Heart Studies Formula Introduction

You Can Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others

Heart and circulatory disease are silent killers stalking every person you know and love. Every year it seems to be reaching down into younger and younger ages, and evermore frequently it touches women as it has solidly become the number one cause of death among women. The Heart Studies Formula offers a wonderful alternative to looking back helplessly over your shoulder and wondering when cardiovascular disease will strike. Now you have it within your power to take responsibility and the initiative for your own health.

Look Both Ways

Heart and circulatory failures take so many lives, that to have a formula of this magnitude available, and not take full advantage of it, is a little like jumping out into the street in front of a speeding bus. Like kids say “This one is a no-brainer.” There really isn’t much room for criticism of this nutrition technology approach. Very likely within a few years, no one will give its cost or inconvenience a second thought. This formula will be thought of as an essential routine, and just good common sense – like the cost and inconvenience of looking both ways before crossing a busy street. “I’m Feeling Fine” – These were the last words of a best friend of mine to his little girl a couple of years ago as he sat at the breakfast table with his wife and their 3 children.

Then he laid his head into his arms on the table and his heart just stopped beating. Medics arrived only a few minutes later, and along with his wife, were unable to revive him. He wasn’t quite 40 years old. We were buddies since the 6th grade. He was not overweight. He watched his diet and only rarely drank alcohol. He enjoyed camping and the outdoors and was active as much as he could take the time. Our families camped together and we watched his children when he and his wife vacationed in Hawaii.

They were planning other trips. Several people in his family were medical professionals of the “old school,” so he grew up with certain skepticism about supplements. Over a span of many years, I was only able to get him to take 2 or 3 bottles of supplements – and I gave him one of those as a gift. Months later when I asked if he wanted to order some more, he said he “liked how they made him feel but he still had some left…” These supplements should have been entirely used up within one month – not half remaining after several months. He never bought any more.

It was about 3 years after that when his heart gave up waiting for the nutrients it so desperately needed. Half of all Americans that die are killed by heart or circulatory failure. Heart disease is killing Americans at a daily pace 163 times faster than the daily pace of the Vietnam war! Most of this year’s 1 million victims swore they were “healthy and feeling fine” right up to the last minute. Many of these people were young and trim. Nearly half were women. Some of these people were athletes in their prime. The most common first indicator of heart disease is sudden death. Forty percent of heart attacks occur to people who have perfectly healthy cholesterol levels.

It is imperative that you exercise, eat right, take supplements, drink plenty of water and get regular checkups. An examination by a health professional will often reveal clear early indicators of heart disease – like high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, or homocysteine – years before they actually become life threatening. This advance warning can grant a crucial amount of time accommodating gentler, less expensive and more effective treatments, like dietary changes, exercise and nutritional supplementation. As the heart associations are spending millions of dollars each year to educate America about these facts, people are gradually awakening and taking responsibility, and action, for their own health.

Hopefully you are becoming one of those who truly comprehend the magnitude of this opportunity – to in one swoop virtually eliminate half the causes of all deaths right out of your life by virtue of a simple supplement program. And hopefully you will be able to do a better job of awakening your friends and loved ones than I was able to do for my friend who was “feeling fine.” Maybe, just maybe, he said what he did to help us understand. Though possibly not obvious to others, deep down, like only a longtime pal could, I knew him to be just that kind of person. Out of a thousand people who might be asked to do this for us, he was the one gentle guy who would have raised his hand.

Heart Studies Formula…
Never Been Anything Like It

The formula is built upon the work of dozens of the World’s top scientists and doctors. Several are Nobel Prize winners. Their work spans this entire century. The most pertinent work spans the past 30 years of research. Two of the foundational studies for this formula just recently came out of Harvard University Medical School (February, 1998) and the Linus Pauling Institute (1993). Discoveries from dozens of other recent top studies have also been applied. The Heart Studies Formula is an innovation created in mid-1998 by Jevari Oberon, inventor, self-styled bioenergenics engineer, and developer of the Superfood blend concept. This Exsula combines 34 key nutrients identified in these and the other studies as being of paramount importance to optimum circulatory health.

Unique sources of nutrients, revolutionary new forms, effective potencies and carefully balanced ratios build powerfully to a synergistic cardiovascular crescendo never before possible in the nutritional realm. A key to comprehending the significance of this breakthrough is found beyond the hard statistics of one million Americans per year (2,700 per day – 10 to 15 times that many globally) succumbing to this awful disease.

Here is the paradigm shift in understanding that is necessary to confront this enemy: It is virtually impossible for the average person – even someone of extraordinary nutritional skill and understanding – to maximally impact this problem through dietary or lifestyle changes, or through usual levels of supplementation alone.

The old failing notions ignore the sheer mass of the damaging substances involved, their sources, and the complexity of the mechanisms at the “heart” of this problem. These faulty notions are fatally failing 124 more Americans this very hour. A successful assault on heart and circulatory malnutrition requires considerably more nutritional power than many brilliant and qualified people will be able to acknowledge or see fit to employ. Their view is looking out from the old “wait and fix it after it breaks” paradigm.

While they are debating the minutiae of the RDA, they and their followers will be left behind and unfortunately one day discover they are needlessly vulnerable. Others will ride the paradigm shift and emerge with much of 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years of cardiovascular wear and tear and arterial plaque virtually erased from their records. They will be prepared to enjoy life with renewed zest and vigor, and to face the challenges of the changing environment and the millennium ahead. No medical breakthrough in history has ever held the potential to save so many lives or to so profoundly affect quality of life at its very roots.

Diet, Water and Exercise

These impact health directly at its foundation. Without an entire sermon of details, here are 3 very effective tips:

1. Pay attention to what you put into your shopping cart. Think natural and vegetarian, and select raw fruits and veggies more often, and fewer processed foods.

2. Drink distilled or glacier water. Water is your body’s most important solvent. If it is loaded with cell-congesting crude mineral forms, (like tap water, filtered water or spring water) It doesn’t work very well for helping to clean out decades accumulation of circulatory plaque. Aim for 2 quarts of distilled water per day.

3. Would you go for a walk today if you knew it would save your life? How about two walks?

Stop Smoking And Stay Out Of Second Hand Smoke

Cigarettes are killing Americans at 5 times the daily rate of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan combined at the height of World War! While some are debating at what rate to tax this slaughter, you may want to consider that cigarette smoke contains uniquely hideous toxins which destroy the cells of the heart and circulatory system at the genetic level. Every adult’s purchase of cigarettes pays for their promotion to children.

Viagra Alternative?

It seems that everyone is curious about the new pharmaceutical drug Viagra and its blessings for older couples. How is Viagra pertinent to a discussion of the Heart Studies Formula? Is there merit in using these two breakthroughs together? How are both of these pertinent to women? Though this is not the place for a lengthy in-depth report, perhaps a brief explanation of a few key points would be helpful. Though there can be a variety of causes for erectile dysfunction, including “thought-related hang-ups” and inadequate hormonal chemistry, most often there is a correlation between the dysfunction and a declining blood supply to the pelvic region (often indicative of hardened arteries and advancing cholesterol plaque deposits).

Where one of the ways a man will experience these blockages is a reduced ability for erection, a woman will experience them as an inability to adequately increase blood flow to this area to become naturally excited and sincerely involved in the lovemaking. This can be especially true in smokers at an age far younger than would otherwise be anticipated. In any case, these deficiencies may be hinting at more life-threatening blockages elsewhere in the body – most particularly the heart and the brain. Viagra does not clear blockages. It temporarily overrides the enzymatic chemistry, which governs the diameter of vessels supplying the pelvic region.

Upon arousal, clogged vessels are forced to become over-dilated, artificially enhancing the blood flow to a rate more like that of a much younger person. This increased blood flow accommodates youthful erections for a man, or the corresponding rush of circulation in that same pelvic region for a woman. After the drug wears off, blood flow returns to its previously deficient rate until the next time the drug is taken. The blockages remain, and without the drug, the pelvic region and the man’s or woman’s physical sexual aspect again goes dormant. The physical strain that the male orgasm in particular places upon the heart is often likened to running the 100 yard dash at the speed of a professional athlete.

The question arises as to whether plaque-induced reduction of arousal is perhaps a natural safety mechanism to prevent these stress occurrences upon an overworked heart – and whether it is truly wise or desirable to override this particular safety system without a simultaneous clearing of dangerous blockages of blood flow to the heart muscle as well. For those who have selected to use Viagra, the addition of a heart and circulatory nutrition supplement may very well be a survival imperative. There are other ways to enhance blood flow to the pelvic region along with the rest of the body – including the vessels supplying the heart.

Exercise, eating right, stopping smoking, increased water intake, supplementing with superfoods and vitamins E and C – these are often reported to have a sudden positive impact upon one’s love life. These strategies work in large part because of their positive influence upon circulation. They are each related to your body’s own mechanisms for reducing arterial plaque and alleviating hardening of the arteries. Those beginning a powerful supplement program alongside Viagra may gradually find less and less need for use of the drug. A natural restoration of blood flow volume to that of a healthy young person allows the same opportunity of arousal for men and women on a full-time basis that the drug can only force temporarily.

Whereas the natural approach retains all of the honesty, subtleties and nuances of youthful healthy romance, the drug approach is temporary and arbitrary, perhaps leaving an “afterglow” of doubts that are difficult to express. Granted, these may not be all-consuming considerations in a relationship having gone “uninspired” for perhaps months or years, but once the initial thrill of the drug is gone, the life-threatening plaque-clogged arteries remain. Further, it may gradually be realized that without the “subtleties and nuances” of naturally occurring arousal, that something is still missing from the relationship. No other nutritional approach has ever held the ability to support the body’s restoration of its own blood flow – to the body in general and the pelvic region in specific as does the Heart Studies Formula. Ask yourself, “If it could make the difference, isn’t natural a great way to go?”

Heart Studies Formula Ingredient Sources

  • 92% originating from living plant cells
  • 8% originating from raw mineral forms.
Author: Jevari Oberon