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Twilight America

Bundle: Star Chamber

Restore Life Force Energies In Your Home and Body
Price: $127.96
  • The Ultimate Water and Body Energizing Bundle
  • Make Your Own Energized Water
  • Tools for Body Work to Release Energy Blockages

Bundle: Star Chamber

Restore Life Force Energies In Your Home and Body

211 Sold64 in stock


  • The Ultimate Water and Body Energizing Bundle
  • Make Your Own Energized Water
  • Tools for Body Work to Release Energy Blockages

Crystal Cupcake

  • Energize Water for Drinking and the Moisture in Your Air
  • Remove Energy Blockages to Relieve Pain and Stiffness
  • Hyper Hydrate Your Skin - Make Magic Water to Spray On
Cupcake: Smooth

Star Chamber Receiver

  • Fill Your Space with Harmonizing Energy, Clear of Electromagnetic Chaos
  • Protect Yourself From Negative Environmental Energies
  • Energize Water in your Bath or Hot Tub to Experience Supreme Hydration

95 in stock

Precious Prills - 3 oz

  • Better Tasting Water - One Bag Treats 1,000 gallons!
  • Restore Hydration to Relieve Pain and Stiffness
  • Enhance Nutrient Absorption and Toxin Elimination

856 in stock

Crystal Pearls

  • Energize Water for Drinking - Hyper-Hydrate Every Cell
  • Spray Treated Water On Your Skin for Awesome Hydration
  • Use Pearls to Cook Soups, Rice, Potatoes, Pasta for Excellent Taste
Pearls: Small 4ct

64 in stock

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Bundle: Star Chamber for Ultimate Water and Body Energizing Tools

Supply your body with Energized Water, a wonderfully hydrating fluid that can cleanse your entire body inside and out, helping get rid of unwanted toxins, and transporting needed nutrients to where they are needed. Where human skin is concerned, proper hydration is the key to health and looking and staying young. Since our bodies are composed mostly of water, pure moisture is essential to keep the health and vitality of your outer skin and inner cells. This water moisturizes living cells rather than passing through the body. Spray yourself with Energized Water as often as possible. These devices will last indefinitely, only the Precious Prills will need to be changed in a few years (the satchel can break down, but the. Laminar Crystals do not dissolve). Improve the energetic ambiance in your home and lower the negative environmental energies. You can also turn your bath into a Life Force enhancing experience. Bundle: Star Chamber contains:
  1. Crystal Cupcake (Smooth)
  2. Crystal Pearls (4 small)
  3. Prills Beads 2oz
  4. Star Chamber Receiver

Crystal Cupcake (Smooth)

Helps dissolve pain from blocked energy flow, or to Energize the water in your body, rooms and/or restore flow to energy blockages (relieve/eliminate pain). Crystal Cupcake accumulates the force that animates life, and transfers it to the water in your body, replacing any negative energies that may be there.

Crystal Pearls (4 small)

The Crystal Pearl creates Energized Water for superior hydration. Energized Water is efficiently absorbed at the cellular level, and this allows healing, regeneration and maintenance of living cells. Wonderful for making plant extracts and infusions.

Prills Beads 2oz

Turn Lifeless Commercial Water Into Living Libation!
Lasting many years, these small beads create water that is wonderfully moisturizing, and is absorbed immediately so that every cell (be it human, animal or plant) is properly hydrated. This is the key to healing, and the maintenance of health.

Star Chamber Receiver

Capture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your Space

Improve the energetic ambiance in your home and lower the negative environmental energies. You can also turn your bath into a Life Force enhancing experience. Our Star Chamber Receiver pulls Life Force Energy (orgone) in, and concentrates it around itself. This will protect you from negative environmental energies.

Directions for Use

Crystal Cupcake

Energize Your Water
The Crystal Cupcake was originally designed to fit a funnel, to run common water over it, creating pure energized water.
It can also be used to energize water in larger volumes such as a bath or hot tub.
Often used in conjunction with the Bath & Laundry Appliance and Star Chamber Receiver.
If used in a hot tub, add hydrogen peroxide to help sterilize your water, and end the use of chlorine.

Energize Your Rooms
Place the Crystal Cupcakes in a humidifier, to change the water into a marvelous pure, energized moisturizer. We suggest using cold air humidifiers, and placing one Crystal Cupcake in each compartment. If you prefer the warm air type, just drop the Cupcake in the water reservoir.

Restore Flow to Energy Blockages
Place Crystal Cupcake on energetic blockages in your body, indicated by pain or stiffness, to help restore energy flow. Wear it in a pouch or your pocket, taped to your skin, or to the underside of your clothes. It has a very affective field effect in all.

Crystal Pearls – Small

Drop one to four pearls into your water, to achieve the level of taste and vitality that you desire. Crystal Pearls do not dissolve, use them over and over.

The length of time to create Energized Water depends on your starting water – the source (well water, spring water, city tap water) and it’s mineral content. Also, your state of health will determine your perception of it. For a healthy person, Energizing will take about 5 minutes for drinking, 12 hours for spray-on or plant extraction quality.

Ideal for instant energized water in your water bottles.

Prill Beads, 2oz

Wash the bag of Precious Prills before use, as you would with any fruit or vegetable.

Then simply put the whole bag in a glass or ceramic jug and fill with your best water. Filtered is better, but tap water is OK. The Prills work in any water. Some tap water is quite horrible and takes longer for the process to complete. The better the water quality that you begin with, the better your resulting Prill Water will be.

You can drink it right away but it’s better to wait 24 hours for the energy to build up. Every time you use some, simply add more filtered (or tap) water.

Use Prill water to drink, to water plants, to wash vegetables, windows, pets etc.

Drink and cook with it, bath in it, and feed it to pets and plants. Because Prill water detoxifies your body, it is advisable to start with small amounts, and build up to consuming 6 – 8 glasses a day.

When traveling, keep a jar of Prill water to add small amounts to tap water. Twilight America’s Crystal Pearls may be more effective in this application.

When left for very long period of time, Prill water can overcharge, creating a metallic taste for some. An individual’s taste tolerance will increase with use.

For Bathing
Put 2 gallons of Prill water in a bathtub, then fill with hot tap water for an exquisite rejuvenating soak. When drained, the waste water goes into the process of transforming the water in your area. Use Twilight America’s Bath & Laundry Appliance to make Prill water in your bath or hot tub.

In a Humidifier
Breathing Prill Water vapor helps people with a sinus or lung problem. It repels black mold, and helps eliminate odors, creating a healthier indoor environment. Twilight America’s Crystal Cupcake may be more effective in this application.

Other Uses
Clean and/or marinate fruits & vegetables to enhance flavor, raw or juiced.
Spray bottom of frying pan and/or top of the food when cooking, for added moisture when desired.
Spray & wipe counters and sinks to clean.
In the toilet tank to help clean septic systems (may corrode plastic or metal over long periods of time).
Spray on hands & face, in mouth and on tooth brush to clean.
While traveling, spray is handy for washing hands before & after snacks.
Great for cleaning baby’s bottom at diaper changes.
Place cut flowers in the Prill water to extend their life.

To Clean Your Precious Prills
Over time, some people have seen their Precious Prills change color, either from algae growth (stronger when exposed to sunlight) or mineral buildup (from hard water). The color does not affect the functioning of the Prills. We have seen gray, beige, orange, blue and green, depending on the water source (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, etc.)
To restore your Precious Prills to clear and white, simply immerse the whole bag in plain vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (pharmacy grade), or full strength vinegar. Rinse thoroughly, and start over.

Star Chamber Receiver

To adjust the surrounding energy and clear your space from electromagnetic chaos, place the Star Chamber Receiver where you spend most of your time (office or bedroom), or in the center of your home.

Or place it in your bath or hot tub, to energize the water.

Use it to energize your drinking water, or make your own Magic Water for better hydration.

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Star Chamber Receiver

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About Twilight America

Twilight transdermal products are based on an ancient technology that was rediscovered by Jim Carter.

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Bundle: Star Chamber
Bundle: Star Chamber
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Bundle: Star Chamber
Bundle: Star Chamber