats, oils and cholesterol… Read More

Book review: Sexy By Nature

Review of a fantastic book Sexy By Nature by Stefani Ruper Read More

Book Review: The Loving Diet

Your relationship with your illness matters. The power of Love is a true force that can change lives, to repair your body, promote happiness, and literally make miracles happen… Read More

Food Freedom Forever: a book review

There are three steps in your Food Freedom cycle Reset, Freedom, and Setback (don’t confuse a setback with failure, but more on that later). Read More

Recipe for Living Without Disease

Most diseases are caused by concentrations of embedded toxicity. Read More

Books: Water

Your body has many different thirst signals, and a dry mouth is not a reliable indicator of your water needs. There are more reliable ones for you to understand when your body is calling for water. Read More

Books: Self-help and Spirituality

Theories that unveil the delicate weave of Spirit, kundalini, health and science… Read More

Books: Raw Diet

Fill list of books about Raw Diet that may help you uinderstand the importance of enzymes and raw food. Read More

Books: pH Balancing

This book provides a scientific explanation for cancer through an analysis of the blood. Read More

Books: Nutrition

Conscious Eating has been referred to as the “Bible of Vegetarians,” for both beginners and advanced students of health. Read More

Books: General Healing

With a rapidly increasing number of people seeking relief from depression, this program incorporates the best of both conventional and holistic techniques. Read More

Books: Energetic Medicine

James Oschman is successful in this book because he is first and only a scientist. Read More