Podcast 441: Earth Friend Herbs – New Products

With Elijah Free. New unique herbal formulas to subdue viral infections, nourish the heart and associated anatomy, reduce stress and restore thyroid gland function… Read More

How Clean is YOUR Indoor Air?

Indoor air can be a source of health problems. However you feel about that (terrified or care-free), anyone can benefit by reducing air contaminants… Read More

Blushield EMF Protection Devices

People report increased energy, better sleep, less stress, aches and pain. Plus an overall better sense of well being… Read More

Oceans Alive Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton is high-density nutrition for energy, focus and optimal performance… Read More

Drucker Labs intraMAX Studies

Results show that intraMAX improved metabolism, increased energy and lean muscle mass… Read More

Earth Friend Herb Co Safety Data

For herbal tinctures Adrenal-Ease, Allergy-Ease, ALZ-Ease, Arthritis-Ease, Cell-Ease, Cell-Ease Support, Cortisol-Ease, Digest-Ease LG and more… Read More

Life Crystals

Over 30 years of his own lab research resulted in more than 400 US patents and hundreds of international patents on his discoveries and inventions… Read More

Twilight America Original Artifact

Jim Carter spent nearly 30 years replicating and refining the ancient water treatment technology… Read More

Cellercising is Different from Rebounding

These rebounders are different from all other mini-trampolines. We guarantee that you’ll feel the difference… Read More

Cellerciser Workout

Exercises can be done slowly or at a sprint. They will all help you burn fat and build muscles that speeds weight loss… Read More

Origin of Miracle II Products

Inventor Clayton Tedeton gives all the credit to God for literally giving the recipe in writing on the wall… Read More