Blushield FAQs

Do Blushield EMF protection products block EMFs?
No. They stop your body from responding negatively to EMFs. Blushield devices emit a symphony of frequencies in the range of human responses. Your body then responds positively to the Blushield frequencies, rather than negatively to EMFs (phone, smart meter or Wi-Fi). This is called sympathetic resonance.

How do I know if my Blushield product is working?
They are operational when the blue LED flashes on and off periodically. This is part of the function of Blushield.

What immediate benefits will I feel with Blushield technology?
Most will feel increased energy, better sleep, less stress and better sense of well being. Some report disappearing aches and pains from the release of body stress.

I can’t feel anything – am I still protected from EMFs?
Some do not feel anything, but a blood test before and after DO show marked differences. Your genetic makeup determines your level of sensitivity (or insensitivity) and does not govern the level of protection you receive. Please read “Proof: Blushield Tesla EMF Protection Works“.
Each experience is different, and not due to wishful thinking or belief systems.

Can I adjust my environment to make Blushield EMF protection unnecessary?
You can minimize your exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic fields), but it’s nearly impossible to avoid them entirely. Blushield will take care of you while you’re exposed to EMFs.

Can I eventually eliminate using Blushield EMF protection?
As long as you’re exposed to EMF or geopathic stress, your body needs Blushield EMF protection. When used long-term, you will be more resilient to EMFs, but you’ll still feel better with protection in high EMF places. To maintain your protection, use the Tesla Portable when outside your protected home or office.

Where do I install the Blushield?
Best place is closer to people – not the EMF source, as these devices affect the people not the equipment. All persons within the sphere of influence will be protected from EMF.
Always place Blushield EMF Protection Device in a central location – not in your bedroom as the blue light may distract you from sleep. The blue light is not harmful in any way.

Does the Blushield emit a sound?
No. There is no speaker or transducer – it emits a torsion/scalar field which is similar in nature to a canceled magnetic field. This torsion/scalar field is generated by the microprocessor itself. The Blushield does not emit any kind of magnetic field or radio frequency so it is safe to use on airplanes and with pacemakers.

Is the Tesla range okay to use while I’m pregnant?
If you’re well into your pregnancy, then start using Blushield EMF protection, you may experience some mild detoxification. If so, you may wish to switch off the device and rest. The healthiest individuals may not experience any detox symptoms.
Customers have reported that pregnancy and birth was easier. Others suggested conception was easier and their baby was stronger and healthier than previous siblings.

Do I need Blushield EMF protection at work AND at home?
Yes. If you only have one, it’s not good for your overall well-being. Most workplaces have high levels of EMFs which puts you and coworkers at risk. Most high EMFs exist where computers and electrical equipment are combined. Here is where Blushield EMF protection most valuable. Most offices will require the Tesla Large Area – the best protection over the largest area.

Will airport x-ray machines damage my Tesla Portable?
No – nor will any other signal affect its performance. If security asks, you can say the device reduces jet lag. Blushield technology will not interfere with airplane navigation. You may have the best airplane sleep ever and arrive refreshed.

What Blushield EMF protection product should I buy first?
Most people are restricted by budget, or think that a portable will protect them everywhere. This is a misconception, so here is a guideline:

Tesla Portable
Designed to be used outside the area of your Tesla Plug-in. Least expensive, but protects only one person and it also needs to be carried everywhere – all the time. Yet if placed under your pillow, you may find sleeping difficult – if you’re sensitive. Excellent for traveling.

Tesla Plug-in
Larger area of protection. One will protect everyone in the house. Does not need batteries and is inexpensive to run – should last 10-20 years. Good health investment to first purchase a Tesla Plug-in, then think about portable protection later – unless you can afford them all.

Tesla Large Area
Best model if you live within sight of a mobile phone tower or you have 10 Wi-Fi networks or the same amount of smart meters near your home. This provides the best protection ever.

Author: Life Enthusiast