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Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy

Activate Your Healing Powers

The most beneficial, cleanest salt available on our planet. Crystal salt is whole food nutrition, providing minerals and trace elements, and a storage medium for life force energy.

Regular consumption of Himalayan Crystal Salt provides your body with natural minerals, trace elements and living vibrational energy. You will balance the fluids in your body, support proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.

Renew Your Health and Vitality

Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy supplies your body with the natural energy stored in the crystals. The crystalline structure is so profound, that its vibration pattern lasts for more than 24 hours in our bodies. With this brine, you can import the vibration pattern that your body requires to heal.

By increasing your stores of minerals and trace elements, Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy can:

  • Balance your pH (alkaline/acidity balance)
  • Normalize your blood pressure
  • Increase your circulation & conductivity
  • Dissolve & eliminate sediments that lead to stones and hardening (rheumatism, osteoporosis, gout, and kidney & gall bladder stones)
  • Resolve skin diseases by cleaning from the inside out
  • Decrease cravings or addictive desires

Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine allows your subtle energy currents to flow freely again.

Today, Alternative Health Therapists and European Doctors are successfully applying the ancient knowledge of "Sole" or Brine water, derived from combining Himalayan Crystal Salt with energized water.

You have access to the hidden powers of these awesome Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals.

In this natural salt, the elements are available in such tiny particles (colloidal size) that they can be easily absorbed by the human cells and metabolized.

The structure of Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine is so dynamic, that its vibration pattern lasts in your body for over 24 hours. You can import the vibration pattern required for healing. But using high quality Himalayan Crystal Salt is of paramount importance for superior brine.

The elements contained in Himalayan Crystal Salt, when dissolved as brine, are directly available in their ionic form to your cells, without digestion, unlike nutrients from vegetables or grains that must be first digested into their components before your body can make use of them.

Preparation of Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine

Loosely fill a closeable glass container (such as a Mason jar) with several crystal or rock salt pieces. Add pure spring or energized water, completely filling the container.

After approximately 24 hours, look to see if the salt pieces have completely dissolved. If so, add a few more crystals. When the water can no longer dissolve any more salt, the salt crystals will sit at the bottom of the jar without dissolving. At this point the solution will have become saturated at 26%, ready to use as brine.

The glass can be refilled again and again with water and salt, continuing this process.

This brine solution is stable, and absolutely sterile and germ-free. It can be stored for years in a closed glass container without it changing or decomposing.

Brine Therapy and the Drinking Cure

For Detoxification, Various forms of Arthritis, Skin Problems (rashes, herpes), Reducing Addictive Desires, Flu and Fever Relief

The easiest way to dissolve old sodium chloride poisons built up as crystalline deposits in your system is to take the brine drinking cure.

From a biochemical viewpoint, within minutes, your whole stomach and intestines are being stimulated. This further stimulates your digestion and metabolism. Your overall availability of electrolytes is built up, and thus the conductivity in your body is increased, which in turn affects your circulation. The salt allows your energy currents to flow freely once again.

Drinking Himalayan Salt Brine is an excellent way to balance the pH factor of your body. You can also eliminate toxicity from heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and calcium. The brine is able to break up the metal's molecular structures.

Every morning on an empty stomach, take anywhere from one drop to one teaspoon of Himalayan Salt Brine, with a glass of energized water. Wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything else. The amount you take is not as important as the regularity. It's better to take it regularly than in large doses. It is very important to drink lots of energized water throughout the day.

If you sweat a lot (physical work or athletic activities) you need to replenish salt. One teaspoon of the saturated brine (500mg of sodium) represents about 20% of the recommended daily intake of sodium (RDA).

The Brine Bath

In the brine bath, minerals, trace elements and living energy from the Himalayan Crystal Salt will penetrate your skin in the form of ions. The resulting stimulation will naturally cause cell growth, and your body's own energy flow will be activated and balanced.

A brine bath is recommended for strengthen your immune system by detoxification, healing skin diseases, rheumatism and joint diseases, recovery after surgery, gynecological diseases and for children with a tendency to recurring infections. Rid your body of heavy metal toxins (such as lead, mercury & arsenic), as crystal salt is able to break up their molecular structure.

The detoxifying effect of the brine bath can be compared to a 3-day fast.

This Brine Bath is a sheer ocean of energy for us. Bioenergetic deficits are rebalanced and weak links become strengthened, reactivating your body's electric current. The functioning of organs will start to resonate with the natural frequency patterns of the Brine. This activates the natural regulatory mechanism of the body and its self-healing powers.

The Brine Bath maintains the natural, protective film of your skin, so it does not dry out. The salt is stored in the upper callous layer of your skin, and binds water. This is the reason why Brine Baths are good for dry skin, in contrast to a normal bath where moisture is extracted from your skin.

Toxins are released into the bath water through osmosis, while the minerals from the Brine are absorbed through the skin. This reduces the acidity in your body and balances the pH factor of our skin.

From the brine bath, minerals penetrate your skin in the form of ions. This stimulation will naturally cause cell growth in the living cell layers. Bioenergetic weak points will be balanced, and your body's own energy flow will be activated. The natural regulating mechanism of your body (homeostasis) is initiated.

Since salt is also a disinfectant, several people can use the same water.

To get the full benefit of a therapeutic natural salt bath, the correct salt concentration is mandatory. This concentration has to be at least the same as the one of your body fluids (approximately 1%,) to activate the osmotic exchange ratio. Since a full tub normally takes from 100 to 120 liters (25+ gallons) of water, you need to use at least 1 kg (2.2 LB) of natural salt. Experience has shown that half of this is also effective.

To avoid having to use body energy to balance your temperature, the water temperature should be as close normal body temperature as possible (37 degrees Celsius, 97 degrees Fahrenheit). Soak in the bath for 20 to 30 minutes, and during this time your body reaches the same salt concentration inside and outside, comparable to the prenatal state.

Do not use any chemical substance in this special bath. This experience may feel like floating in your original embryonic solution. After the brine bath, let your skin air dry naturally. Do not rub or towel dry.

Brine Baths have a positive effect on numerous ailments. They are however, demanding on the circulatory system. Be aware of this if you suffer from weak or poor heart circulation and consult your doctor beforehand. If a full bath would be too strenuous for you, you can also take a foot bath

Brine Bathing and the Moon Cycles

Full Moon Bath - For optimal Assimilation. This is when your body's absorption potential is at it's peak: you will absorb the most minerals from the salt bath. Weak points are harmonized and your body's own energy flow is activated.

New Moon Bath - For Optimal Detoxification. This is when your body's capacity for detoxification is at its highest: the perfect time for a cleansing salt bath. The bath will have a detoxifying effect similar to a three-day fast.

For Psoriasis:
Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of energized water with 1 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt Brine. Drink 2-3 quarts of energized water during the day. Take a brine bath 2 times a week for 10-20 minutes. Start with a 3% brine concentration (6 LB/3 kg of pure Himalayan Crystal Salt dissolved in a full bath tub). Gradually increase the concentration up to 8% with your next baths. The brine bath will not only moisturize your skin, it will help stop inflammation.

You can achieve greater effect by letting the sun dry you off, 5-10 minutes will be sufficient. The parts of the body that are more infected than others, like elbows and knees, can be massaged with the concentrated 26% brine solution.

Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink 1 teaspoon of brine with energized water. Continue drinking energized water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts.

Note: You can find numerous bath salts on the shelves of many stores, but most have been chemically treated and have therefore, lost their natural qualities.

Brine Steam Inhalation

For Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinus & Ear Infections:
Used against acute, chronic & specific illnesses of the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

Heat 4-8 quarts of energized water until boiling. Add Himalayan Salt (1 ounce/quart of energized water) and let it dissolve. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapors for 10 to 15 minutes. Careful not to burn yourself. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink 1 teaspoon of brine with energized water. Continue drinking energized water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts.

Your respiratory tract needs about 30 minutes after inhalation to bind the deposits & poisons by producing mucus and secretions, which will usually cause a light cough. This application can be done daily, depending on the individual's well being.

Brine Poultice

Very effective in treating open wounds, and pain from arthritis, gout and osteoporosis.

Soak a sterile cloth with body temperature Himalayan Salt Brine (see directions above) and apply it to the area of concern. Wrap this poultice with a dry cloth.

For Open Wounds:
Treat open wounds only with a diluted solution of 1/2 ounce Himalayan Salt Brine per 1/2 cup of energized water. If you use a higher ratio, the injury will create a burning feeling. Soak a sterile cloth with body temperature Himalayan Salt Brine, rinse it and apply to the wound. Wrap this poultice with a dry cloth.

For Flu & Fever Relief, and Detoxification:
Dip a clean cotton shirt in a 3% brine solution made with 2 tablespoons of Himalayan Salt per 1 quart or liter of energized water. Soak the shirt thoroughly and put it on. Cover (wrap) yourself in a dry towel and lay in bed (covered with your blanket.) After about half an hour you will start sweating. You can support the effect by drinking a cup of Linden blossom tea. Stay in bed for 60 to 90 minutes. Take off your shirt and shower. Lie down for one hour to rest.

This procedure is an excellent detoxification tool and activates the metabolism. The brine shirt shows excellent results with high temperature viral conditions. In such cases it is better than the brine bath.

For Gout and Cold Feet:
This procedure has a similar effect as the shirt. Soak a pair of clean cotton socks in a 3-5% brine solution made with 2 to 4 tablespoons of Himalayan Salt per 1 quart of energized water. Wring-out the socks thoroughly and put them on. Wrap your feet in a dry towel and leave on for about one hour. Rest a while after you remove the salty socks.
Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink 1 teaspoon of brine with energized water.
Continue drinking energized water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts.

For Herpes:
Apply some pure, concentrated brine solution (26%) directly to the infected blister with a cotton swab every hour.
Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink 1 teaspoon of brine with energized water.
Continue drinking energized water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts.

Brine Therapy and Oral Care

Healthy teeth and gums are not only visually appealing but also very important for our overall health. Pure Himalayan crystal salt is excellent for dental hygiene. Most common tooth problems derive from an over acidic condition in the mouth and throat. Himalayan Salt will build up a pH neutral mouth flora and will help protect your tooth enamel.

Daily brushing your teeth, tongue, or washing your whole mouth with brine solution can harmonize over-acidity, soothe gum bleeding, and reduce periodontal diseases, canker sores, bad breath, etc.

Brush your teeth every morning with concentrated brine. Press the brine through your teeth with the help of your tongue. Gargle with brine for about three minutes, then spit it out.

If used consistently, your teeth will become whiter, and tartar will dissolve.

Arthritis and Gout

On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. of brine (see making brine) with good quality water.
Continue drinking good quality water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts. Make a cold brine poultice of pure brine solution (26%) and apply it to your affected areas. Wrap with dry cloth bandage.


  • On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. of brine with good quality water.
  • Continue drinking good quality water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts
  • Make a warm water brine poultice, as warm as you feel comfortable with. The concentration of the brine would be at least 10% or 1/2 oz salt to every 4 oz. of water.
  • Fill a linen or cotton bag with salt crystals and heat it in the oven to 125 -140F. Put the heated bag directly on your aching joint or other sore body area for 20 min. If you have joint pains in you hands and feet, you can also bath them with a more concentrated brine solution, starting at 10%. Water at body temperature 37C (97F) is ideal for this bath.


  • On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. of "brine" with good quality water.
  • Continue drinking good quality water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts.


Herpes sores can be very painful, annoying and persistent. The herpes virus remains in our nervous system and when our immune system is weakened, the virus can multiply at an explosive rate and form these very well known blisters. Once they appear, the usual remedies offer little relief. Try some Himalayan crystal salt. The intake of the brine water will strengthen your immune system.

  • On an empty stomach, drink 1 tsp. of brine with energized water.
  • Continue drinking energized water throughout the day, at least 2 to 3 quarts
  • Apply some pure, concentrated brine solution (26%) directly to the infected blister with a cotton swab every hour.

About Allergies

We have sold our Himalayan Salt to the owners of a jumping-horse, that happened to be so allergic to mosquito bites they were going to put the horse down by the vet. After ONE day of taking the Himalayan Salt, all its wounds were closed, after three days the owner decided to start riding the horse again, and now (three months later) the horse is still alive and well. At this moment 14 horses, a couple of ponies, numerous guinea pigs and a lot of dogs are known to us for taking the salt, amongst other things to solve problems with artrose (after three days there was no visible problem in the horse concerned to be detected). They are all doing quite well, and we expect to be able to help more animals.

Consciousness Shift

When you decide to apply some of the Brine remedies at home, we ask that you not simply follow the procedures, but become consciously aware of the magnificent reformation that you are initiating in your life, with help of the primal elements of water and salt.

Even though the effects are mostly on a physical level, they will also have implications on an energetic, subtle level for both your mind and spirit as well. Have patience. Give yourself the time and tranquility for attaining and remaining healthy from within. Be aware of the possibility of an initial aggravation of your condition and let your family and friends know what you are doing, so they can support you.

See the Effects of Brine Therapy

A simple example can help you understand this concept. Put some 26% brine solution in your teapot, that has hard water or calcium build up. Heat it briefly and watch how the calcium dissolves in the brine. This process is a simple chemical reaction. You can treat your body to a similar therapy in order to get rid of the calcium build up and the heavy metal deposits in your body.

For your body to get rid of these deposits it has to first metabolize them. Even animal proteins, which are difficult to break down and eliminate, will be eliminated through the urine, due to the strong structural formation of the crystal salt.

Dark Field Microscope Analysis

In a dark field microscope analysis test of 3 groups of people at Asia Import headquarters in December 2002 and January 2003, we were able to observe the effect of brine solution made with Himalayan crystal salt. The simple test entailed taking a drop of blood from a person and analyzing it, then feeding a teaspoon of brine solution with a glass of water to this person, and 30 minutes later, repeating the blood test.

Before Brine Ingestion
Before Brine IngestionBefore Brine Ingestion
After Brine Ingestion
After Brine IngestionAfter Brine Ingestion

The "before" pictures clearly show clumped blood, the "after" pictures show a more fluid blood, with more space between the blood cells, a healthier blood. The truly amazing result was that people who had regularly taken brine solution and then stopped, had the same clumped blood as those test persons that had never taken brine solution regularly.

These results clearly indicate that taking the brine solution on a regular basis is the key to health maintenance. The explanation for this is quite simple: the smaller the rocks, the lower the inherent energy. Since our rocks have not come in contact with grinding machines, they carry the highest energy charge and those are used for making brine solution. The table and mill salt has to be ground in a machine, therefore they do not have the same kind of energetic quality as do the whole rocks. Brine solution (see applications of how to make it) can also be used for other things, like adding a few drops to your salad dressing or other food, brushing your teeth with it, or inhaling and gargling with. The brine is great for skin blemishes and insect bites too.

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