AIDS Can Hide

An article appeared in the “Badischen Latest News” from Oct. 5, 1987, “Tests not certain – AIDS-Virus can ‘hide’ itself within the body, this will let you listen attentively about this matter: The Washington Post wrote about this:
“The AIDS-Virus HIV can according to the latest scientific recognitions, possibly remain unnoticed in the human body for more than a year, if the so far used test methods will be applied, which search for Antibodies in the blood. As experts of the US-Cancer-research-institute and as several Finnish, scientists have discovered, Antibodies can in some cases only form themselves within 14 months, and not as one believed in the past, already in three to twelve weeks, after an infection. In this new study, the scientist examined 25 Homosexuals using new test-methods which measure the Protein-production of the HIV-Virus. With nine men, there were found indications of a latent infection, although none of the Antibodies that the blood normally produces against the virus were discovered.

“Negative Test-results for thousands of persons, who in the past have been examined for AIDS, could possibly have been too hasty.”
This was the end of the chapter “Mycosis within the Donor-Blood”, as I concluded the manuscript about pleomorphism. In the meantime, voices became loud, and this from the scientific competent side, which since quite some time gave my preserved suspicion, new nourishment, namely, that tile existence of the HIV-Virus, alone cannot release such a gruel graceful illness with a deadly exit. Too many contradictions, are contained in the since 1980 about AIDS appearing Specialist Publications. When one gave this illness the name AIDS, which means “Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome”, in German “Erworbener Immunschwaechezustand”, then one was searching for a guilty one, and one did find one: the HIV virus. The scientists, which occupy themselves with AIDS, prophesize for this worldwide circulating illness, a more than gloomy future. Still in March 1987, the publications of the orthodox Medicine, such as “Spectrum of the Science”, saw up to 45% of the infected people to become ill with AIDS. This horror-vision, by the way, is a typical discipline-remedy of the Medical-School, has logically not fulfilled itself. In spite of all the Cassandra-calls, there has failed to appear a catastrophe and this, although experiments to treat the illness did fail and years have passed.

Indeed the cases multiply themselves, because according to the motto “He who searches, will find”, thus with the help of an anti-body-test one always will thrust upon new HIV infections which shall prove, that in the past an infection with the HIV-Virus has taken place. But the fact is, that this test is absolutely no proof, that the allegedly harmless trickster virus will remain hidden in the body, and by the rules of pleomorphism will rise again when pathological changes changes take place. The known American virologist, Prof. Peter Duesberg of the Berkley-University in California, determined that the so-called HIV-Virus is a harmless Retro-Virus, which only will become positive, when the immune-system for many other reasons, is extremely weakened, as I have described in detail in my book. If one observes in more details the palette of the most important clinical findings with AIDS, then the statement of Duesberg, will continuously gain more importance. Enderlein and pleomorphism explain the palette question.

These are the following findings:

  • Loss of Weight
  • Various Infections
  • Extreme Immune-weakness
  • Frequent appearance of’ Caposi Sarcoma
  • Reduction of the Defense-forces of the Cells
  • Reduction of the T-Cells Function
  • Reduction of the T-Helper-Cells
  • Elevation of T-Suppresser-Cells
  • Anemia (Lack of Red Blood cells)
  • Anergy (Psychical loss of Energy)

To this I would like to add an additional finding:

Lymphatic-attack through Mycosis (Fungus-tumors), which are erroneously being diagnosed as Hodgkin’s Disease (Lymphogranulomatosis maligna). Enderlein explained this. The Journal “Space and Time” (Raum und Zeit), has reported in detail about the Duesberg Theory in the editions No. 38, 39, 40/89. I here shall quote the resume from a publication-interview with Prof. Duesberg in which he expresses himself as follows:

“The Thesis that the HIV-Virus produces AIDS, contradicts everything, which we know about the Retro-Viruses. In the same way, one could maintain, that cancer would be produced through a Retro-Virus.” As prove for his argumentation, Duesberg mentions, that the AIDS-researchers did simply by-pass the fundamental scientific foundations and laws. In this connection he names three postulates, which the Medical men know as the “Koch’s Laws”. Enderlein and Pasteur never agreed about this. Pasteur conceded on his death bed.

  • “The first rule is, that a Microorganisms only then is the cause of an illness, when it is found by all infected persons. During 10 – 20% of AIDS-patients, this supposedly “guilty” HIV-Virus; however could not be found.
  • “The second rule demands, that an illness-virus, also has to be able to be grown in an artificial culture. In the practice, this only can be achieved with about half of all AIDS patients.
  • “The third sentence signifies that these artificial Virus-cultures during experiments with animals have to produce the same illness as with human beings.

Although we are continuously vehement against any animal experiments, we would like here to add, that the basically objectionable experiments with the Virus upon thousands of animals, produced an astonishing result: None of the animals received AIDS!”

When Duesberg, who in the meantime received back-up help from Dr. William R. Holub – also from USA -, is proven right, then AIDS is only the designation of an embarrassment for an illness, about which one does not know much, except for the fact, that under many infections, a Retro-Virus, which secondarily, thus first nestles itself as a consequence of a serious immune-weakness in the body. Is it a duplicity of the events, that during the first research years of cancer, one also had the opinion, it would be released through a virus? The difference exists merely therein, that at that time upon the search after a “Virus”, one did not have any luck, thus did not find a quality one. Also cancer in the end-effect is nothing else but an immune-weakness-illness, which similarly proceeds as does AIDS, and which to this day was pushed ahead as an unresolved problem. If the signs do not deceive, then AIDS will suffer the same fate, only because the Medical Science lets itself be led by blue-prints, which will guide them into the wrong direction. For as long as the Medical Science is not willing to put the desolate immune-system as the actual cause in the center of their considerations, instead of’ damaging in addition the defense of these two illnesses, with highly toxic chemical preparations, then nothing will change with the existing situation. Acid base and oxidation reduction potential explain all this as per Vincent.

The attentive reader will be able to make for himself, after the lecture of this book a very concrete picture, of the constantly progressive Immune-weakness of all humankind. Does this picture not fit, just as a puzzle-game exactly into the pattern of the AIDS-Theory of its newest shaping? Does not everything speak for the fact, that with this basically so easily explained illness, the constantly far progressed endo Mycosis- next to many other factors-have their deadly hand in the game? The astonishing fact with AIDS is, that the AIDS ill persons have been afflicted with most serious fungus-infections. So for example the candida yeast (thrush, cotton white tongue) in the mouth of these unfortunate ones, has reached a measure, where any help will come too late. Does the expression of the deadly Mycosis here not have a striking confirmation? Diverse pictures in the technical Literature about these Soar-attacks or acid (acid base)are persuading witnesses of a Hypothesis, which already tomorrow may not exist any more.

Already in 1987, thus at a time as there did not yet exist a Duesberg “Counter-Revolution” in matters as “AIDS”, “Space & Time” 27/87 wrote, so to say as prove of this Mycosis-Theory in a contribution with the title “Mouth Sores in ‘healthy’ young men as AIDS-Indicator”:

“Wuppertal (bis). Candida albicans plays a decisive role as Virus of opportunistic infection of patients with AIDS. After the statement of Professor Wolfgang Stille, Frankfurt, there stands at first place the serious, therapeutic-resistant Mouth-Soar and the Candida- esophagitis. As Stille explained during a Continuation-School-Seminar of the Medical Chamber Nordrhein in Wuppertal, that all 65 AIDS-patients, who were treated up to March in the Frankfurt Uni-clinic, had some time during the course of the illness an oral Candidiasis: When young man with Mouth-Soor comes into the practice, without having an obvious basic illness – such as perhaps leukemia in remission – then the patient has AIDS, until the opposite been proven”.

As an important control measurement in the frame of an AIDS-Care, Stille named the determination of the Germ-numbers of Candida albicans in the mouth-rinse water of the ill person. Therefore, an examination with patients in the Frankfurt Uni-clinic has resulted, that the amount of the germ-count correlates positively with the AIDS-phase: with patients, who only belong to the risk-groups or have been asymptomatically HTLV-III-carriers, there in comparison with healthy ones, was not found an elevation of the Candida-Germ-count. A definite increase however, showed itself in cases of Lymphadenopathy-Syndrome. Extremely high Germ-counts designate the manifested AIDS-ill persons; this was remarked by the Frankfurter Internist. In the following chapter, you again will find these considerations, embedded in an amazing Theory, which indicates that the end-phase of the Mycosis in the so-called Fungus – or Granulation-rumors has reached its lethal outgoing culmination. Pleomorphism explains the changes that take place.

Author: Life Enthusiast