Podcast 441: Earth Friend Herbs – New Products

Martin Pytela joins Elijah Free to discuss the launch of his new products.

Cell Tox-Ease: An advanced tonic formula that will help neutralize the excess cytokine material that builds up in the body due to the MTHFR, and will subdue long term viral infections when used in conjunction with Cell-Ease, Cell-Ease Support.

Heart Ease: Supplies needed nutrients to your heart muscle.  Aiding the heart muscle and associated anatomy. Helps resume more normal cardiac functions.

Stress-Ease: Supplies nutrients that help with your metabolic balance. High stress burns through your nutrient storehouse. This can create nutritional deficiencies in your nervous system. And other systems too.

 Thy-Ease: This powerful herbal adaptogen formula supplies your thyroid glands with a high concentration of essential nutrients, to help restore natural function.

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MARTIN: Here. Hello everyone. This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast podcast. And today I have with me Elijah Free, Master herbalist, the founder of Earth Friend Herbs. Elijah and I have had many years now of collaboration, and we have multiple of his formulas listed on Life Enthusiast website. Today, we are adding more and we have the wonderful opportunity to hear from the formulator himself. Good morning.

ELIJAH: Good morning, Martin. Thank you very much for the opportunity to be here today, to talk with you and all of our wonderful friends out there, tell them all of our products that we are launching and just want to mention is a new product to us is not something that happened last week or last month. Our products are tested for a minimum of four to six months and therapeutic healing practice before it’s even considered to go on the market. So everything that we offer to you folks out there has been therapeutically proven to work within the parameters that they were designed for. In fact, how we choose what we’re going to design actually is the fact that there’s nothing on the market for it. We have patients that are in need, and as a result, we go to the board, we design. We always give away our first samples for free to the people that we design them for. It’s just sort of a tradition for decades now. And then we get the test to see how well it works. If it works, we give it to more people. It works that well, hey, everybody gets it! So some of these formulas..

MARTIN: So, so you’re actually still working in a clinic, correct?

ELIJAH: Oh yes, I have my own, which I’ve had now for many years. I’ve often worked with groups of doctors, before I went on my own about four years ago before COVID I worked with a group of five doctors for about 17 and a half years. And I was one of the regular folks there, even though I wasn’t a doctor, I still had all of the responsibilities of that.

MARTIN: I was actually told that you’re quite a gifted, uh, physical healer too, right?

ELIJAH: Yes. I do body work. I do my own form of that, and we do very well. That’s the other half of what I do. I love doing body work. Mine is a bit different in that because I work with people that are surgical candidates that have been in pain for years and often decades, but I feel very fortunate that I have such a lovely capacity to do so. I get to help people in both manners.

MARTIN: Yes. Just for a reference. Where have you learned all this herbology?

ELIJAH: Well, that’s an interesting question, Martin. I’m just talking more and more and more about this these days. I’m born autistic and I’m on the autistic spectrum, and I have been diagnosed as savant – they’re the people with unusual abilities – by some of the biggest authorities in the world. On that, Dr Darrold Treffert and Dr Matt Doll, I studied with Dr Matt Doll actually. So my abilities, if you look at what I am in other cultures, I’m called a shaman or a medicine man. So as a result, I was born with the capacity to directly, you could say, communicate with the spirits of the universe. Now aside from that I also have a very large medical background. I started back in the sixties, I’m an ex military civilian paramedic. I worked as a physician’s assistant in Massachusetts.

ELIJAH: I’ve worked as a scrub nurse in an operating room. All of that before I went into my practice as a natural healer. So I have a remarkable background going back to the late sixties where I was a wartime paramedic in the air force during Vietnam. Fortunately, I got to stay states-side, but the training was amazing. So I participate in both traditional medicine and natural holistic medicine. So I interfaced with a lot of doctors through my practice. So we can say that my science came from science, but my understanding of herbs came directly from the spirits of the herbs themselves. And I know we’ve had interesting conversations about Chinese medicine and how they’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands of years of all this beautiful recorded materials. But here in the west, it was done a bit differently. We had, you could say that the medicine person was a shaman type of thing.

ELIJAH: So folks like myself over the millennia directly connect. Now, that’s why when you look at my formulations, you see things there that you see nowhere else. Ever. I’ll just give you a quick example. And this would pertain to something like the Cell-Ease Support, which is for MHTFR, which we’re going to talk about in a bit when we talk about one of the products for that. But that actually is able to penetrate into any type of cell. That carries most anything. But how I discovered this was literally, you could say talking with the herbs themselves. I have every formula I’ve ever designed going back by almost 40 years. When I go back to my old handwritten book, that’s falling apart. I find many of the things that I am doing now, I was naturally doing 35 years ago, without even understanding it. It was etheric force. It would be like going into your kitchen over there and pulling things off the shelves and making this amazing dish. So I feel very fortunate in the fact that I’m able to participate in both worlds, the scientific world and the spiritual world. And that’s what gives us this wonderful capacity for these amazing products. I can really say amazing, even though I designed them because of the amount of people they’ve actually saved.

MARTIN: Would you be able to address the sourcing of the herbs? Because I’m starting to think that not all places on the planet will produce the same sort of herbology right?

ELIJAH: Yes. That’s a good one. Now, we can buy ginger root for $12 a pound if we want. We pay close to, I think it’s $26 or $27. Now, why do we do that? Well first of all, it’s guaranteed organic. Now we order from four major sources. On this, some of these houses I’ve dealt with since the 1980s. Actually in continuity, there is a wonderful program, not going in place decades ago. Now for many years, we would not buy anything out of the country. Unless we did from a couple of European places. The reason for it was we cannot be guaranteed that it was organic. It wasn’t radiated. It didn’t have pesticides. There wasn’t god knows what! Sulfites, sulfates and every other thing on. So, the herbal community in large, the professionals created a program where all around the world, all of the stuff is tested, and it’s within this big consortium.

ELIJAH: So we purchase from our houses that only purchase from them. Any herb that I have used, I can go back and get a certificate of authentication, where it came from, it’s purity and everything. So every herb that we use now, when we are “making the herbs in the manufacturing process, everything gets logged into a logbook. So we would say okay, this hydrangea came from Mountainview Herb Company. Over here it would be the registration number lot. So we can go back years and go, Hey! That hydrangea we used five years ago, this is where it was from. So we can track anything back. Now, the quality of these things, what I say, I’ll spend $28 on the pound of ginger rather than $12. What am I getting? Well, it’s from one of those companies. It is so guaranteed organic or wildcrafted. It has been tested four to five times. I think it’s five now.

ELIJAH: Out the country, the distributor, the people who get it, and then there’s another one in there. So by the time we get this, this is what we get. So I am the fussiest buyer you could imagine. I think nothing of course of inspecting everything that comes in, I’m very careful. Now the reason we do that: years ago, this goes back decades and decades, I’m opening up a pound of leaves and it’s called herb and flowers. Well, there should have been no flower because it should’ve been harvested before the flowering stage. So while that was a nice organic pound, it got sent back because it was harvested at the wrong time. So everything gets inspected. We haven’t had that happen for decades from these companies. So that’s a wonderful source. Our oils are organic, our beeswax comes from an apiary down near Santa Barbara. That’s surrounded by organic farms. So the stuff we get is just wonderful. So I love answering that question. Thank you.

MARTIN: All right. So I would like to launch into the new products that we’re introducing now. One of them is called Cell Tox-Ease.


MARTIN: And what’s maybe somewhat confusing is that we have Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease support, and then Cell Tox-Ease. So it all somehow relates to cells, but do they actually work in a similar manner?

ELIJAH: Well, they are like the Beatles. Okay? Yes, you got your guitar player, you got your bass player, you got your drummer, you got your singer. They work in accord in the group. We first started with Cell-Ease years and years ago, and this is what happened. We got a call on a Saturday morning, it was about six o’clock. My daughter has a horrible disease called MTHFR. What will happen, the doctors are saying eventually she will have dementia and die. The little girl was eight years old. Now I had not heard much about MTHFR. What it is, it’s a genetic variance that causes genetic aberrations in the system. I have that myself. On that, very severely. Another term for that is autoimmune disease. So they studied it, and this is an interesting thing. Now, the herbs I used to build that formula, I had never had before. Six weeks before I got that call, I ordered all the herbs I was going to need from Canada, which is one of our houses there that has a lot of exotics.

ELIJAH: For no reason in the world. Other than the fact, I woke up in the morning and said, I need Coleus Root and Da Quing. And as I sat there, I got the call and I had everything in my pharmacopoeia. Otherwise, it takes about four weeks to get things from Canada with the way mail was working at the time. So, we developed a formula that weekend. I stayed up all Saturday night, developing a formula. Sunday morning and by 4 pm it was ready. In two and a half weeks to save that child’s life. Now, what had happened was, with MTHFR, there are two main variants, the C677T and A1298C. Now what those are, those are literally genetic spots in your body. They tell everything else what to do. But when you have variants, they give the wrong equation. So it’s like going, Hey, Martin, let’s add up some stuff together. One in one is four, two, and two is five, three, and seven are four.

ELIJAH: So the body’s getting the wrong signal, so the Cell-Ease corrected the signal. Oh my God, what do we have? Well, what we found was, as we went on, that with MTHFR, there just isn’t that one problem. Now what that problem was, a signal problem. In other words, as I mentioned before with numbers, it is giving the wrong signal, and the body does something wrong. You can call that Lupus, you could call it Psoriasis. You can call it many different types of things, but by creating a wrong chemical balance, the body begins to spiral down very badly in terms of its health. Now, that was the first problem we found. After that, what we found was there was a problem with cell penetration, which was… What happens with MTHFR, Martin and other folks out there, is that the cell gets hard around the outside. Now, when that happens, the signal can’t get through either. So we created what we call cell-penetration technology, and that’s the Cell-Ease support. Now, what I mention is that just went through a few months ago, a major upgrade. And so we actually have a new label for it, also for you that you will be getting with the upgrade. I like to keep upgrading. When I make a change, I like to change the label so people know what they get. So we actually just did that with a few products. We have new labels.

ELIJAH: Now, what I was talking about before is that I was actually talking directly to certain herbs. I’m not kidding. The cell penetration technology… let me go to the side again. In herbology, we have all these different categories. For example, alternatives are something that cleanses the body, emmenagogue is for female reproductive organs, and so on and son. But, no one had ever discovered how to penetrate cells. So I’ll be writing a paper for my community soon. Not to mention the actual herbal community, all about cell penetration technology, because I discovered a whole aspect of herbology no one’s noticed before. Which is amazing. If you go through and you look back, you see it used occasionally. Actually the word Chinese medicine from there, but no one actually talks about it. So, that cell penetration technology is very important. That’s what gets us inside the cells. Now this is interesting Martin, because with MTHFR, it inhibits everything you would absorb: your food, your medicine, your aspirin, your herbs, your oils. It doesn’t matter.

ELIJAH: It inhibits how much you can absorb. On its own, the Cell-Ease supports a person with MTHFR. Anything else that they take, will also be absorbed better. So the Cell-Ease Support is for people with autoimmune disease, MTHFR, either one of the variants, by taking that, it increases their absorption for everything. So we’ve had people that really needed their allopathic medicine work wasn’t we gave them that. It was like a light switch. So that’s why I spent the time to upgrade that. It only has three herbs, the Cell-Ease. Now what we had to finish out here, the Cell Tox-Ease! I know we can see that there, but I brought the bottles to hold out. Now, this was interesting, because what this works on, there’s one more part to the MTHFR, and that’s the cytokine storm. Cytokines are toxic poisons that build up in the body. When they build up enough, they cause disease. They cause death. They cause terrible things to happen and they build and they build and they build, and they are not eliminated from the body. The Cell Tox-Ease neutralizes cytokines, little monsters – right where they are standing. I’m so happy with this formula.

Now, you can be in the throes of long-COVID. I’ve had numbers of people take Cell-Ease, Cell-Ease Support, and the Cell Tox-Ease and wake up in a day or two and a lot of the symptomology has subsided. Now, the Cell-Tox Ease the way that it was designed, it’s designed to neutralize. This is an important word here. Neutralize, the excess cytokine material that builds up in the body due to the MTHFR, and the long COVID. Now, this is important, the word neutralize. Neutralize means this: you don’t antagonize. You don’t fight it. You don’t go in and try to kill it. You don’t make disharmony in the body, instead it neutralizes it. That to me is one of the major things that herbal chemistry should do is neutralize those wrong materials in the body that do not belong there, that cause organic disease, discomfort, and eventual downfall of a person’s health.

MARTIN: Okay. I would actually like to ask it this way The cytokine storm, when it hits, it can defeat a person fairly quickly, right? Like it’s sort of like a nuclear reaction. It just doubles and doubles and doubles with passing time. So it would sound to me like this should be something that I should have on my shelf, in my pantry ready, in case. Right?

ELIJAH: I would say this trilogy, yes, If that is a problem. It’s a fast worker. What I want to say is: part of the protocol that’s very important here, is that the Cell-Ease Support, folks with MTHFR that have autoimmune disease need to take a minimum of one full eye dropper to two full eye droppers. The reason is, the more serious your case of MTHFR is, and my way of thinking if you’re looking for something to help you, then it’s going to be a serious case. You need to have that amount of herb to have the capacity, to enter the cell successfully. And that literally carries just like a river, what a beautiful image. A river carrying things out of your body, the river of lymph, the river of life, the river of life. And this cleanses that, but it neutralizes it like that.

MARTIN: So to make it really specific, when you say full dropper, is that like the whole milliliter?

ELIJAH: Yes. Or two halves. A lot of times, it’s very hard to draw a full one. I tell folks two halves.

MARTIN: Yes. So that means that the bottle will be gone in about two weeks, right?


MARTIN: So the Cell Tox-Ease then, if I understand it correctly is the one that’s going to limit the runaway growth or the signaling that will cause this cytokine storm to get out of hand, yes?

ELIJAH: Exactly. That was beautifully expressed, but you need to have all three of them, I want people to understand that. Is that you need the Cell-Ease, Cell-Ease Support and Cell Tox-Ease to do it. One of the formulas alone will not take care of that problem with the high cytokine storm. There’s no way to get that in one bottle, the technologies for these are exceedingly intricate. Very, very, well? Intricate. I guess that’s the word I should stick with that one. So there was no way to get it down. In fact, I’m impressed that we got those 3 bottles.

MARTIN: All right. So Cell Tox-Ease is not something that we would be taking as preventive because we don’t really need it until there’s an infection that’s raging. Do I say it correct?

ELIJAH: Yes, but to me, if you are around COVID a lot, and you have autoimmune disease, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to take as it preventative. So for example, suppose you work in the field like myself, well I take now on a regular basis. So anything like that, to me, if your family has autoimmune disease, if you have it yourself, that’s something you might want to consider during the bad seasons. So with the fall coming up, okay. In the next couple of months, we know it’s going to be a bad season because we’re in a bad season now with Covid. So that’s going to be worse. So thinking about that as a prophylactic, it’s not a bad idea.

MARTIN: Great. So, alright. To be really clear, so if you’re working with the public, if you’re exposed a lot, especially if you have the immune challenges in your own genetics or your family’s, yes. Make sure that you have these three on hand. Two as your daily preventive and your Cell Tox-Ease is as your “if things get worse.”

ELIJAH: Yes. Now, recently I did get very ill myself and I spent some time in the hospital. However, I did not have the cytokine storm, because I took that, mine would have been different. But, I did not have the cytokine problem. So I can really tell you that it works. One last note or two on this. We have a number of people who have been diagnosed with long COVID, when they take the three of these, usually within 24-48 hours, a lot of the symptomology of that goes away. Now we actually have one more formula. I’ll just mention this, it’s called Voice-Ease. Sometimes what happens is your voice goes during COVID, especially long COVID.  is for that, but that’s only if you’re having a voice problem, that works very nicely.

MARTIN: Okay. So let’s talk about the other formula that we decided to introduce today. And that was the Heart Ease. Yes. So, how, well let’s just define it. What what’s it actually supporting or what does it do?

ELIJAH: Well, let me tell you this story about where that came from and that’ll give you the idea. So I’ve mentioned before that I have very severe autoimmune disease. Well, I keep myself reasonably healthy most of the time, every so often something goes, but a number of years ago, I had a near fatal heart attack. You probably remember that, it was quite a while ago. But what happened was, I had gone in for a test to the VA, because my father died of it. My uncle died of it. So I wanted to get a test. Well, they did the wrong test. I told them I needed a stent in my heart, but did all they did was carry on terribly. About four or five months later, they bring me in. They told me I was completely fine. Four or five months later, I get brought into the hospital, Friday night about 12 o’clock at night, I have a completely clogged heart, one of the arteries were 90% occluded.

ELIJAH: Now the VA tells me I’m 100% fine. I’m dying very quickly on the table. So they did a stent, which is they put a little piece of stent in the heart, well, the doctor then tells me I would not walk stairs. Well, I believed it. I saw the scans. I saw the scan of my heart beating. So about six months later, I’m pretty depressed. I’ve always been very athletic, I take very good care of myself. So I decided I’m not going to accept this. So I designed a heart formula to rebuild my heart. In about about five weeks, I’m doing five mile sprints. No joke. I put on about 12 or 15 pounds of muscle. On it, I’m running. And like I said, I could do five miles under an hour, easily. I was barely breaking sweat at times. So what did the formula do? Rebuild my heart muscle. They claim it can’t be done. Bologna! When I hear something can’t be done, I get very stubborn. And I go, I’m going to do this today. So what does the formula do? It rebuilt my heart muscle, it’s strange. I had some EKGs recently. You can’t tell anything ever happened. Zero.

MARTIN: You’re telling me here that where they were actually showing a muscle damage and lack of function, it’s come back?

ELIJAH: Yes. So I became incredibly athletic for years after that again. Now here’s what it does. It supplies an unusual amount of nutrients directly to the muscle. And what are we using? Cell penetration technology to do it. You see how my technologies overflow into other products. So it’s wonderful. This technology goes to there. It helps with flow around the heart. It helps with nutrients. It helps to reduce it back to it’s normal size. It helps to strengthen it and those wonderful things that it does.

MARTIN: So, people who are told you have occlusions, be prepared. We’re going to do bypasses or stuff like that. This is when you would want to try the Heart Ease and say, give me two, three months and I’ll come back for a recheck?

ELIJAH: No, no, this will not take care of things that build up in the plaque in the system. That is a whole other problem that does not go into a heart. The heart does not do that. The plaque thing happened in my system because I had MTHFR. You see my father had MTHFR. My uncle had it, he could tell from all the symptomology. My son has it, he’s probably going to have a problem. So that will not take care of that. He would still need to go to the doctor and have that cleaned or stent put in. But it will help your heart to recover from all of that, you see. But it won’t prevent the plaque, because the plaque is not a problem of the heart. The problem with the plaquing is caused by an autoimmune problem. Every person I’ve ever seen with heart plaque, I’ve treated a lot. They all have autoimmune disease, everyone we’ve tested. So that’s an important thing that if they tell you about plaque.

Get tested for MTHFR. And if you’re looking for a test, go to your doctor and put in their MTHFR test, we buy the test from there. It’s wonderful. Works great, they’re from MTHFR Doctors. So with that in mind, there’s a side treatment for that. So the heart tonic strengthens the heart, but it will not affect things which are affecting the heart, which are from a different source. If you have plaque, and you work with Heart Ease like I did, this will help your heart to heal, but the heart tonic itself Heart Ease, will not affect the plaque.

MARTIN: Elijah, the other product that we talked about introducing to the public is called Stress-Ease. Yes. And I mean, that’s a wonderful word stress. Of course we understand it, but stress really is an external signal that comes to the body. And then the reactions within the body are what actually is, it should be known as the stress response. It’s not really what happens, but how you respond. Right?

ELIJAH: Exactly. That’s well put.

MARTIN: And so you already have a collection of several products that would fit into this category. Could you frame it together?

ELIJAH: Yes. Thank you for putting in that manner. Well, Stress-Ease is something we should have put on the market decades ago truthfully. This formula first started being designed by first year of practice, which was interesting, but there’s a tendency with something like this, you go, oh Yes, Yes, Yes. It’s not that important therapeutically, but whenever we use it, it works wonderfully. Now how this works, this particular formula, and we have three specific formulas for different types of stress. These stresses we’ll talk about: Mood-Ease, which is for chronic depression. Think of it as organic Prozac literally is how it works. Now, I designed that formula for my wife, who had chronic depression. Every Winter, she would get SAD, which is the, where the days get short and there’s not enough life. And so she would get depressed, especially on that. So I designed the formula for her. Ever since then, it’s been years and years, my wife has literally no depression anymore.

MARTIN: All right. So you’re saying that this Mood-Ease, is actually affecting the serotonin levels?

ELIJAH: Yes. It normalizes serotonin levels almost immediately. Not only that it prevents serotonin uptake syndrome, which what happens when you have too much serotonin, it is able to keep that well balanced. So you’re depressed. You take Mood-Ease, count 1, 2, 3, not depressed anymore. It works that fast. If it doesn’t work, take a second dose. I have never seen it not work. Why that’s not one of my best selling formulas? I think people don’t know about it. So I’m hoping that’s something we’re going to let people know about more. So that is chronic depression. We then have, for PTSD. We have our Cortisol-Ease. Which is one of our huge sellers and how that works … PTSD is caused by spiking levels of cortisol, which is caused by traumatic events. And in the world today to me, the world is one big traumatic event. I hate to say this.

MARTIN: I would say, these last two, three years of the lockdowns and the incessant, bad news coming through the media and all of that.

ELIJAH: The war in Ukraine. I was about [inaudible]

MARTIN: Yes. The bad news is coming. So of course, I mean, people are now getting to worry about where their food is coming from. Is their food clean or contaminated? Will the… I mean the endless stream of threats, right?

ELIJAH: Oh, the world is burning. Oh my God. The world is burning up with hate. Right.

MARTIN: Well, anyway, so I hope that you’ll be able to get enough of the herbs to make it.

ELIJAH: Yes. So far we’ve been doing very well between all of our sources. So the PTSD formula Cortisol-Ease, that takes care of the PTSD. And as you know, because what we sell so much of it. With that again, I’m having a terrible PTSD episode, formula one, two, and better. Or someone says, didn’t work the first time. One, two a second time. You are better, it works on everyone. It’s straight chemistry, period. So a lot of my formulations are just not focused. And it isn’t just that, I can talk with the major spirits also. My chemistry is exceptional. I love chemistry! So all of that gets tied in together, so I’m very fortunate.

MARTIN: I’ve had people tell me that they often times are feeling tired, but wired in the evening, unable to shut off the runaway thoughts or unable to just cut it off so that they can get some rest. Right? Yes. This is probably the right place to use it. Isn’t it?

ELIJAH: Oh, yes, yes. Now he is talking about the PTSD formula or…?

MARTIN: Well, the Cortisol-Ease formula is whatever the reason may in your life that you’re unable to settle down. Right? Like it’s just, it feels like you turn off the ignition in the car, but it ignores it. It just keeps running.

ELIJAH: Yes. Things don’t wind down. That’s a wonderful way to put it. Turn the engine off, it’s not cranking off. Yes. We sit there for hours with our minds and our body winding and winding and winding, especially to the world. Really. And everybody takes, I have this dream about it being used with soldiers and the police, criminals, all sorts of things so that they can take the things that they do.

MARTIN: I remember well, when you made such a valiant effort to try and get this simple, easy product into the hands of the Veteran Administration. But of course they’re controlled by other interests and wouldn’t even consider it.

ELIJAH: Go ahead and say it. Yes. The drug companies. Yes. Wounded warriors turned this down, and one person called me back and told me why. She said it was because of the amount of money that they get from drug companies. They would not allow them to use the product. They talked to them.

MARTIN: Yes. It’s the control. All right. So that’s, so we now understand them. Formula one, the Mood-Ease. If your serotonin is dysregulated, it’ll help to normalize. Two, if your cortisol is dysregulated, then the Cortisol-Ease will help to level it out.

ELIJAH: Right.

MARTIN: And so the third one, the Stress-Ease. How does that work?

ELIJAH: Well, let’s put it this way. Person I know, recently she had a very traumatic event. Her husband got very sick. He was in the hospital, she was shaking and crying. Couldn’t stop. She used Stress-Ease and she stopped. It feeds the nervous system, that is what it does. It feeds it, it re-sheathes damaged nerves in the system too. It helps with stopping smoking and sugar and things in that order, and other medications and drugs. Because what it does, it literally rebuilds the nervous system sheath. The myelin sheath is part of what it does. It cleanses the heads of the neuron emitters that actually send signals. Okay, for the nervous system, it corrects the overabundance of the first signal, which turns it on too much. And the second signal it builds, which is what turns it off. So literally it’s for stress. Again, it’s one of those I’m stressed to the point of this. Dose, much better. Second dose. There you are. So those formulas were designed to work instantly, because if you’re in the stress, you don’t want a wait half an hour. Go. I think it’s happening. I’m not sure. So I designed them for absorption.

MARTIN: All right. So when you run into people that would be defined as nervy or jumpy or easily triggered, is that where this would strengthen their resilience?

ELIJAH: Yes. But you would ask the question what’s causing it? Well, I had a terrible thing. I’m a veteran or I was molested, my child died, or I lost my job terribly. So you go, well there’s PTSD there, but there’s also nerve sheathing problem. Or you can go, I am so chronically depressed and I’m like this. Well then, you know, it would be the Mood-Ease for the depression, along with the one for stress you see? So they can be combined. Everything I make is compatible together. Very, very important. There’s nothing that is harmful with any other formula whatsoever in my Pharmacopoeia.

MARTIN: So I run into people who have lost their enjoyment of life. It’s as if their perception of the world has dulled. It’s the colors aren’t so bright anymore. And the outlook is pretty pathetic and they just are, I don’t know how to best put it, losing their edge.

ELIJAH: I got it.

MARTIN: How would you recommend going after that?

ELIJAH: Well, a couple of things, I might actually look at their adrenals, as a lot of people who have that type of, I give up, they’re exhausted. There’s a lot of very exhausted people. Now the adrenal formula is for a particular type of depression also, but that’s an adrenal depression. Where your energy is so well, you just can’t get up and do something, that’s depressing. So dealing with those kinds of feelings, they kind of have to dig a little bit to find out why it’s happening. Well I’m depressed. Why? My wife died, my dog died, I lost my job. So I’m like, I’m depressed. Why? Oh, well I have 50 million dollars, I just lost 5 million dollars on the market. It’s a little hard to feel the same way about that. Okay, you go, I’ll take some of this. The person who lost everything, they need more than just one, if it’s something like that. I would think at least Mood-Ease, maybe the Stress-Ease. But if there were horrible things and their cortisol spiked a lot, you’re looking at that also. So history is important. That’s why a lot of things with, um, depression, people don’t get better. [inaudible] People are on this drug and that drug and they’re not even working, they get them started on something and we send them back to the doctors to see if doctors can help them.

MARTIN: All right. So as you’re saying this, it brings to mind yet another new formula that we have put on the list and it’s called Thy-Ease. I have a sense that this connects here somehow as well. People often times present with either hyperthyroid symptoms or hypothyroid symptoms. And as I understand it, the autoimmune disease either gets the name of Hashimoto’s or Graves’. And it’s in fact, usually just the two sides of the same issue. Right?

ELIJAH: Exactly, exactly. With that. However, both of those Graves and Hashimotos present differently. Now the Thy-Ease formula is for hypo or hyper, it’s for both. It helps to regulate. So in terms of actual organic disease, what it does is it does not distinguish high or low. It brings it into its proper parameters so that the thyroid can work better for them.
Now years ago we used to work with thyroid formulas, with people with different body temperatures. We’d want to see their body temperatures come up. What we’re finding now, it’s not happening. So I’ve actually in the 40 something years, I’ve been in medicine. I’ve seen a real failure in this the thyroid with people. A huge amount more of thyroid disease. But I’m also seeing almost everybody as a substandard temperature. of thyroid. So now I don’t know the statistics on this, I cannot find a good statistics. I love statistics! But again, with MTHFR, it affects your thyroid. So everyone with Graves or Hashimoto’s, that I’ve ever come across, and that’s been a lot of people over the years. Especially Hashimotos, they all have MTHFR, an autoimmune disease. So you’re going to get the best result with the Thy-Ease formula one, if you test for MTHFR. If you don’t have MTHFR, the formula works one particular way. It’s way more tonic so that it just helps to regulate. If you have an MTHFR autoimmune designated thyroid problem, it’s going to help you. But you’re going to have to treat for MTHFR, because that’s the essential underlying problem. It’s like a leak in your plumbing. Well, you’re always fixing the house for mold. Fix the leak. You see, look, what a difference!

MARTIN: So to be clear, what you’re saying is that the Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support would be combined with the Thy-Ease?

ELIJAH: Exactly. And if you have a high cytokine levels occurring, then you’ll need the Cell Tox-Ease.

MARTIN: As well.

ELIJAH: It’s really complicated. Its so complicated. With the MTHFR I can’t do it through chemistry. It’s strictly my savant and shaman capacities to be able to feel the actual pathways, but chemistry wise, I couldn’t do it. Chemistry came second. I did it Shamanically, like that. By literally going to the spirits of the herbs. I know it sounds odd, but that’s where I learned about these. None of these qualities of these are recorded in any books whatsoever. So what we’re doing, we’re talking cutting edge. It really is. But none of the qualities I use them for have even been recorded, they haven’t been noted. And that’s in Western or Chinese medicine. So that’s why we get the results like nobody else. That’s why I’m not publishing it, because I’m not letting anybody else know yet how it works.

MARTIN: Well, let’s make sure that these things don’t disappear with you.

ELIJAH: Oh, they won’t, that we’ll make sure.

MARTIN: You know, as I’m watching myself and, I’m sure you’re noticing that too. We are not immortal. We are, as time goes by, we need to somehow prepare ourselves our legacies for the day when we won’t be around.

ELIJAH: Well funny you mentioned that, seeing how that almost just happened to me. I’m actually working on that now, I really am. Working through that after my hospital stay.

MARTIN: Elijah. Thank you very much for taking time from your work, from your practice to actually share your knowledge, share your wisdom, and help us introduce your inventive and revolutionary formulas to our audience. I so appreciate having worked with you and having access to the formulas you’ve created.

ELIJAH: Thank you so much. I just want to thank you Martin, for just giving the world such a wonderful business. Okay. To distribute my stuff and other people’s high quality materials. I hear nothing but the greatest things about you and your business for so many years since I’ve distributed. And you folks are our main distributor, everywhere.

MARTIN: Yes. You mentioned in your earlier talk the understanding the cause behind the cause behind the cause. Yes. Our decision was: treat others the way you want to be treated. You won’t go wrong.

ELIJAH: There you go.

MARTIN: I always govern myself with how would I like to be treated? And then what comes out of that is at very least, some understanding and respect.

ELIJAH: In my practice, we say treat our patient as thyself. Right. But when my folks come in, that’s how I want to be treated.

MARTIN: All right. Awesome. Elijah Free, Master Herbalist at Earth Friend Herbs. Thank you very much. This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, life-enthusiast.com. We are reachable by phone at (866) 543-3388. Thank you for being here today.

ELIJAH: Thank you so much, and everyone stay well!

Author: Life Enthusiast