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Star Chamber Receiver

Capture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your Space
Price: $75.00
  • Fill Your Space with Harmonizing Energy, Clear of Electromagnetic Chaos
  • Protect Yourself From Negative Environmental Energies
  • Energize Water in your Bath or Hot Tub to Experience Supreme Hydration

Capture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your Space


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Capture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your SpaceCapture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your Space


Improve the energy in your home and lower the negative environmental energies. You can also turn your bath into a Life Force enhancing experience.

Our Star Chamber Receiver pulls Life Force Energy (orgone) in, and concentrates it around itself. This will protect you from negative environmental energies.

Life Force Energy is all around us. The Star Chamber Receiver pulls it in and connects you to it.

This stack of orgonite devices is like an antenna that pulls in Life Force energy. It then transmits this energy to all water-filled bodies nearby. And that includes you, your pets and your plants.

Placed in your home, the Receiver will pull in Life Force and fill your space, turning it into an island of Love and Peace that envelops your living environment and perhaps that of your neighbors. It will also protect you and your family from the negative energies of our environment.

Think of it as a transmitter – it resonates with the planetary energies on a subspace channel, using the energy that animates all life. It is not easily measured – it is known by many names such as Life Force, Chi, ECK, Divine Love and Prana.

Contains Ceramic coating, Laminar crystals, Adhesive.

The Star Chamber Receiver is a small stack of laminar crystal, filled ceramic pieces. It comes to you fully assembled, approximately 2.5″ tall, using a Crystal Cupcake as its base.

Laminar Crystals will not dissolve in water.

Directions for Use

To adjust the surrounding energy and clear your space from electromagnetic chaos, place the Star Chamber Receiver where you spend most of your time (office or bedroom), or in the center of your home. Or place it in your bath or hot tub, to energize the water.

Recommended Use

Energy Device to fill your space with harmonizing energy, clear of electromagnetic chaos. Protect yourself from negative environmental energies. Energize the water in your bath or hot tub.

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Star Chamber Receiver

The Star Chamber technology was named by Jim Carter to describe the place where Life Force, Chi, Prana, or perhaps Orgone, are concentrated. It is a life energy accumulation device invented or perhaps just rediscovered by him.

The Star Chamber

The “Fountain of Youth” first and then follow this with the appropriate additions on a daily basis to support rapid regeneration. When you restore the vital magnesium of the body you make regeneration possible.

Biography Jim Carter

Jim Carter founded Twilight America in 2001 and sold amazing age-reversing tools – Star Chamber treatment, and products that deliver orgone (life force) energy for its rejuvenating effects.

Scientific References: Water