Home and Body Care

From Aroma Therapy and Energy Devices, to Skin Care and Water Filters, we offer everything for a healthy home and body. All natural products to enhance the food you eat, the air you breathe and the energetic space around you. Our mission is to give you a longer, more vibrant life.

  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy and Essential Oils (21)

    Aromatherapy and Essential Oils have powerful, mind-altering effects. They are holistic treatments, inhaled or applied onto your skin. Improves the health of your body, mind, and spirit. This is an effortless way to shift yourself into a better state of being. Transform and uplift your moods and thoughts. Shift from anxiety to joy. Balance your emotions. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils can change your reality to feel loved. Feel focused and centered. Enhance your spiritual practices for enlightenment. Get a good night sleep. Essential Oils activate smell receptors in your nose. They send messages through your nervous system to your brain. Your brain affects your limbic system, which plays a role in your emotions. Your hypothalamus is affected and creates feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin.
  • Devices: Air

    Devices: Air (13)

    Devices to clean up the air in your space will improve your overall well being. Remove odors, particles and germs. These products take a quantum leap in air purification technology. Clean indoor environment in the greenest possible way. They improve our planet’s health by reducing waste and carbon emissions. They recycling materials used in production. And they also recycle products at the end of their useful life.
  • Devices: Cleanse and Detoxify

    Devices: Cleanse and Detoxify (7)

    Devices to Cleanse and Detoxify your body, both inside and out. This is required for the maintenance of health or reversal of disease. No exceptions. We're all overloaded with toxins from the food we eat. The air we breathe. And the water we drink. An optimally functioning detoxification system is necessary for preventing disease and providing good health. A Foot Bath will cleanse and detoxify, right before your eyes. Relive pain, reduce stress, improve recovery and have better sleep. Devices to Cleanse and Detoxify can emulsify fat for weight loss. Expel toxins to promote a healthy immune system.
  • Devices: EMF Protection

    Devices: EMF Protection (11)

    Devices for EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) protection. Help your body combat the stresses generated by EMFs that are everywhere. All wireless devices. Cell phones and wi-fi. Overhead power lines and electric motors. Computers and monitors. Environmental sensitivity is on the rise. It can cause pain from inflammation, and chronic degenerative conditions. Symptoms decrease when EMF levels are lowered. Devices for EMF protection help you maintain physical health and emotional balance. We have protection for small to large areas. Some require no power source. Some are to be plugged-in and some are portable.
  • Devices: Exercise

    Devices: Exercise (8)

    Even if you’re in too much pain to exercise, we have optional devices. EVERY body needs movement. If exercise were a pill, it would be the most prescribed one. The benefits of regular exercise are essential for your body. Manage your weight. Reduce your risk of a heart attack. Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. Have stronger bones, muscles and joints. More strength gives better balance and lowers your risk of injury and falling. A rebounder (mini trampoline) can work wonders. Easy for anyone to exercise while watching TV or talking on the phone. Highly effective devices for exercise because they move your lymphatic fluids. Exercise your way to health and vitality.
  • Devices: Far Infrared

    Devices: Far Infrared (3)

    Devices that emit Far infrared rays can improve blood circulation in your skin and internal organs. This brings oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues and promotes repairs. It helps ease pain from inflammation. Protects against oxidative stress that can form tumors. Helps your body expel toxins. Supports your cardiovascular sytem, and overall better health. The warm energy has repairing qualities, associated with optimal body functioning. It penetrates your skin and elevates your temperature to activate immune functions. Devices that emit Far infrared rays produce a wavelength that is part of the sun's full spectrum.  But does not burn your skin. Sun therapy is the natural form of Far infrared therapy.
  • Devices: Food and Water

    Devices: Food and Water (22)

    Devices to Energize the water in all your food and beverages too. Energized Water has its molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells, your pets and plants. You need never buy bottled water again. Superior hydration is one major key to body repairs. And the maintenance of health and vitality. These affordable devices create supremely Energized Water in all your food and beverages. Improves the taste. Use Energized Water too cook soups, rice, potatoes and pasta. If you want Pre-Energized Water, we have many to choose from at Home and Body Care > Water: Energized.
  • Devices: Pain Relief

    Devices: Pain Relief (14)

    Devices for Pain Relief by balancing the energy in your body. Relieve blockages and feel well again, physically and mentally. Disharmony and blockages drain your energy at the cellular level, and contributes significantly to aging and illness. Enhance the flow of your life energies. The many benefits include relief of pain and swelling. Faster tissue repairs. Increased energy and improved sleep. You should feel overall increased vitality. Transport nutrients to where they are needed. Cleanse your entire body inside and out. Check out these marvelous restorative devices for pain relief. They’re convenient, easy to use and most will last a lifetime.
  • Food Seasonings

    Food Seasonings (14)

    Food Seasonings from Crystal Salt and delicious spice extracts have minerals and potent nutrients with a huge variety of health benefits. Better digestion and stronger immunity. Detoxification and relief of pain from inflammation. Protection from tumors and slow-down aging. Now you can enjoy salt again! Himalayan Crystal Salt is a healthy and delicious mineral supplement. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements. Table salt is only sodium and chloride. Little more than industrial waste. Sea salt is not much better because all water is becoming polluted with industrial toxins. Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is pure and of the highest grade. It takes millions of years to mature underground. Under great tectonic pressure. Untouched by pollution. Energetically and nutritionally superior. Delicious and healthy, it uses are many. A Crystal Salt Brine Bath is detoxifying and relaxing. Helps balance your pH. Brine steam inhalation helps acute and chronic respiratory illnesses. Brine poultices are very effective treating pain from inflammation. Also helps fevers and skin conditions. Relieves sores throats and canker sores. Crystal Salt cleans and remineralizes your teeth and gums. We have Fine Grain, Coarse Grain and Crystal Pink Salt Pieces for Salt Brine Therapy. Start seasoning your food with healthy and delicious Crystal Salt and spice extracts.
  • Pets, Plants, Gardens, Crops

    Pets, Plants, Gardens, Crops (6)

    Pets, Plants, Gardens, Crops all benefit from Energized Water for superior hydration. Mineral plant fertilizers for plants, gardens, crops. Add happy years to the life of your pet, and increase the health of your plants. Gardens and crops thrive. Create Energized Water for superior hydration that can improve a broad range of health conditions. Including pets mobility and moods. All plants grow faster and stronger. Even cut flowers last longer with Energized Water. Minerals in these plant fertilizers are sustainably sourced. With other elements and macronutrients that are essential for total plant health. Improve plant strength, nutrition uptake and drought resistance. Supplements to safely manage pets pain from inflammation. Improve circulation and speed repair.
  • Skin Care: Bath

    Skin Care: Bath (13)

    Your skin is your body's largest organ and everything you put on your skin will absorb inside, perhaps not at the same speed, but it WILL get into your lymphatic fluids and blood. Transdermal delivery (through your skin) is an excellent way to deliver important nutrients like Magnesium. Bathe in TransDerma Minerals Magnesium Crystals to support the relaxation side of your nervous system. With Jevatee Naturals Crystal Salt Bath or Crystal Pink Salt, Pieces (make Salt Brine) you will absorb 84 minerals and trace elements - amazing health benefits. TransDerma Minerals Laminar Powder will supercharge your bath and make your skin glow, with only one teaspoon. It's also perfect for dry, cracked feet and any other persistent skin problem. Bath products are not regulated the same as supplements - the regulators ignore the fact that your skin is permeable. Take care and use only non-toxic, healthy products.
  • Skin Care: Body

    Skin Care: Body (10)

    Your skin is your body's largest organ and everything you put on your skin will absorb inside, perhaps not at the same speed, but it WILL get into your lymphatic fluids and blood. By adjusting the concentration, Miracle II Miracle Soap will clean anything from a newborn baby, to an ocean oil spill. It's plant based, completely natural and when it goes down the drain, it helps clean all the waters downstream. Check out Miracle II Skin Moisturizer and Moisturizing Soap too. Get rid of your toxic deodorant and use Thai Deodorants Deodorant Stone, Stick. TransDerma Minerals Aloe Vera Concentrate will revitalize your skin, relax stiff joints, treat skin conditions and signs of aging. Silicium Labs G7 Light Legs provides relief and freshness for tired and heavy legs creating a pleasant feeling of lightness and well being. Cosmetics are not regulated the same as supplements - the regulators ignore the fact that your skin is permeable. Take care and use only non-toxic, healthy products.
  • Skin Care: Face

    Skin Care: Face (9)

    Natural skin care for both women and men. Your skin is your body's largest organ and everything you put on your skin will absorb inside, perhaps not at the same speed, but it WILL get into your lymphatic fluids and blood. Check out Miracle II Skin Moisturizer and Moisturizing Soap- it's plant based and completely natural. Skin Sorcery provides many natural and effective products to care for your delicate face. Wrinkle Removing Complex is a quick fix to look your best instantly. Hyaluronic Acid Complex is a natural alternative to botox, and Actif Protection Complex provides maximum protection and nourishment. Silicium Labs Wild Rose Silica Moisturizer will nourish your cells and support collagen production. Cosmetics are not regulated the same as supplements - the regulators ignore the fact that your skin is permeable. Take care and use only non-toxic, healthy products.
  • Skin Care: ORMUS

    Skin Care: ORMUS (21)

    Healing and enlightenment are the reasons for using ORMUS (orbitally rearranged monotomic elements) alchemical products. Boost your health in every way - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Apply ORMUS to your skin - topically - and it's absorbed into your body (transdermally) to increase your natural energy of life-force (holy spirit, prana or chi) at the cellular level, for general health support, rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement. Each ORMUS product varies slightly from the others - try several, and decide which is best for you. ORMUS Oils has an exceptional array of lotions, oils and mists for everything from anti-inflammatory (Cold Fire ORMUS Oil) and hair growth (Crowning Glory ORMUS), to connecting with the Divine (High Purification ORMUS and Crown Chakra ORMUS). Balance your psychic powers, wisdom, dreams and high-intuition with Third Eye Chakra ORMUS. See Throat Chakra ORMUS for effective communication, and be a conduit of Love with Love ORMUS.
  • Skin Care: Repair

    Skin Care: Repair (12)

    Help to repair skin damaged from pimples, bites, stings, inflammation rashes (eczema, psoriasis, acne), hemorrhoids and fissures. Make your skin glow with Laminar Powder from TransDerma Minerals - magnificent treatment for many skin conditions that don't respond to other treatments. Miracle II Neutralizer Gel is an invaluable first aid tool (the concentrated version is Neutralizer Gel 7X). Trauma Gel from Skin Sorcery can wipe out blemishes and red spots fast (you should see the before/after pics). Silicium G5 from Silicium Labs is exceptionally effective to repair skin conditions, restoring elasticity (stretch marks, sagging), strengthens hair and nails, and increases flexibility to ease joint discomfort. PanaSea Toner from EssenceSea builds collagen and promotes skin cell restoration. Hydrates and reduces fine lines. Evens-out skin tone.
  • Soap & Laundry

    Soap & Laundry (7)

    Safe and natural soaps for all your needs: energize your cleaning water, reduce laundry soap and softeners - help clean up our environment. A unique line-up of non-toxic, environmentally safe products from Miracle II including Miracle Soap, Moisturizing Soap, Laundry and Bath Ball, and the Bath and Laundry Appliance from Twilight America. These products literally help manage environmental sensitivity and degenerative diseases. By adjusting the concentration, Miracle Soap can clean the nastiest ocean oil spill, yet is safe as shampoo and gently washes even the most delicate skin. No synthetic oils, animal fat or preservatives. Biodegradable and highly concentrated.
  • Tests & Downloads

    Tests & Downloads (10)

    Use our Health Coaches to guide you along the path towards aging with vital longevity. Learn about your Biological Individuality. Discover the right foods for your unique body, and how to construct meals to build health instead of disease. Metabolic Typing is THE tool you need for optimal health. Feeding your unique body type is the single most important principle that affects your maximum performance in all aspects of life. Hair Analysis - Comprehensive Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (CHTMA) is a non-invasive method to evaluate your metabolic type, current mineral levels and ratios, and their impact upon your body chemistry. Get the Hydrion pH Paper Dispenser to test your pH - saliva and urine - another major key to optimal health and longevity.
  • Water: Energized

    Water: Energized (4)

    Already Energized for you, these water products have had their molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells, your pets and plants. A major key to healing, and the maintenance of health and vitality. If you would like to make your own Energized Water, we have many devices for you to choose from at Home and Body Care>Devices: Food & Water. Volixer Water Concentrate from EssenceSea is supremely Energized Water for hydration to fight pain from inflammation. Health BreakThroughs has M-Water for better absorption and utilization of nutrients, more efficient immune system, and clearer thinking with more balanced emotions. And Core-Water for when you're ready to raise your consciousness, then H2Ormus to push for highest consciousness.
  • Water: Filter Replacements

    Water: Filter Replacements (11)

    Replacement filters for your Avesa Water System to purchase separately: Alkalizing Ceramic Filter, Post-Carbon Filter, Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, or all of them in the Avesa Water System Filter Pack. Also, Alkazone replacement filters BHL-2102, BHL-3101 and BHL-4201, PreFilter Housing with Cartridge and PreFilter Replacement Cartridge.
  • Water: Filter Systems

    Water: Filter Systems (3)

    Create better water from your taps, for your best health. The Avesa Water System is excellent value for high-end filtered water. Get instant alkaline water with an Alkazone Water Ionizer. Your body absorbs toxic chlorine from your shower and bath. Remove Chlorine and Energize your bath or shower water at the same time, with either the Twilight America Water Converter - Bathtub or Water Converter Chlorine (shower).