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CellGar Fractal

Artful Beauty for EMF Protection
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  • Protect Yourself from Harmful Electronic Devices
  • Stop Losing Energy to Electrosmog
  • Shield Your Body and Protect Your Brain

Artful Beauty for EMF Protection


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Artful Beauty for EMF ProtectionArtful Beauty for EMF Protection


EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) Protection

A beautiful holographic sticker, the CellGar Fractal will protect you and your loved ones by simply placing it on any electronic device. It then disperses harmful EMFs for the protection of your body, mind and spirit.

Harmful EMFs come from:

  • computers, cell phones and all wireless devices
  • microwave ovens, radio waves (AM, FM, mobile phone)
  • electric motors (fridges, photocopiers, hairdryers)
  • power lines, transformers, Smart Meters
  • household electrical wiring

Using a Quantum Generator, each CellGar Fractal is infused with these beneficial frequencies:

  • Tachyon Energies
  • Harmonic Codes
  • Frequency of the Sacred Tree of Life
  • Sound of the Sun Frequency (NASA)
  • Other Frequencies known to cause Positive Change

Thin foil sticker 1″ x 1.5″

Directions for Use

Apply to any electronic device.

Recommended Use

Neutralize the negative effects of electronics. This beautiful holographic sticker has subtle vibrational effects that protect you by diffusing harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

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