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Slow Down Over Active Bowels
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  • May Eliminate Diarrhea Painful Cramping
  • All-natural and Safe for Long-term Use
  • Lower Incidence of Constipation
  • Warning for California, per prop 65, may contain lead

Slow Down Over Active Bowels


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ZeoHealth EsdifanZeoHealth Esdifan



Slow Down Over Active Bowels

Enjoy your life without succumbing to the embarrassing situations and uncomfortable pain of diarrhea. No more running home after eating out.

  • Helps slow bowels to allow normal functioning
  • Eases painful cramping
  • Lower incidents of constipation
  • Removes excess fluid in digestive tract (firms stool)
  • Over 80% success rate

All-natural alternative, safe for long-term use.

Great for travel to exotic locations.

Take Esdifan and take back your life.

A revolutionary and unique, all natural formula designed to stop diarrhea and sour stomach. Helps as a preventive. Extremely effective for those who suffer chronic diarrhea, without the negative side effects of over the counter drugs.

Esdifan is Different from Immodium

Most people prefer to take natural products instead of introducing drugs into their system, which are known to have bad side effects. Esdifan does not have any of the side effects that over the counter drugs have such as constipation.

The great thing about using an all-natural and safe product is that it can be taken overlong term without worry, with only beneficial effects for your body.

Esdifan eases the pains associated with diarrhea and brings your body back to normal. The best benefit is that it works! Many customers with chronic diarrhea, irritable bowel and Crohn’s have said the product has changed their life for the better.

Zeolite Research

Research Brief

Studies have shown that the natural mineral Zeolite has very beneficial uses to live healthy. The mineral has a honeycomb shape that is optimum for filtering toxins. It is also one of the very few minerals that have been negatively charged by nature. This means that in addition to having an excellent shape for filtering toxins, it actually acts like a magnet to attract them. The following is a study that showed the effectiveness of an anti diarrheic drug, which was developed, based on the properties of this form of Zeolite.

Enterex: Anti-diarrheic drug based on purified natural Zeolite

AUTHORS: G. Rodriguez-Fuentes, M.A. Barios, B. Cedre


A new anti-diarrheic drug for humans has been developed based on the physical and chemical properties of the purified natural Zeolite (NZ). A series of physical, chemical, technological, pharmacological, microbiological and clinical studies were successfully conducted to meet the requirements of the Cuban Drug Quality Agency. The most important results concerning the properties and biological mechanism of NZ are:

a) Clinical study in diabetes patients with vascular impairments neuropathic diarrhea- this was a comparative study with diphenoxilate of atropine, an antimotility drug. The results did not show significant difference between the two drugs, which is remarkable because neuropathic diarrhea is a syndrome that affects patients with vascular impairments produced by diabetes mellitus. Thus the recovery of the patients must be achieved in the first 24 hours, and this was made possible by application of Enterex therapy.


Zeolite Dosing

Serving size = 6 capsules, servings per container = 15.

Zeolite 4,800mg/serving (recommended daily value has not been established)
Natural mineral that is negatively charged by nature and acts like a magnet to remove toxins from your body. It also removes excess water from the bowels and has been proven to stop diarrhea fast.
Zeolite is made up of elements which are all well known and safe. It is the physical structure of the molecule that makes it effective.

Calcium 480mg/serving, 48% RDA
Necessary mineral for a healthy body, used to neutralize acid in the stomach which will help relieve the symptoms and high acidity of diarrhea. Calcium has also been shown to firm the stool.

Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 300mcg/serving, 4,998% RDA
Necessary vitamin for healthy living, shown to calm the bowels as well as increase oxygen in the blood flow to boost energy. This is also used to replace depleted vitamin B-12 that is a common occurrence in people who have chronic diarrhea or take acid reducing drugs.

Other Ingredients
Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.

All ingredients in ESDIFAN are approved as safe by the FDA.

Zeolite Chemical Analysis Weight Percent
SiO2 64.70%
Al2O3 14.16%
CaO 2.50% – 2.70%
K2O 3.40%
MgO 1.10%
FeO 1.80%
Na2O 0.67%
SO3 0.10

Directions for Use

Initial dose should be 6 capsules at the onset of symptoms, with an additional dose as needed. Esdifan usually works in less than one hour.

If you have persistent diarrhea daily, you may need to start with 6 capsules 3 times a day. Once bowel movements have returned to normal, a maintenance dose of 3 capsules twice may be adequate.

Esdifan may need more time to work in chronic cases. Dosage and frequency should be adjusted according to your response.

Experiment with what works to find a proper maintenance dose. It’s possible that once your diarrhea has stopped, you can use Esdifan only as needed, or as a preventive. Take 6 capsules in the middle of a meal as a preventative. There are no known drug interactions with Esdifan.

Recommended Use

Helps stop diarrhea and prevent it too. All natural ingredients. Enjoy life without diarrhea. No more running home after eating out.


Multiple, large doses may cause hard stools, constipation, or frequent urination.

In various scientific studies, there are no known cases of toxicity, at any level, when ingesting the Zeolite mineral in ESDIFAN.

If patient is pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or has a medical condition, they should consult their doctor before using this or any other supplements.

If patient has an undesired adverse event when taking this product, they should discontinue use.

Keep out of reach of children – large capsules (possible choking hazard).

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Studies have shown that the natural mineral Zeolite has very beneficial uses to live healthy…

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