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Ocean Alchemy, Technical Notes

Ocean Alchemy, Technical Notes

Ocean Alchemy, Technical Notes

Have you had your ORMUS material analyzed?

Yes. I have had all of my Mannas assayed by either MS/ES ICP or Neutron activation. While these methods do not allow us to see the ORMUS/M-state content they tell us whether there are any toxins or metals in them. My assays have all come back “clean.” I have also done extensive testing of the metallic form of some of the precipitates. I have taken examples from the same batches/lots as were assayed as above and have reduced them to their metallic nature. I then had them analyzed by MS/ES ICP and Fire Assay. So I have a good idea of what the materials content actually are. I am keeping my analysis results as proprietary information until I have acquired enough information to publish, mainly because if these are performed improperly the result can be potentially toxic and the processes themselves are rather dangerous.

A point worth noting is that when these precipitates are dried improperly they immediately begin to revert to a metallic form. So those of you who may be interested in the ORMUS crystals that are being offered for sale should be aware that these crystals may actually be metallic in nature. Have they been assayed? What is their pH? Do ask. The crystals are a byproduct of the “marriage” process which I developed a few years ago. Where the top water containing the oils from the opening of the elements is evaporated to concentrate the oils for addition to the precipitates making an Alchemically complete Manna. Hence the “marriage.” As these materials approach their proper concentration the gentle heat is removed and as it cools the crystals form.

The concentrated “waters” on top of them contain the oils and this is added to the washed precipitates which greatly enhances their potency. However, again there is ART involved. If these are made from ocean water precipitates there is definitely a Gilcrest precipitate amounting to about 60 ml. per gallon by volume of Atlantic ocean water which must first be removed or these potentially heavy metals will be concentrated into the oil/salt matrix… and into the crystals. The process of removal is a lengthy one which is why I have never before offered the crystals to the public. Also, the pH of the solution to be processed is important or you will have concentrated hydroxides of sodium, calcium and magnesium form along with the crystal/oil matrix. I would not recommend consuming these in this concentrated form.

However, again 🙂 there are crystals which can be safely ingested such as those made from certain salts and processes. The major ones being those made from the opening of pure gold, copper, and the products of the Dry Method process. I have grown ORMUS copper crystals. They naturally formed into stepped pyramids of several inches in size. When I dried them via my process they literally turned to a pure, white dust which had both major psychoactive and energetic properties. When I shone a flashlight beam upon the crystals, they amplified light to an amazing degree :). Remember that they must be properly dried or they will want to begin to revert to a metallic nature. I use a vacuum drying process which is quite involved and I won’t elaborate here. Suffice it to say that if you do not perform this properly you will have metals.

An ES/MS ICP analysis will show this to you. I have been using the remaining properly dried salts to make ORMUS oils. I use enough of the concentrated oil/crystal matrix to perform the marriage and the remaining I extract with a cold pressed organic oil such as grape seed, almond, olive oil, etc. I have spent several years perfecting the extraction processes and the results have been impressive. The ORMUS is absorbed through the skin and relieves sores, bruises, muscular aches and has even helped to repair torn ligaments in a friend’s shoulders where before she could not raise her arms she now has complete, normal mobility without pain.

This took about a month. If anyone would like to sample some of these or would like to acquire the properly grown crystals please contact us by e-mail. Before I can make them in larger quantities, I need to acquire a lot of expensive Nalgene flasks and cylinders that are necessary. The oils will not adhere to them, making the processing both easier and more effective. The oil of honey is one which has taken a lot of my time. The process was elucidated to a nurse in her dreams by an angel during the 19th century. It is the Angelic Wine of Honey by name. It is loaded with ORMUS/M-state! The current analytical processes which are available do not identify the ORMUS/M-state elements.

But they do show you if there are any nasties in the analyzed material. Right now, the best way to know what you have is to convert it to its metallic nature and then have another assay performed. If the Alchemist does not know how to do this then there is no way he/she will know definitively what they have. A kicker to this which makes this even more complex is that the materials continue to change in a evolutionary manner. So the best I can do is continue this line of research along side of making sure that the Manna is a pure one while Working along the path which has been shown to me. It is all in the Egyptian and early Vedic texts.

Hope this tells you everything you want to know and nothing that you don’t 🙂

Why is the Manna Wet?

I feel that I have to speak a few words relating to why I feel that the elixir forms of the ORMUS elements are superior to the dry powder forms. And tell you why there is water above precipitates in the bottle.

First some background. In his Portland lecture David Hudson said:

This little zero point frequency I showed you between the positron and the electron; if you follow that right up the electromagnetic spectrum, it agrees with the molecular frequency of hydrogen dioxide, or water. So there is an affinity for this material and water. That’s why it is normally taken in water. When you come to understand that your body is, in fact, mainly water. That, literally, this material when you distill water it distills with the water as the auride, the iridide, the ruthidide. Just like chlorine. And so if you distill water thinking you are getting high purity water, it goes with the water. And it literally changes the bond angles of the water. That one iridium atom controls 56 waters of hydration around itself. And all the bond angles of all 56 waters are altered when iridium is present. I haven’t carefully studied the research work of people working with water but I strongly suspect that their water isn’t completely pure and they are finding that the bond angles can be changed. There is something else besides H2O in the water.

This above is just one of the reasons why I have always concentrated on providing the Manna in its wet form. And the major reason why there is an abundance of water in the bottle. It (the top water) is all structured but also contains a water soluble form of the ORMEs, a monomer, as you can read more about below. You may or may not have noticed that I do not provide it in a dry form. There are several reasons for this and none of them are laziness. David Hudson had something important to say on this topic. Please keep in mind that not only does gold have a pesky odd-spin electron but so do Rhodium, Iridium, Copper and Cobalt.

Here is an excerpt from David Hudson’s Australian Patent:

“It is known that there exists a critical size, in the range of 3-20 atoms, for Pd II, Ag I and Au III, by way of example, which is necessary for metal deposition from solution. As the number of atoms in the T-metal cluster decreases through continuous evaporation in the presence of NaCl, the solution becomes a solution of diatoms which in the case of gold is represented as Au-1 – Au+1 i.e., Au-1 bonded to Au+1. The rationale for this representation of a gold diatom is based upon the fact that a single gold atom has an odd spin electron, as does rhodium, iridium, gold, cobalt and copper of the T-metals. In a diatom of gold, the two odd spin electrons will be found on one of the two atoms but not both. Thus, a diatom of gold is made by a bond between an aurous (Au+1) atom and an auride (Au-1) atom.”

<< interrupt snipping…

Are you still with me? At this point we have diatomic gold and salt and the gold still will assay as gold metal.

Continuing the snip…

“The present invention enables the breaking of the diatom bond by introducing a more electropositive element, such as sodium or any alkali or alkaline earth elements, which does not have a d orbital overlap capability. This element replaces the aurous (Au+1) forming, in this case, a sodium auride. In effect, the sodium weakens the d orbital overlapping energies between the atoms of the gold diatom as well as elevating a d orbital electron towards the s orbital, thereby creating a negative potential on the surface of the atom. This negative potential enables an interaction of the s orbital with chemiabsorbed water through electron donation and reception.”

You are now reading about the importance of both sodium and water in this scenario using gold as the object element illustrated.

>>continue snip…

“The sodium auride, when in aqueous solution at or near neutral pH, will form sodium hydroxide and a monomeric water-soluble auride.”

>>Interrupt the snip…

Here above is the meat of the biscuit or the crust of the tomato 🙂 “Water soluble auride.” This is why the water above the white precipitate in the Manna bottle is just as “good” as the white precipitate itself. The M-gold in my Golden Tear IS in this form. It is kept stable by the ratio of gold to sodium to water. A symbiotic triangle.

>>Continue snip…

“The monomeric auride (Au-1) is unstable and seeks a lower energy state which is represented by a partial filling of the d and s orbitals. This lower energy state with its greater stability is achieved by the electron-donating and removing capability of H2O. Water can act to remove electrons. Water molecules possess a net charge and attach to each other in vertical clusters so that an 18 molecule water cluster can hold a cumulative potential of -2.50 V. The potential of a water molecular cluster, at near neutral pH, is sufficient to remove an electron from the d orbital and create a positive hole, enabling a pairing between opposite spin electrons from the d to s orbitals to take place. The existence of the electron pairing is confirmed by infrared analysis, illustrated in FIGURE 4, which identifies the vibrational and rotational motions caused by energy exchange between these two mirror image electrons.”


In my opinion, in a solution such as that obtained from the HCL/H2O2 process with gold, at near neutral pH you have Au- and Au+ which can relate with compatible elements that may be in the solution. So Au- is likely to associate with Na+ or H+ and; Au+ is likely to associate with Cl- or OH- or even AuOx (all with excess H2O) and this is where it gets complicated. Through constant disassociation of the water where the oxygen is known to remove electrons from hydrogen, forming OH- and H+, this H+ is free to form with Au-. However, when larger (heavier) clusters are formed, such as AuOH or AuOx then these are the “oxides” which precipitate out of solution and fall to the bottom of the beaker in the HCL/H2O2 process.

There are still HAu in solution (the top water) as evidenced by the fact that I can take the solution, separated and filtered from the precipitates, and over time get gold metal to form from it after performing processes on it. I call the virgin solution the Golden Tear. Because of that fact I can find no legitimate reason to assume that all of the possible reactions listed above are not actually occurring. Remembering from the snippets above, that one iridium atom controls 56 waters of hydration around itself and that 18 clusters of water provide potential to keep the Au from wanting to make metallic bonds in the presence of NA then there exists a strong possibility that the waters above the Manna are absolutely necessary for its stability and that the polarity of this water is aligned to the M-state/ORMUS elements contained within.

We NEED to have an excess of water! This is most important where we have a Manna like M-3 where there is M-rhodium, M-iridium and M-gold present. They all began with that dreaded odd-spin electron. For these reasons, I have to believe that the wet “Manna” form is far superior to any dry powder form in stability, energy and assimilability. This is beginning to become a long email so I’ll let that digest for a while. I mainly wanted to illustrate why your Manna bottles “appear” to contain less white powder than some think that they should. Many years ago the Essene and I talked about this at length. He told me that he mostly explains it in the simple terms. “That it is brought to a strength that is best for the Human Body.” And that he just drops the topic at that point. After all of this typing… I can understand why 🙂

Peace and light ~

Don Nance

Author: Life Enthusiast

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