Electron Charger

Top-Up Your Life Force Storage
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  • Helps Increase Energy, Reduce/Eliminate Fatigue
  • May Help Restore Cells to Full Metabolic Functioning
  • Power Up Your Antioxidants (anti-aging)

Top-Up Your Life Force Storage


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Electron Charger

Add electrons back into your body and you may experience increased energy, restoring your cells to full metabolic function.

Your Electric Charge Determines Your Health

The Electron Charger has the power to start and accelerate the de-crystallizing process of your aging, hardened, crystallized cells.


When we walk barefoot on the ground, we absorb electrons from the Earth’s surface through our feet.  It is like a slow, trickle charge for your body,  sufficient to maintain excellent health.  But how often do you walk barefoot on the ground?

If our electric charge is kept low for too long, our cells harden, become more brittle, with accumulated crystals that the trickle charge won’t overcome.

The Electron Charger has the power to pulse the cells, to shake loose the crystallized minerals, then grounding will work the way nature intended.  This process can take several weeks, depending on individual health.  When cells’ ability to hold the charge is restored, your body may function with renewed vigor.

Your Body’s Crystal Catastrophe

While beautiful in nature, crystals are not welcome in your body and accumulate easily.  As they build-up, you will experience health problems that reflect your genetic and epigenetic tendencies (pain, infections, fatigue, organ failure).

We all have a finite capacity to remove these pain and disease-causing crystals, and this capacity declines with age.

Electron Deficiency Syndrome

In addition to light and warmth, the sun also sends a steady stream of electrons to the Earth which are then transferred to the ground through lightning. These electrons are also what gives us the northern lights.  Animals absorb these electrons through direct contact with the ground, eating raw food and breathing in electron-rich clean air.  We humans rarely make direct contact with the Earth, walk on rubber-soled shoes, drive in rubber-tired cards, cook most of our food and breathe in polluted electron-deficient air.  As a result, we’re electron deficient and our physical, mental and emotional health are not at their optimum.

The Electron Charger

Add electrons back into your body to support your decrystallizing process at an accelerated pace.

Diet alone can take years to remove crystals from your body.  If you suspect a high crystal load in your body, limit foods that are high in oxalic and uric acid:

  • Beans, dried peas, lentils and peanuts
  • Soy milk, soy butter and tofu
  • Nuts, like almonds, walnuts and cashews.

It’s important to stay hydrated, and the most efficient way is with Energized Water with either Devices or Pre-Energized for your convenience.

Electrons and Antioxidants

Antioxidants are designed to deliver electrons to cells, and be recycled by glutathione, which is then recharged in your liver.  Without enough electrons, antioxidants are of little benefit, but with enough electrons, they are capable of billions of health promoting reactions per second in your body.

Electrons In The Air

One hundred years ago our atmosphere had a 20% negative charge (extra electrons).  Now pollution has have given the air in our cities a 20% positive charge (missing electrons).  As a result, with every breath, instead of our lungs absorbing life giving electrons, they are losing them.

To bring electrons back into your lungs, our Electron Charger has a special attachment with an electron reaction chamber inside.  Simply attach it to the device and breathe in through it.  As the air passes through the reaction chamber, it is filled with life giving electrons for you to breathe in.

Electrons In Our Food

All cells (animal and plant) have electrons, held in place by the cell membrane.  Cooking breaks down the cell membranes, making the food more absorbable, but causes many of the electrons to be lost. Eating cooked food actually pulls electrons out of your digestive tract, rather than putting them in.

Electron Charger ~ Regain Your Vitality

Compton Scattering: the physics principle that states that free electrons can deflect radiation:

A living tree will put electrons (or ions) into the air that will cause short wave (5G) radiation to scatter.  If you are grounded like a tree, you will deflect the negative effects of microwave radiation in the air.

The charger itself is 10 x 7.5 x 3.5 inch in size. It comes with a power supply, and a power cord that delivers the DC current to a mesh pad that is about 13 x 18 inch in size.

Included is also a ground-fault indicator checker – you should only use the charger with a correctly grounded power source.

Directions for Use

To bring electrons back into your lungs, our Electron Charger has a special attachment with an electron reaction chamber inside.

Simply attach it to the device and breath in through it.  As the air passes through the reaction chamber, it is filled with life giving electrons for you to breath in.

Recommended Use

Add electrons back into your body to accelerate de-crystallizing, supporting increased energy, and may restore your cells to full metabolic function.

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