ADR-3 Geopathic SolutionsNeutralize and Harmonize Energy
The ADR-3 influences its surroundings, neutralizing and harmonizing energy forces. This leaves you with less geopathic stress and your energy flow returned and renewed. Use it in your home, office, car - surround yourself with calm and peace. ...
Part No: ADR3
ADR ProtectEnergy Stimulator, Electrosmog Protection Device
This revolutionary device reduces the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution on the human body. It can equalize the environmentally disordered energy levels in your acupuncture channels (meridians). With balance restored, your protective mechanisms are able to compensate for nearby harmful electromagnetic pollutants. About 1" in diameter, with an adhesive backing to place it on ...
Part No: ADRP
ProTec Black Hematite PendantFor Protection and Balanced, Good Health
Foundation for protection, healing, enlightenment and concentration. Each pendant is infused with frequencies designed to protect and empower the wearer physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Wearing a Universal Balance ProTec Pendant creates positive changes in your body's aura, the starting point to experiencing positive energetic frequencies. Increased energy More balanced ...
Part No: UBHMP
CellGar FractalArtful Beauty for EMF Protection
EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) Protection A beautiful holographic sticker, the CellGar Fractal will protect you and your loved ones by simply placing it on any electronic device. It then disperses harmful EMFs for the protection of your body, mind and spirit. Harmful EMFs come from: computers, cell phones and all wireless devices microwave ovens, radio waves (AM, FM, mobile phone) ...
Energy CellsFunction in an Optimized State
Based on the subtle energy principles of connecting you to the blueprint of the original vibrational patterns of Life, these Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state. Every Energy Cell is programmed with Zero-Point Energy. 100% safe and natural and work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications. They are safe for everyone, including children, ...
Life Pen Crystal-Core WandSimple and Effective Tool
The Life Pen Crystal-Core Wand is truly a unique, simple, effective tool that connects you to source energy, and to the potential of rebalancing your whole body. The Wand can be used in a a wide range of applications: shift your emotional state remove an energy flow blockage transform (balance) food and drinks Available in 2 sizes. The smaller pen (4) is half-inch diameter and 4 inches ...
Star Chamber ReceiverCapture and Transmit Life Force (orgone) Energy Within Your Space
Improve the energetic ambiance in your home and lower the negative environmental energies. You can also turn your bath into a Life Force enhancing experience. Our Star Chamber Receiver pulls Life Force Energy (orgone) in, and concentrates it around itself. This will protect you from negative environmental energies. Life Force Energy is all around us. The Star Chamber Receiver pulls it in and ...
ProTec Red Jasper PendantWear Your Pendant in Good Health and Happiness!
Wear Your Pendant in Good Health and Happiness! Sedona Red Jasper's Naturally Occurring Properties Physical Strength and Vitality, Stabilization of one's energies Element - Earth Chakras Sedona Red Jasper is associated with the 1st (Root) and 2nd (Sexual/Creative) chakras. Called a stone of fairness and justice, it is also said to enhance responsibility, choice, and compassion. It is a ...
Part No: UBRJP
ProTec Purple Lepidolite PendantWear Your Pendant in Good Health and Happiness!
Purple Lepidolite Naturally Occurring Properties Emotional Healing and Balance, Purification, Serenity, Relaxation, Stress Relief Element - Water Chakras Lepidolite is related primarily to the 4th (Heart) chakra and the 6th (Third Eye) chakras. It is a stone of calm, trust, and acceptance. It has a strong relaxing and calming effect. It brings hope and is a stone of transformation. It ...
Part No: UBRJP
Tesla Large AreaMost Powerful EMF Protection for Large Homes & Offices
Greatly Reduces Negative Effects of Harmful EMFs Surround yourself with a healthy, intelligent field of coherent information, that helps you maintain your physical health and emotional balance when in high EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) environments. The Tesla Large Area model is our most powerful device. Use it to protect a large house or office space, or wherever you need high powered ...
Tesla Gold Series DiscRechargable and Lightweight EMF Protection
Features: Protection from a wide range of equipment (general EMF protection including Wi-Fi) Helps maintain alertness, energy and emotional stability Enables restful sleep and reduces fatigue Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs Coverage 3m in every direction Great for business trips, air travel and children Water resistant case and strap Can be worn as a pendant Rechargeable ...
ADR BundleEMF Protection for Home and Away
Popular package to protect your whole family from electronic pollution, neutralize negative energies and energize your foods and beverages too. This bundle includes: Two ADR Protects Highly Advanced Personal Health Protection Device Electrosmog protection device ...
Part No: ADRB
Star Chamber BundleRestore Life Force Energies In Your Home and Body
Ultimate Water and Body Energizing Tools Supply your body with Energized Water, a wonderfully hydrating fluid that can cleanse your entire body inside and out, helping get rid of unwanted toxins, and transporting needed nutrients to where they are needed. Where human skin is concerned, proper hydration is the key to health and looking and staying young. Since our bodies are composed mostly of ...