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Energy Stimulator, Electrosmog Protection Device
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  • Stop Energy Loss, Life Force Decline, Fatigue
  • Reduce Adverse Effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Balance Energy, Reduce Aches and Pains from Inflammation

Energy Stimulator, Electrosmog Protection Device


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ADR Protect, Electrosmog Protection DeviceADR Protect, Electrosmog Protection Device


The ADR Protect is a revolutionary Electrosmog Protection Device that reduces the adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution on the human body. It can equalize the environmentally disordered energy levels in your acupuncture channels (meridians).

With balance restored, your protective mechanisms are able to compensate for nearby harmful electromagnetic pollutants.

ADR Protect The ADR Protect is about 1″ in diameter, with an adhesive backing to place it on various devices that you keep near your body (e.g., cordless or cell phones, computer mouse, wallet, watch, etc.).

Inside is flexible magnetic foil with precisely located, mathematically defined points, covered with a gelatin paste. This paste is a composite of ceramic substances and metal oxides, showing specific infrared radiation absorption and emission properties.

Highly recommended for users of electronic devices, especially wireless and mobile.

Directions for Use

A simple foil that works by balancing your energies. It works best when it is in direct contact with your skin, but close proximity is fine attach it to your computer mouse, or to your mobile phone, put it in your wallet, back of your watch, or just in your pocket.

Recommended Use

Balance your subtle energy flow and protect against EMF from hands-free and cell phones, computers, microwaves, Wi-Fi and all electronic or electric appliances. Balance your energies and reduce aches and pains from inflammation.

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The ADR Protect is made of flexible magnetic foil with precisely located, mathematically defined points, covered with a gelatin paste.

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