Minerals: Trace

Calcium Basics

Most of us get enough calcium, but not enough supporting nutrients to use it properly. Most need to take more magnesium to be balanced… Read More

ORMUS and Importance of Mineral Balance

The most general signs of mineral imbalance relate to problems in the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems… Read More

Biological Transmutation Introduction

How your body can transmute elements, an amazing feat that requires a fusion plasma reactor otherwise… Read More

Minerals and Trace Elements in Crystal Salt

Contains 84 minerals and trace elements, easily absorbed, like a whole food source… Read More

Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy

A multitude of uses and health benefits, excellent for immunity, skin troubles, balance your pH, detoxify and so much more… Read More

Trace Minerals Produce a Major Effect

They are quickly used up when exposed to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from anything electric… Read More


This essential trace mineral is necessary enzymes involved with digestion and metabolism, utilization of B vitamins and more… Read More

Minerals from Arsenic to Zinc

Unappreciated trace minerals are essential for good health, in the correct amounts… Read More

Strontium as Trace Mineral

May may help improve the cell structure and mineral matrix of the bones and teeth, helping to prevent tooth decay or soft bones… Read More


Potassium supplementation helps lower blood pressure and protects against heart disease and stroke… Read More

Copper, Iodine and Strontium

Most of the strontium (good or bad) in your body resides in your bone marrow – the prime factory of your immune system’s cells… Read More


You need only tiny amounts of this trace mineral. Helps convert fat to energy, and break down proteins and toxins (alcohol, drugs, purines, sulfites)… Read More