EMF Protection Basics

The effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) can be disastrous over time.

You cannot see them, but almost everywhere is bombarded by signals of varying wave lengths. The shorter the wave, the higher the frequency, and the closer to affecting your health.

Most of us live in a thick soup of EMFs.

EMFs deliver both energy and information, making our lives much more convenient, but threatening our health. There are people with EMF hypersensitivity, who moved to rural, off-the-grid places to stop suffering with unbearable inflammatory problems.

I remember years ago, reading an article about a young boy who lived right beside a huge transformer station. He got leukemia. The article went on to cite statistics about the greater risk of being diagnosed with leukemia living near high-voltage overhead power lines.

Around that time, I read another article about a woman that always felt ill when she sat in a certain place in her home – only in that certain place. Turns out that right where she liked to sit, the floor had electric heating hidden inside. And that’s what made her feel ill while sitting there.

There’s research out there stating “Mobile Phones Make You Senile”. Professor Leif Salford, who headed research at Sweden’s prestigious Lund University, says “the voluntary exposure of the brain to microwaves from handheld mobile phones is the largest human biological experiment ever”.

Two things are for sure…

  1. EMFs are present almost everywhere.
  2. Symptoms of disease decrease when EMFs are lowered.

Reported symptoms from EMF exposure include:

  • Headaches, anxiety,  depression, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and loss of libido.
  • Loss of deep, restful sleep.
  • Decreased memory because EMFs can interrupt deep sleep, that allows your body the downtime to convert memories from short-term to long-term memories.

While you may not be able to control all of your EMF exposure, there are ways to avoid at least some of it!

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Where do all these EMFs come from?

Anything electric including:

  • Computers, cell phones and all wireless devices
  • Microwave ovens, radio waves (AM and FM)
  • Electric motors (fridges, photocopiers, hairdryers)
  • Power lines, transformers, smart meters
  • Even household electrical wiring!

The health-disturbing effects of cellphones are very controversial and have been all over the news. There are so many things in our world that science cannot measure, yet there IS a way to see how a cellphone affects your strength – indicating its adverse effects.

Take a quick look at this video and see how a cell phone zaps your energy away, and how a simple, inexpensive device can protect you from this small source of big serious health problems.

Video Demonstrating EMF Protection

Stop Losing Energy to Electrosmog!

The adverse effects of EMFs are getting more attention from researchers. This invisible cause of slowly developing inflammatory illness is not readily recognized, making diagnosis and treatment quite difficult.

Life Enthusiast has many way to eliminate invisible, disease-causing EMFs. After all I’ve I learned, I don’t go anywhere without one of these gadgets on my body or in my pocket.

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Demonstration of EMF Dangers…

Here’s the whole blog: EMFs Effects on Seeds

Some ninth grade girls in Denmark noticed that if they slept with their mobile phones near their heads at night, they often had difficulty concentrating at school the next day. So to test the effect of their phone’s radiation, the girls designed this experiment to show what it would do to sprouting seeds.

Take a look at the image below.
The left image shows seeds that sprouted quite nicely. They were taken away from all EMFs. And the seeds on the right were exposed to EMFs similar to an ordinary cellphone. (Photo courtesy of Kim Horsevad, teacher at Hjallerup Skole in Denmark)

Just imagine what a cell phone does to your body!

We don’t claim any healing properties for EMF Protection Devices.  We point out the relationship between the energy in your home and its possible effect on the state of health in your body, mind and spirit.

Subtle energies are perceptible to anyone with heightened consciousness. Think of the perception of a clairvoyant person. Through history, maybe even in your own history, clairvoyant people have “seen” the “unseen” worlds of “invisible” energies. Perceptive people have been able to relate events which have already happened to a person, but unknown to them. They “perceive” the event, by “looking” at the person’s energy field or aura where the event (memory) is stored or imprinted, much like on the hard drive of a computer.

You too can develop the ability to see, feel or sense energies. For instance, try, at sunrise or sunset, to sit in nature and focus on the beauty of a group of trees. Focus on the beauty of the design of these trees. Then shift the focus of your eyes and look beyond the same trees without focusing on the trees. Now after a while you will most likely see the energy field of the trees. You can do the same thing with people. In this case look above people’s heads, de-focus and acknowledge their beauty for who they are.

You can also take your hands, clap them a couple of times and rub them together. Then hold them facing each other a foot apart and move them around slightly. This generates an energy which healers use in their work. It is a pleasant and fun experience. Use it to comfort your children when they hurt themselves by putting your hand where it hurts. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Many people are successfully using this technique and you can be too. When you have a EMF Protection Devices in your house, using these inner eye observations will give you a tool to experience the new energy in your home in a direct manner.

EMF Protection Devices and Dowsing

The effect of EMF Protection Devices can easily be verified by dowsing. By using a pendulum for dowsing, your home can be checked for Geopathic stress and Electro Magnetic Frequency stress. You can use an arbitrary scale (from -5 to +5), where a reading of -3 or worse indicates severe Geopathic Stress, which could cause a range of illnesses in time.

Here is an example of a healthy reading:

  • Sleeping position stress reading is +4
  • House stress reading is +5
  • Work stress reading is +5
  • House Energy/Vitality is 100%. (80%+ is very good)
  • Personal Vitality is 80%
  • Personal Wavelength is 60cm (indicating good health)
  • Personal Vibrations are 7.83 Hz (normal)

These readings would indicate no Geopathic Stress. When water runs through long and straight pipelines, as it does in our cities, it is “picking up” geopathic stress. A dowser can measure how strongly affected your water is from negative energies. Negative energies are, of course, not beneficial for your body.

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela