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Water Sticks

Energize and Polarize Water
Price: $250.00
  • Improve Water in a Whole Building
  • Simple Installation on Any Pipe
  • Any Building and Water Wells Too

Energize and Polarize Water


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LifeEnthusiast, Water WorksLifeEnthusiast, Water Works


Water Sticks will energize and polarize the water in a whole building. For drinking, cooking, bathing/showers, pets and plants.

Improve the taste and quality of everything you make with water.

Water Sticks Brings LIFE back to water!

Energized Water has its molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells, your pets and plants. Superior hydration is one major key to body repairs. And the maintenance of health and vitality.

Water Sticks:

  • Harmonize water from private wells, or from public utilities
  • Eliminate the need for a salt-based water softener
  • Reduce scale deposits in water heaters
  • May improve the health of plants and animals
  • Pets and farm animals will love the water.

Installation is fast and simple to the incoming water pipe of any building or water well.

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Water Sticks and Water Beads bring LIFE back to water!

When you rub a strong magnet on an iron nail, the nail becomes a magnet. Based on the laws of physics, yet not complicated. It’s simply a matter of organizing the molecules of the nail in the same pattern as the molecules of the magnet. The only reason the nail wasn’t already a magnet is because its molecules were unorganized and chaotic. Once organized with the influence of the energy of the magnet, an almost miraculous change takes place in the behavior of the once ordinary nail. This is polarization. Energy from the magnet changed the nail to organize its molecules, plus some magnetic energy of its own. The nail is transformed and can do things that it simply couldn’t do before. The nail now has new life and energy!

Chaos in the Water
When you think of water it may seem strange to talk about energy, and that water could have molecules that were unorganized and chaotic. The reality is that each H2O water molecule has a positive and negative pole since the two H’s (hydrogen) have a positive charge and the O (oxygen) has a negative charge. Lacking natural polarity and energy, water molecules can stick to each other, clustering like bunches of grapes. This limits water’s ability to function at an optimum level. Water can be restored with the help of Water Beads and Water Sticks.

Structured Water
When water is exposed to the natural earth energy of Water Beads and Water Sticks, there is a polarizing effect, just like with the magnet and nail. The chaotic, clustered water molecules suddenly become separated, organized, and energized with new life. The once ordinary water now functions in more natural and more effective ways. For example, polarized water doesn’t form scale as easily when heated the way untreated water does. Think water heaters being more efficient thereby reducing energy costs. People, pets, and plants all love Structured, Energized Water!

Based on Laws of Physics
If you were to randomly scatter magnets on the floor, their north and south poles would be facing different directions. Put the magnets in a bag and then dump them back on the floor. All the magnets are stuck together in the exact same way: north to south. No exceptions. It’s a physical law based on polar energy fields in which opposites attract and likes repel. Even if you tried to put two magnets together north to north, or south to south, you can’t get them to touch. Why can’t you put the same poles together? You can’t see the energy field, it’s invisible, but you can see the effects and know it is there. We don’t have to understand physics to benefit from the laws of physics.

You will be getting 4 plastic tubes about half inch in diameter, 8 inches long, with a velcro strip. They are easy to install.

Directions for Use

Simply wrap around the supply water pipe.

Fits up to 1″ pipes. Larger pipes require 2 units.

Recommended Use

Polarize and energize the water in a whole building. Improve the taste and quality of everything you make with water. For drinking, cooking, bathing/showers, pets and plants.

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