Mental Health

Essential Fats and Depression

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids research shows emerging new potential agent for treating depression… Read More


This and other so-called mental illnesses are really biochemical imbalances which can be balanced with dietary changes and supplements… Read More

Life Energies and Our Environment

Exposure to negative environmental energies can be modified/eliminated with positive energy and simple supplements and devices… Read More

Develop a Positive Attitude

The way you think affects all aspects of your life. Listen to your internal dialogue and recognize how thought patterns affect you… Read More

Psychiatric Theory of Chemical Imbalance is Dead

Chemical imbalance image has been vigorously promoted by some pharmaceutical companies… Read More

Fix Diagnosis Not Children

Medicating children as young as two years old with powerful mind-altering drugs is a public health scandal… Read More

Depression: Can this man cure yours?

Pills and therapy can’t heal the blues says David Servan-Schreiber. But the leading French psychiatrist thinks he knows what can… Read More

Psychiatric Drugs Abandon Long-term Testing

The FDA should adequately test medications, no matter what Big Pharma says… Read More

Facilitated Self Healing

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs, often subconscious old programming that may be limiting, and cause unhealthy thinking and/or behavior… Read More

Oxytocin is the Trust Hormone

A brain chemical that boosts trust works by reducing activity, and damping connections in brain circuits that process fear… Read More

Antidepressants: Psychiatrist Blows The Lid

Toxic and injurious, antidepressants are not showing good results, and patients have been experiencing adverse effects… Read More

Depression: Is Yeast a Missing Link?

A very strong link has been found between Candida overgrowth and depression with antibiotics, birth control pills and digestive distress… Read More