Podcast 040: Superfoods and Mineral Absorption

Martin Pytela and his co-host Scott Paton have put together a wonderful chat in this episode. The topic? How the absorption of Minerals affects your body and your overall health.

Of course, they touch on a number of other topics, from what you should start your day with, the disproportionate balance of calcium and magnesium in most people’s bodies, to how to eliminate sugar cravings.

According to Martin, these problems are all interconnected in a very real way that traditional medicine has yet to address. Life Enthusiast offers as a fantastic all around stimulant of the metabolism. It is packed with ginseng, ginkgo biloba and green tea.

Podcast 040: Superfoods and Mineral Absorption

Scott Paton: Okay Martin, so, you know what’s the best way to start my day or for our listeners to start their day?

Martin Pytela: Well, you know to get your metabolism going right, you need to start with something that has decent amount of protein in it and something that has a decent amount of folate, which is the greens and something that has decent amount of trace minerals in it and so, inexorably this leads me to something like a superfood.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: We make the Exsula Superfoods, so that’s what I am going to recommend, but you know ginseng is a great stimulant and the Peruvian ginseng which is known as maca is a fantastic stimulant of the overall metabolism and we put maca into our products and we have ginkgo biloba in it and we have green tea in it and Gymnema Sylvestre and bitter melon; all of these plants are known to positively impact the metabolism and especially the insulin uptake so that when… well, it counteracts the insulin resistivity or resistance of the cells, so that your metabolism kicks up and you don’t need as much sugar and you don’t need as much food and so you don’t have these cravings later in the day.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: And that was what happened to you, right? Once you start taking the right nutrition, the cravings are diminishing.

Scott Paton: That’s absolutely right, exactly what happened to me.

Martin Pytela: So, just to recap it, we have three areas of concern, one is the overall burn rate which is controlled from the thyroid and for that we need to supplement with sea plants, kelp and dulse and we have plenty of those in the Exsula Superfoods and we also make them available separately for people who are actually in some trouble with their thyroid. You know once the thyroid is not well, you need to actually reset it. So, we have a fantastic product called Sea-Aloe Gold, which is a mix of the laminaria digitata and the aloe vera, and the aloe vera is fantastic in helping to clear the unwanted minerals out of the thyroid. So, you get it reset and it starts working correctly and you need to continue with supplementing with the kelp, with the sea plants, to make sure that the metabolism stays high enough to burn off whatever it is you don’t need.

Scott Paton: Right and you have mentioned kelp a number of times in our previous podcasts and it is interesting to me how as you keep saying you know we keep coming back to the basics right and if we would just do these things, what a difference everyone’s life would be.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Well, if you really think about it, you know life as I understand it, has evolved in the oceans. I mean I consider the ancient primeval sea the amniotic fluid of life, you know the womb from which everything came up, you know the biblical creation story notwithstanding.

Scott Paton: Right. Right.

Martin Pytela: I mean even if the biblical story is right, the womb of life is still the ocean. That’s where it comes from. Anyway, in the ocean, there is plenty of minerals including the iodine and it is in the kelp that lives in the ocean, that’s what we need to get.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: And living inland, living off of the plants that are grown from soils that doesn’t have enough of it and watered by water that’s from rivers and lakes, it just… its not sufficient. By the way, that’s why the Japanese people are so long living because they eat a lot of stuff that comes from the sea. Living on an island, they eat a lot of kelp; I mean you know the nori that they wrap their sushi with and then the miso soup that has got all the kelp in it and all the other foods that they eat plus all their vegetables; you know they put kelp on their gardens as a fertilizer. So, of course, all the vegetables are grown with high iodine levels. Anyway, so, that’s the iodine bit and it has so many other wonderful uses. You know it protects you from getting cancer of all things. The breast cancer and ovarian cancer levels in women would be so tremendously diminished if we only increased the intake of kelp and the prostate cancer in men, that’s the equivalent in men.

Scott Paton: That’s right. That’s right.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, so, anyway, so, that’s the one side. The second side would be the cortisol levels. We need to rest. We need to be able to relax it away and third would be the insulin resistivity in the cells. For that, we need a decent plant supplementation and the magnesium because the magnesium is that which causes the softening of the hardened and calcified tissues. Everything in the body that hardens is caused by calcifications.

Scott Paton: Too much calcium?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, too much calcium. Out of balance. Out of balance calcium-magnesium.

Scott Paton: And I just like to keep saying that because all we hear about is osteoporosis is rampant and you need to have more milk, drink more milk, drink more calcium, get more calcium supplement everything else] and it is just like always seems to be in the wrong direction, right? Like…

Martin Pytela: Well, you know this is another topic that stems from misunderstanding. The pharmaceutical model of the human body just doesn’t work. What they are saying is the calcium is disappearing from your bones, therefore, you must be deficient in the calcium. It is not disappearing from your body, it is disappearing from your bones. Here is what happens with it. When your lymphatic system becomes acidic with the metabolites of protein consumption, meaning you eat cooked meat and your body is unable to get rid of it, all the metabolites, the acidosis that is happening in your body, goes into the lymphatic system and in order to keep it in balance, the body uses the most alkaline mineral it has, calcium and so the calcium is dissolved out of the bone, made liquid, and suspended in your lymphatic system. It is still in your body. You have not lost any weight. You are still the same weight. It is just that the calcium isn’t in the bone. It is in liquid and the solution here is to alkalize. I mean we talked about that. That’s the other issue of the balances. You know I was just babbling about the impaired metabolism, the other is the balancing of the lymphatic system, the pH balance, important, important, important.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: I guess I am just becoming a zealot, am I not?

Scott Paton: You are, but we need more zealots.

Martin Pytela: Okay.

Scott Paton: [laughs]

Martin Pytela: Well, okay folks, go to bed early and start your day with an Exsula Superfoods drink and before you go to bed, take a bath with magnesium crystals or spray it on in the morning if you are not into the bath.

Scott Paton: Because that’s the thing about magnesium. It is very, very hard for the body’s digestive system to get it into the body whereas we can absorb it through our skin very easily, right?

Martin Pytela: Exactly. That was the big discovery that Dr. Shealy and Jim Carter came up with and it is now 10 years ago that they discovered that you can absorb magnesium as long as you change the structure of the water in which you have dissolved that magnesium. You can spray it on and it will get into the body through the skin.

Scott Paton: And that’s key.

Martin Pytela: That’s the key.

Scott Paton: Cool. All right. Well, I think that’s good for this week Martin. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to share with us about the five forces of illness and I guess next time we will talk about some more of them.

Martin Pytela: Sure. Yeah. Malnutrition.

Scott Paton: Malnutrition. Hard to imagine in North America anybody is malnutritioned.

Martin Pytela: Well, you know, we are living in such abundance, but we are lacking the correct nutrients. The next one is inflammation which we can talk about at length, oxidative stress, impaired detoxification, and the impaired metabolism that we talked about now. Those are the five forces that now the most modern medicine, that’s calling itself now functional medicine or orthomolecular medicine is discovering like the good doctors are finding out or are coming up with these discoveries saying, oh, we can… you know, this is the cutting edge of medicine, when well in fact it is not; this is just the discovery of stuff that the natural healing programs have been saying for the last two hundred years. If you manage your cellular terrain, which is the functional medicine, manage the function, if you manage the cellular terrain, your body will function correctly and the symptoms which you have will go away.

Scott Paton: Right. Right.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, anyway, here we are just closing up, so, let’s just save all of this for the next episode of our talk.

Scott Paton: Right. So, tune in next week everybody because we are going to talk some more about these five forces of illnesses and I am pretty sure… I know I see myself in them in many different places and I am starting to make changes and I am starting to see some dramatic results and I think that everyone listening can have that same vibrant health in their life that we all want and hope for. So, you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast. Head over to www.life-enthusiast.com. We have got tons and tons of information backing up everything that we say on the podcast. There is lots that you can read and learn there and if you want to listen to some of our previous podcasts, you can head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com. We have got over 37 podcasts up there right now, full of great information on alternative health topics. So, Martin, thank you very much for joining us and as usual the last word is yours.

Martin Pytela: Oh, yes, thank you folks. We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott Paton: Good bye.

Martin Pytela: Good bye.

Scott Paton: Good bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela