Andreas Seed Oils

Undamaged Plant Oils Extracted With INSTAPRESS Technology

It is becoming exceedingly obvious that essential fatty acids are required for cellular health, and that means overall health, too. Every cell membrane is built from lipid complexes that control the permeability, the process of letting the nutrients in, and the spent metabolites out. These fats are available from plant seeds, and from animal sources, especially in the form of fish oil, or emu or ostrich oil. Animals produce these fats from the foods they eat. Seeds produced by plants store the genetic information and the energy required to support new plant growth. The seeds are packed full of life-giving nutrients, all tightly packed in a neat and tiny protective shell.

There is a long tradition of using seeds as food, enjoying their rich and distinctive flavors and health-promoting nutrients. Yes, you can add whole seeds to your daily diet, but unless they are finely milled, they nutrients remain locked up. Adding concentrated seed oil is an important way to capitalize on the seed nutrients that can feed your body at the cellular level. Like any other food choice, quality matters. High-quality organic seeds and oils produce best results. The method of extraction is perhaps the most important aspect.

Most seed oil companies use extraction methods that damage the nutrient value of the oil. These methods include hydraulic and cold expeller pressing as well as solvent extraction. Because of the damage done to the oil components during these extraction methods, these oils must be either refined or refrigerated. The INSTAPRESS Technology used to make Andreas Seed Oils is delicate yet powerful so that nutrient qualities of seeds are preserved. The result is high-quality oil that needs no refrigeration and that lasts for up to a year in your kitchen cupboard.

All Andreas Seed Oils contain the DNA blueprint of life and are an excellent blend of nutritional seed oils containing abundant Life Energy. They are made from fresh-harvested USDA certified organic seeds, pressed using the proprietary INSTAPRESS technology, extracted in a fraction of a second, sealed in a light-protective Miron Glass Bottle, to preserve freshness.

Adding the Andreas Seed Oils to your kitchen will be a blessing.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff