Molecular Hydrogen Anti Allergy

Drinking hydrogen rich water may be effective against a wide range of allergic diseases such as bronchial asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis in humans Read More

MegaHydrate: Dramatic Breakthroughs

Dramatic breakthroughs in overcoming disease are being published in some of the world’s most prestigious Scientific journals as a result of the Hydration movement. Read More

Megahydrate Details

Ultimate MegaH- is the body’s most efficient and effective antioxidant. It also increases cellular hydration and the uptake of nutrients into each cell by lowering the surface tension of water Read More

MegaHydrate and Your Health

The transport of hydrogen is considered by many as the missing factor in the search for the cause of the aging process and the secret to age reversal. As we grow older, cells dehydrate and our hydrogen pool depletes. Read More


Dr. Flanagan discovered that silica crystals suspended in the water are able to hold negatively charged hydrogen ions (H-). Read More

Hydrogen for Sports Injuries

Hydrogen Therapy Beneficial for Injury, Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Read More

Hydrogen Muscle Fatigue

How Hydrogen Relieves Muscle Fatigue in Athletes Read More

Hydrogen Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

Hydrogen Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction Read More

Hydrogen as Therapeutic Antioxidant (pdf)

Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals Read More

Effectiveness of HydroZen Validated

The effectiveness of HydroZen has been validated by numerous researchers and doctors in Japan and South Korea. Read More

Choose The Right Antioxidant

The main benefits of the silica Microcluster is that it makes wetter water, allowing greater detoxification and nutrient absorption. Read More