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Merchants of Mass Death – Medical Insanity

The modern medical establishment cannot muster the humility and the clearness of perception to admit it is tragically wrong about a few key subjects. Thus, humanity is doomed to experience an epidemic of suffering and pain that no virus can compete with. The medical elite of the world would keep us in fear of viruses, but in truth, the medical establishment itself is the virus that has replicated itself beyond control. The medical system is hurting and killing more people than any virus yet the Centers of Disease Control in Atlanta (CDC) and the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Washington are not concerned. The CDC sponsors a system of medical deception and terror but deflects attention by hiding behind the fear it generates of viruses.[i] Millions of people in America and beyond are dying from preventable diseases that only continue to exist because lifesaving information about the true causes and cures is being purposely withheld from us for one reason only – financial gain for the Pharma Cartel. [ii]

Dr. Matthias Rath

The obsession the CDC has with viruses is not rational, not substantiated by science, and ignores the inherent wisdom of naturopathic, oriental and ayurvedic medicines that clearly understand that a healthy immune system will defeat the most virulent virus. This knowledge explains why, for instance, the vast majority of people easily recover from Hepatitis B. According to Dr. Carolyn DeMarco, almost 95 percent of adults infected with the Hepatitis-B virus (HBV) will completely recover. And in the future, experiments with medicinal levels of Vitamin C will perhaps show that natural substances that boost immune function can take care of a great part of the remaining five percent. The CDC though will never conduct such experiments for it does not want to know the truth. It prefers a vaccine that is known for its extraordinary ability to send both children and adults to the hospital. It is known that children under the age of 14 are three times more likely to suffer adverse effects – including death – following the hepatitis B vaccine than to catch the disease itself.

Why hasn’t anyone come up with a vaccine to protect us from the medical establishment? What is one to say in the face of the gale wind of medical ignorance? How does one express the truth in a way where closed minded people listen and get the idea? Many basic scientists, researches and medical doctors have taken the route of cold rational confrontations presenting scientific data and medical reason to the establishment only to have it flushed down the toilet. Humanity is now trapped by a monster killing machine that calls itself medicine and the true freedom fighters of today are rebelling in the name of the liberty to stand outside its avalanche of ruin. Pharmaceutical terrorism defines medical insanity, a practice and way of being that has no place in an evolved civilization or culture. Here lies the most basic and tragic error and insanity of medical science, the support it gives to pharmaceutical terrorism. When doctors, nurses and dentists become instruments of terror we have a betrayal of trust, a callousness of being, a twisting of humanity that is insane. This choice of the allegory of viruses is actually no allegory at all because: There is no virus that can compete with iatrogenic provoked death and disease.

It all goes back to early capitalism and the lust greed for power and money. It was first expressed in the sugar and slave trade and then later in the chemical industry which gloated on the possibilities of pumping huge amounts of its products into the food chain. In preservatives, pesticides and herbicides profits beyond reasonable dreams were in the offering and it mattered not to the industrialists whether or not they were in the process of creating the greatest killing disease generating machine in history. When certain key industrialists took over medicine in the United States and Germany they cemented medical thought with a myopic eye that had no ability to perceive that human beings were vulnerable to poisoning and in fact were being poisoned by the chemical, petrochemical, and then the pharmaceutical industries. The end of this lust greed for profit is represented by the following facts: In 2001, the combined profits of the 10 drug companies in the Fortune 500 was $35.9 billion, which is more than the profit of all the other 490 Fortune 500 businesses put together (or $33.7 billion). New York City, September 11, 2001. Almost 3,000 innocent people died in this tragedy. The same number of people dies every ten days from side effects of prescription drugs in the United States alone.

JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association

There is no virus nor has there ever been one that is as dangerous to humanity as these basic industries. Yet the CDC publishes no warning and the FDA offers no protection against the real health threat to the public. In fact both federal agencies are married and are in bed with these industries. Traitors to humanity in the worst way possible, they are the creators of a Matrix type of consciousness keeping the public as asleep as possible to the massive poisoning that has been going on for a century or more. Scaring the public with desperate fear of things no one has ever seen, tiny viruses, the demons, the surges of humanity. It’s all a simple magical trick, a diversion, a slight of the hand. HIV is a perfect example. No one has ever seen HIV nor proven it as the cause of AIDS, nor does the HIV exam test for the HIV virus. The CDC’s obsession with viruses blinded it from examining the obvious causes of immune system destruction in the homosexual population in America and the different causes in Africa’s population today. These people have been able to create hysteria and religious type beliefs about a retro-virus when the leading expert on the subject, Dr. Peter Duesberg, of UC Berkeley, has been saying for years that HIV doesn’t attack the immune system, doesn’t cause AIDS, and is in fact harmless. Part of the insanity that medicine has become is seen in its power to project blind beliefs and irrational fears. The other insanity that damns medicine into the area of irrational mumbo jumbo is its almost total disregard for basic science and scientists. We see this in the mercury story and in any story that has anything to do with chemical toxicity. In fact, the name “quack” originates from “Quecksalber”, someone who is using mercury ointments to treat disease.

In 1915 Hooker Electromagnetic began massive production (8,200 tons per year) of chlorobenzene, a main component of DDT, and Dow Chemical began large-scale production soon after. It took many decades before the health officials began to understand what was let loose into the environment and the serious damage that was done to hundreds of thousands of people. When DDT was banned from the United States by the EPA in 1972 the chemical companies, not caring about people as they do, simply shifted marketing and shipments to third world countries. Corporate capitalism at its worst easily rivals the worst we ever saw in communist or fascist regimes, it just packages its atrocities in consumer oriented wrappings using millions and billions in advertising, marketing, propaganda, and the out and out buying of doctors, governments and politicians. The pharmaceuticals today budget over 150 million a year just for lobbying officials in Washington DC. And wouldn’t you know it, even though DDT was banned, the FDA allows chlorobenzene to be used in products like room deodorants and medicine has nothing to say about it.

Aspartame is a government approved poison that many believe to be safe enough to add to children’s vitamin C tablets. Found today in more than seven thousand products it is also the most complained about substance in FDA history. The high volume of adverse reactions has prompted the FDA to list 92 symptoms, including death, associated with the use of aspartame. How diet soda and many other products became a poison is a story of pharmaceutical and government sponsored terrorism whose shame will echo down the centuries. Most of us remember Thalidomide which caused at least 16,000 fetal deformities: 6,000 of which failed to survive. “The disaster was entirely down to the huge differences between the various laboratory animal species and humans. JAMA tells us that man is 60, 100, 200, 700 times, respectively, more susceptible to the fetal-deforming effects of the drug than the mouse, rat, dog and hamster. The drug’s makers were never prosecuted on criminal charges,” reports Dr. Pat Rattigan. Again the medical establishment was asleep and did not see the disaster coming with thalidomide and it is asleep at the helm today with the aspartame situation.

Aspartame, whose production in 1982 was 370 tons, by 1995 had risen to 13,140 tons, according to legal exhibits in the case of Holland Sweetener Co vs. NurtraSweet. Dr. Russell Blaylock, an eminent neurosurgeon wrote Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills to highlight the danger of aspartame and MSG and Arthur Evangelista, former FDA investigator says, “What I can tell you regarding toxicology, histology and biochemistry is that aspartame is neurotoxic. It’s components easily transcend the blood-brain barrier, interfering with normal nerve cell function. This affects the glutathione and calcium mechanisms in place, destroying nerve cell integrity. The methanol then breaks down into formaldehyde-formic acid components, which denatures/mutates the DNA.” And they put this in children’s products. What is the appropriate word to describe people of the white cloth (health officials) who let loose and continue to allow such chemicals into the food chain? This competes with the Islamic and Chechen terrorists who invade schools resulting in terrible deaths of children. We cry for the children lost there but do we cry for what the pharmaceutical and chemical companies are doing to children all over the world?

The above stories represent only a fraction of chemical and pharmaceutical nightmare that afflicts mankind. The chemical companies know no limits and even put poison (fluoride) in the water supplies in many places and most doctors and dentists support and sustain such practices. Allopathic medicine has not the basic intelligence to understand that chemicals produced by industry are hazardous to human health. The rank and file doctors do not want to admit this for they prescribe toxic drugs that hurt and kills people on an every day basis. Properly prescribed medicine kills approximately 106,000 people per year in the US according to Dr. Barbara Starfield whose work was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Chemical ignorance is the basic problem of modern medicine and doctors are taught this not only in medical school but every week by drug detail personnel.

The bulk of humanity is asleep about all of this and does not understand that there is an accumulative effect for each toxic compound ingested and a synergetic multiplying effect of many dangerous compounds converging to destroy the integrity and balance of human biochemistry. Whether through food containing preservatives and pesticide residues, air and water pollution, fluoride added to the water, mercury in vaccines and in the amalgam fillings in our teeth, genetically altered food, pharmaceutical drugs, house hold chemical products, or artificial food additives like aspartame, the toxins mix and accumulate destroying health year by year as they weaken the genetic pool. The majority of consumers see not the tragedy – nor the inherent pharmaceutical and chemical terrorism. In reality the CDC and the FDA are viral infections that only a complete investigation leading to organizational death or long jail sentences will cure.

The CDC and the FDA will be in big trouble the day people begin to listen to the many scientists and doctors who are shouting their warnings. If the American people were ever to wake up and demand justice, a lot of people would spend the rest of their lives in prison. The greatest form of terrorism happening in clinics and food markets around the world needs to be resisted and protested against. Organic farmers and consumers have known a great part of this story for decades but these past twenty years has seen a quantum leap in the quantity of toxins like mercury and aspartame being thrown at the young. Crimes against the children should hold the biggest penalties, the longest prison sentences. The world has never known such indecency for never has there been such a sustained campaign to poison the world’s children. Insanity is the appropriate word, and unfortunately it is more prevalent in humanity then any of us want to think. The medically insane are the most dangerous people who walk the earth. As it was in Nazi Germany it remains. Doctors hold the position and the technology to be the greatest conveyers of death and torment. The pharmaceutical companies have made it a point to make sure that this remains so. As these companies were in the Nazi era, sixty-five years ago, building and administering concentration camps like Auschwitz (IG Farbin, now known as the Bayer Aspirin CO), they remain today, merchants of mass death.

[i] TenPenny, Sherry. As predictable as the return of yellow school buses and Monday Night Football, the arrival of fall also brings the first fearful chatter about the approaching flu season. But this year, there is a twist: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has devised a portentous new blueprint to ensure the economic success of this season’s flu vaccine.

Concerned over data documenting that almost 65 percent of the people surveyed in 2003 did not receive the flu shot – including nearly 47 percent with chronic illnesses and 78 percent of children ranging in age from 6-23 months – a new strategy has been devised. The plan was fully disclosed in the 51-slide communiqu, “Planning for the 2004-05 Influenza Vaccination Season: A Communication Situation Analysis,” prepared by Glen Nowak, Ph.D., associate director for communications at the National Immunization Program.

The most important part of the program, “The Seven-Step Recipe for Generating Interest in, and Demand for, Flu (or any other) Vaccination,” is designed to methodically manipulate the general public. Language within the presentation reveals the intent of the government and their drug company “partners” to use major news media (newswires, TV) to send scheduled, fear-based messages in an attempt to convince the unsuspecting public that not only is the flu shot necessary, but to motivate them to demand it. This will amount to millions of dollars of free advertising for flu vaccine manufacturers.

A Synopsis of the CDC criminal plan (in concert with FDA malfeasance)

Step 1: Start discussing the flu at the beginning of the “immunization season.”

Posters, fliers and media campaign materials are generally mailed to public health departments and healthcare provider offices in mid-August, “planting the seeds” in the minds of patients so that they request the flu vaccine when it arrives.

Step 2: The media will begin to make pronouncements that the “new” influenza strains anticipated this year “will be associated with severe illness and serious outcomes.”

Right on cue, the government announced on Aug. 25, that it is “preparing for world’s next big flu outbreak.” A report released to the Associated Press suggests that a bad flu season could kill up to 207,000 Americans. To fuel the hysteria, the CDC and Department of Human Services announced that they are issuing a joint “Pandemic Influenza Response and Preparedness Plan” which will stress “ways to speed up vaccine production, limit the spread of a super-flu, and care for the ill.”

Step 3: The buildup will continue through the early fall, as local and national “medical experts and public health authorities publicly (e.g., via media) state concern and alarm (by predicting dire outcomes) – and urge influenza vaccination.”

Here’s one example: “We know we’re going to have a pandemic because, historically, we’re overdue for one,” said Neil Pascoe, epidemiologist in the infectious disease division of the Texas Department of Health. “When it happens, it’s going to be huge. It will be global, and everyone is going to be affected … it could be terribly fatal. Imagine 4 million Texans [becoming] infected, and 20 percent of them die.”

Be prepared for many similar statements in major newspapers and on national TV stations as the weeks progress.

Step 4: Reports from medical experts will be used to “frame the flu season in terms [that will] motivate behavior.” Language to be used will include “very severe,” “more severe than last or past years” and “deadly.”

Last year, there were 1,026 messages sent via the media between September 21-28. Some of the phrases the media used included, “This could be the worst flu season ever,” “The flu kills 36,000 people per year” and “The flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu.” Even though less than 175 people actually died from influenza in 2003, anticipate exponentially more messages regarding the “deadly flu” will be pushed through the news media this year.

Step 5: Continue to release reports from health officials through the media that influenza is causing severe illness and/or affecting lots of people “helping to foster the perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influenza.”

Step 6: Give visible, tangible examples of the seriousness of influenza by showing pictures of ill children and affected families who are willing to come forward with their stories. “Show pictures of people being vaccinated, the first to motivate, the latter to reinforce.”

Step 7: List references to, and have discussions regarding, the influenza pandemic. “Make continued reference to the importance of vaccination.”

The language used to describe Steps 5, 6, and 7 was taken directly from Nowak’s presentation. This should leave little doubt the government intends to use the media to create hysteria that will increase the demand for a pharmaceutical product. Vaccine manufacturers often cry the blues about revenues lost by producing vaccines. However, last year, Chiron, one of the two largest vaccine manufacturers, made 38 million flu shots, accounting for nearly $230 million in revenue. And even though sales of FluMist, the intranasal flu vaccine, reportedly “failed miserably,” the company still marked $33 million in revenues from sales of the product. Not exactly the stellar returns MedImmune had hoped for, but clearly revenues were made. Health officials are expecting that, through the publicity generated by last year’s flu hype, coupled with a carefully planned and implemented new strategy, record numbers will seek vaccination this year. Perhaps, understanding the tactical maneuvers of the “CDC-Big Pharma-Media” partnership will result in another “bust” year for the flu vaccines.

Sherri J. Tenpenny, D.O. is a nationally renowned and respected vaccine expert. In August 2002, I hosted a timely and important teleconference featuring Dr. Tenpenny to discuss the real dangers of vaccines and how you can legally avoid them. “The Danger of Vaccines, and How You Can Legally Avoid Them” audio tape, a professionally recorded 90-minute cassette available in my “Recommended Products” section, presents that full conference. [Ii] What Dr. Rath is talking about above is that Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that plays a role in preventing many disease states including heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Recently Steve Hicks PhD and Hilary Roberts PhD, pharmacology professors of the University of Manchester in Britain, have published a book entitled “Ascorbate – The Science of Vitamin C” and they would sustain Dr. Rath and his conclusions.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff