Andreas Seed Oils Pressing Technology

Pressing Seed Oils is an art. It is a very sensitive process – if you want to “keep the life from the seeds” intact. TO minimize damage, seed-oil needs to be extracted in a fraction-of-a-millisecond to deliver perfectly intact nutrients. If it is not, it is damaged, plain and simple. Our INSTAPRESS Technology – allows the Oil to be extracted from seeds without “graduating” the pressed oil into a morphed state. This is CRUCIAL, because this proprietary process allows us to press pure seed oils that remain in their original, intact, or otherwise “virgin” state. Activation Products are producing the ONLY pure 100% intact seed oils available!

Our pressing innovator, Andreas Wecker, is the first and ONLY person to accomplish this, with the help of his mechanical engineer. And he accomplishes this with an exclusively-designed patented press. He holds the patent on this technology, and therefore you will not find this caliber of Seed Oils anywhere else! Andreas has been been contacted by several agencies regarding the amazing quality and “zero-rancidity” found in our INSTAPRESS Seed Oils. All our Seed Oils are produced using exclusive INSTAPRESS Technology and capture pure, intact-life 100% of the time. We deliver truly raw, unadulterated, undamaged, pure organic life-giving oils that can be easily stored on the kitchen counter.

We ask people to keep them out of direct sunlight as the black bottles attract heat in the summer time and direct sunlight will cause the bottle to heat up too much. Otherwise, hot summer days do nothing to harm the oils when they are on the counter out of direct sunlight. Most food oils, including Barleans, are processed using the standard methods. Their products require refrigeration to slow down the rancidity especially once you open their bottle, when the nitrogen they may have used is replaced with regular air. Manufacturers do everything possible to keep the oil from oxidizing but their task is impossible since the oils are damaged by the mechanical grinding that takes place in the standard cold expeller press method.

They’re produced in an oxygen starved environment and put nitrogen in the top of the bottle and also require that the product MUST be refrigerated. These measures are unnecessary when the oil is produced properly. There is no need for nitrogen and refrigeration. In fact, if you are consuming oils that are cold from the refrigerator the structure of the oil is changed by the cold temperature to be less bio-available – we do not recommend refrigerating our products. If the oils are subjected to a cold environment they must be allowed to warm to room temperature before consuming.

Any rancid oils you consume are poison to your body and cause inflammation and protein binding issues in your brain. The main technical concern with Essential Fatty Acid products is they are damaged in process – especially when they are put through standard cold expeller pressing. This produces adulterated oils that have been damaged at the molecular level that causes the molecules to be exposed to the air and to start oxidizing immediately. Manufacturers do everything possible to keep the oil from oxidizing, but it is impossible once the oils are damaged by the mechanical grinding that takes place in the standard cold expeller press method.

Common seed oils found in grocery stores are labeled “refined” – the fragile, fast rancidizing (and much needed) fats have been removed. And if they have not been removed, ask yourself this:

  • How long they have been sitting on the shelf?
  • Have they been oxidizing (rancidizing)?

Non-refined oils have to be refrigerated to slow down the spoiling. Because our oils are pure organic, life-giving, truly raw, unadulterated and undamaged, they remain fresh for a very long time. Omega 3,6,9 ratios are hyped by the nutritional scientists and marketers through applying science to adulterated oils. The health marketers try to justify their adulterated oils – majority of the oils sold today – by touting their benefits and pointing out any negatives about the competing products. Omega 6s for example – get demonized because of how bad they are supposed to be for you. We believe it is adulterated oils are bad for you. By adulterated I mean oils that have been processed with standard methods from cold expeller pressing to hydraulics or even solvent extraction.

Hydraulic pressing is fine with large nuts that yield their oil easily. This is definitely not the case with seed oils. It is impossible to not damage seed oils using standard cold expeller press technology. When seed oils are pressed using our INSTANT PRESS Technology – there is zero damage that result in unadulterated oils. Your body has the innate intelligence to recognize good from bad. If all you have had available is less than good oils during your lifetime, your body had to use them to build the lipid membrane in each and every cell. When you start providing good oils, you immediately begin the process of reversing the oxidative damage done to you by unhealthy fats. All unadulterated Omega 3,6,7 or 9 oils are going to support optimal health. The more the merrier is the motto. Each type of oil has it own spectrum of health benefits and people lose sight of this when they are focusing on their ratios or other technical details.

Scientific studies that report results of using bad oils will be useless to you in trying to understand what we are doing. You can now stop worrying about ratios and get right into flooding the body with the proper nutrients you need for high level of wellness. Ian Clark, the founder of Activation Products, writes: “I have personally consumed an entire bottle in one day. It made me go into a very deep healing sleep for 5 hours that afternoon and I felt incredibly good after that. I am NOT encouraging anyone to drink an entire bottle in one day, I just wanted to try it out for myself and it was really amazing to experience that first hand. Each of our oils are pressed in the same manner, and all have different health attributes in the body over a long term.”

Author: Andrea Wecker