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It’s mostly a result of the many choices we make and many do not have an immediate effect… Read More

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Life Enthusiast offers multiple reasons for creating an account with us… Read More

About Us at Life Enthusiast

In 2001 Life Enthusiast re-launched online. We now offer unique products in many categories made by manufacturers who are dedicated to delivering quality above cost, customer service above the bottom line, and passion for life above the numbers on a spreadsheet… Read More

Ask Our Health Coach

Our Health Coaching sets us apart from most online stores. We can help you find your unique path to good health… Read More

The Power of Knowledge for Health

We have products that you’ll either want or need to use for the rest of your life… Read More

Life Enthusiast’s Vision, Philosophy and Mission

Working together towards healthy and highly functioning lifestyle with enjoyment of every moment we have… Read More

Fun with Frequently Answered Questions

Many questions have been asked over the years, read some fun we’ve had answering… Read More

Martin Pytela: Founder of Life-Enthusiast

The start of my health decline was after getting 12 mercury amalgam fillings in my teeth… Read More

Empowering You to Take Charge of Your Health

Welcome to a healthier and happier – pain free – way to live out the rest of your life… Read More

High Value Products

Supplements are not all equal. Nature made complexes are infinitely more effective than factory made… Read More

Podcast 079 Life-Enthusiast Success Stories

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Pharmaceutical drugs don’t repair. They only block symptoms. Your immune system does repairs and we have many products to boost your immunity… Read More