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Laminar Crystal Energy Devices

Now at your reach, thanks to rediscovered ancient technology.

Laminar Crystals…

  1. Improve the Hydrating Ability and Taste of Foods and Liquids
  2. Relieve Energy Blockages, Congestion and Pain

Stop and think about the energetic qualities of the food you eat and the water you drink. This is critically important for your hydration and cellular function, affecting every biological process in your body. Water represents so much more than something to quench your thirst or wash your body. Good water is critically important to your well-being. The story of laminar crystals starts in the 1960s, with several ancient artifacts being discovered in a cave, and later finding their way into the hands of Jim Carter, founder of Twilight America and inventor of the Star Chamber Spa and Factory. The artifacts have an amazing ability to improve the taste of liquids in which they are submerged, and to relieve energy blockages, congestion and pain.

Jim Carter spent over 25 years experimenting with materials found in nature, in his quest to reverse-engineer the ancient technology. His discovery ended a long series of dead-end experiments: natural mica crystals effectively duplicate the power and potency of the ancient artifacts. Jim began creating his experimental products in tiles, bowls and plates. He started calling the crystals “”Laminar Crystals”” because of their layered structure.

Jim Carter’s great challenge in creating practical products was the difficulty in mixing the Laminar Crystals with potter’s clay, so that his creations would not collapse before they dried. In the end he settled on making Crystal Pearls and Crystal Cupcakes: very simple shapes that could be successfully fired in a kiln. The firing (heating to a high temperature for a specific length of time) is a necessary component in the energetic activation of these crystals.

Fast forward several years: Brian and David Savedra, identical twins who spent many years researching subtle energies and energetic medicine, were introduced to Twilight America products and fell in love with the idea of restoring vitality to fluids (food, water, essential oils and skin care). Brian and David possess the right combination of patience and curiosity, and kept working for several years to develop a workable method of building ceramic objects, that deliver on the Laminar Crystal’s promise – energized water, the water of life, the dew that restores vitality to all living things created in practical everyday objects.

TransDerma Minerals

TransDerma Mineral products are energetically enhanced in a Laminar Crystal energy chamber using a proprietary and unique process. The crystal structure in liquids is changed, lowering its surface tension and increasing its oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Energetically enhanced minerals become highly absorbable. Restore healthy mineral balances, cellular electrolytes and significantly improve your overall health.

Laminar Crystals

  • Create Devices that Energize Your Water and Food
  • Build Your Own Energy Charger (pillow, sleeping mat or pet’s bed)
  • Build your own ceramics or orgone accumulators

Orgonite Devices

Build your own orgonite devices with our Laminar Crystal. Enhance the subtle electric field of your body by generating an abundance of electrically charged ions – the natural way Earth charges your body. These beautiful pbjects can help you connect with your higher self and give you many health benefits: improve and maintain your energy flow, and your well-being.

  • Promotes Energy Flow to Maintain Balance and Performance
  • Helps Restore Weakened Organs and Physiological Function
  • Helps Maintain Your Health and Well-being

Laminar Crystal Energy Devices… For Life!

Author: Martin Pytela