Podcast 044: Natural Remedies for Flu Season

Martin Pytela and Scott Paton are back this week to talk about alternative health remedies that will keep you safe throughout flu season.

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody. You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I am Scott Paton, your co-host, along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Doing good Scott. Good.

Scott Paton: Great.

Martin Pytela: How is your life?

Scott Paton: Excellent. Well, today is the day before the American Thanksgiving. So, I just wanted to start off by saying Martin, I am very thankful to have you in my life and the knowledge that you have given to me in these podcasts and privately has really had a wonderful impact on my life and I just wanted to say thank you for that.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Thank you. Thank you for saying it. I have been thankful all day today. There is so much that we can be thankful for. Oh, dear, yes we can.

Scott Paton: Now, one thing that people may not be thankful for is I understand that Thanksgiving is the official start of the flu season.

Martin Pytela: Yes, let me tell you why. You sit down for this enormous meal of most likely turkey and ham and other cooked meats combined with potatoes and corn and all of the other starches, which is probably…

Scott Paton: Bread… don’t forget bread.

Martin Pytela: Oh, yeah, bread and everything… well, anyway, it is probably the worst possible meal you can put together.

Scott Paton: But it tastes so good.

Martin Pytela: Of course and I am not saying don’t do it, but if you are already sort of on the edge, this will definitely put you over it.

Scott Paton: And that’s what happens to most people, when a few weeks later they get the flu.

Martin Pytela: Right and it is usually not a few weeks later. It’s… yeah, this… well, you know it happens to travelers, it happened to you not long ago.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: You have gone traveling, you abused your body, you stayed up too much, you ate weird foods or who knows what else you did and sure enough you come home from the travels and bang, the flu starts.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: And it is the body’s attempt to detoxify faster than the normal channels can handle. So, it is pushing it through the sinuses, through the nose, through the skin, and the best way you can deal with it really is #1, eat nothing, do a little fast.

Scott Paton: And that reminds me of one of the times when I had a particularly bad flu, I basically laid in bed for 24 hours. I was sweating profusely and I think my mum… I mean because I was young at that time, my mum probably brought me like some chicken noodle soup or something once, but mostly it was a glass of water by the bed and nothing for at least 24 hours and then I was like, “Oh, I feel much better, thank you very much,” got up and started running around again.

Martin Pytela: That’s right. Yeah. Take two aspirin, sweat it out, and take lot of fluids, but no food. Yeah. So, that’s the answer to rapid alkalization or deacidification that you need to do. If you already are almost overflowing with acidity, a big turkey dinner will definitely put you over the edge.

Scott Paton: And really to… you know, let’s be frank here, 80% of the people listening to this podcast are probably more acidic than they should be.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, oh, yeah. [Voice Cross Over]

Scott Paton: Including at least half of the people hosting this particular podcast. [laughs]

Martin Pytela: Well, I don’t know, maybe three-quarters, you know.

Scott Paton: [laughs]

Martin Pytela: I am really not a perfect guy either and I have my moments too.

Scott Paton: Right. Right. I wasn’t going to include you. I was going to let you include yourself if you wanted to, but yeah, we are not perfect and enjoy joy stuff, but I know that over the past few years when I have had that big Thanksgiving dinner at my parents place is that I have taken smaller and smaller and smaller portions than I did when I was younger and still enjoy the meal because it is about fellowship and love and everything else too right?

Martin Pytela: That’s right. Yeah. I mean it’s tempting. You need to eat the meal and you enjoy it and it is what it is. So, hey, how about if you for the rest of the year, how about if you do try and eat well?

Scott Paton: Exactly.

Martin Pytela: You know, how about some of these alkalizing foods like superfoods that we make, these… the grasses are so alkalizing. You know, algae like Spirulina and Chlorella and the barley grass and wheat grass and kamut grass that we use, something like the Excela Life Energy or the Exsula Premium would be a great source of good nutrients for the season you know. Building up to Christmas, because by the time you do the Christmas dinner, it is going to be another wallop.

Scott Paton: Right. This is why so many people get overwhelmed at this time of the year, right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, yeah, you knock yourself halfway down at the Thanksgiving and you finish it off at the Christmas and January and February are the months with the most sickness in the nation, all the sick days are taken in January and February and wonder why?

Scott Paton: Yeah, recouping.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. So, what can a person do, right? I would say first of all try and avoid the stupid things like eating meals that are badly combined that if you can’t help it, at least do a detox bath afterwards.

Scott Paton: Right. Right.

Martin Pytela: You know, we talked about that a number of times, how easy it is to get yourself a bottle of Miracle II soap and a bottle of Neutralizer, take half ounce of each and spend 20 to 30 minutes in a nice bubble bath.

Scott Paton: That’s right and also, this time of the year, we tend to be stressed out because we have got all these parties and we are worried about all the different things you worry about from Thanksgiving to Christmas and by taking that time just to relax in an alkalizing environment makes a huge, huge difference.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, I would say so. It’s a good thing to do, pamper yourself a little.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: Right on and you know what works a lot and it is very inexpensive? It’s lemon. Lemon juice in the morning in a glass of water.

Scott Paton: Oh, yeah.

Martin Pytela: It’s just phenomenal how much it can do for you.

Scott Paton: So, you are talking about fresh squeezed, organic lemons.

Martin Pytela: Yes. Yeah. Buy yourself a bag of lemons and every morning squeeze one out and drink it in a glass of water.

Scott Paton: Not the frozen in the plastic jug lemon juice.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, now, that’s pasteurized and concentrated and cooked and killed. So, no, that’s just not going to… it’s not going to fly. Sorry.

Scott Paton: [laughs] That’s right.

Martin Pytela: [laughs] You have the darndest questions I tell you.

Scott Paton: Oh, that’s what I want to do. I want to find out everything I can about this stuff because you know some people I know will go to a grocery store and they will see some frozen bottle of lemon juice and go, well, Martin said take that. So, here we go and it is concentrated, so…

Martin Pytela: It’s got to be twice as good [laughs].

Scott Paton: It’s got to be twice as good and I know and you know that it’s like a real lemon please, we are talking real food here.

Martin Pytela: Yes. Yeah. We are having to do the real nature made stuff, unadulterated.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: You know we do actually have something in stock that’s called the Flu Brew. It’s by Master Formulae and I have actually used it once about four years ago because I needed it, but it really helps to detoxify the body really quickly. So, if people find themselves in a hole, it’s something that they should have on hand. That’s the sad thing with these items is if you are ordering it only when you need it, it is already too late because a typical flu only takes something like five to seven days for you to get over anyway.

Scott Paton: Really talking about preparation, right? So, being prepared is…

Martin Pytela: Right. Well, you know, if your lifestyle is such that you are likely to get something like that, you should have stuff ready.

Scott Paton: And that’s 80% of our people listening and half of their co-host for sure, right? [laughs]

Martin Pytela: [laughs] Maybe, but you know here is something interesting; for instance, we sell XtraPure Lecithin, which is a… you know, we make sure that it’s made from non-genetically modified, well extracted, properly treated soy, [now sunflower] which we make sure that it has none of the bad stuff in it that’s associated with soy and the neat thing about lecithin is that it uncloaks the virus to a human immune system. So, when there is good amount of lecithin present in your digestive system, all of the viruses that are incoming are easily identified and quickly attacked and destroyed when they are still small numbers of them.

Scott Paton: Wow. That’s very interesting.

Martin Pytela: Right. So, everybody should have a bottle of lecithin on hand and it’s… you know, you need it now. If you are feeling a little off, you need to start taking it on the spot. In fact, I was just talking to a fellow, Dennis in Pennsylvania, and he called me up and he says, “Martin, I have been just having this bronchial problem. I am coughing up stuff and I just can’t get rid of it and it is just horrendous. There is mild fever coming over me all the time” and I said, “Have you got a bottle of lecithin?” He says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have one here.” I says, “Well, have you forgotten about it?” He says, “No. What?” So, I instructed him, you know, take a tablespoon of lecithin for the next three days. He said it only took one, one dose of lecithin in a glass of water, and he said he had a large dose of it, went to lay down, he got up and that was that. The bronchial problem was gone and he was struggling with it for weeks.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: I thought wow. I know I was right, but I didn’t know I was that right.

Scott Paton: Right. [laughs] So, tell us a little bit more about this lecithin. What… where would it be on the website if we want to go?

Martin Pytela: Oh, it is an Exsula product, XtraPure Lecithin. So, if you go by brands, Exsula Superfoods, you will find XtraPure Lecithin or we hide it in the superfoods, even though it is a single ingredient bottle, it really is a superfood. Lecithin is involved in so many things in the human body, it is astounding. It’s the universal solvent. It’s the emulsifier that’s engaged in the body to emulsify water and fat. You know all the fluids in the human body are water based, whether it is the blood or the lymphatic fluid, that’s water based, but you also need to get fatty or fat based things into yourselves and the only way to get it there is if it becomes emulsified with water and lecithin is the universal emulsifier that’s used in human body. Other than that, lecithin is involved in the human brain. So, its presence is good for your thinking and all the other function that you might use your brain for and strange enough, it is also in man’s ejaculate, there is a huge portion of that is lecithin. So, if you are still sexually active, you better take some lecithin to replenish or else your thinking goes downhill.

Scott Paton: [laughs] Well, I think of a couple of comments that I will keep to myself after hearing that. [laughs]

Martin Pytela: That’s right. [laughs] You know that old joke about the man’s brain is located below his navel? That actually …

Scott Paton: There is more fact than fiction to that I see.

Martin Pytela: Yes indeed. There is some truth to that. So, yeah, lecithin, please stock up, have it ready because if you call us and order it, it is going to take four or five days to get there; it’s too late. You need to have it.

Scott Paton: Yeah. So, basically what we are talking about here is if you are concerned about the flu season, what you have to do is stop eating poorly and if you are going to be going for these big meals, when you are not going for the big meals, make an extra effort to eat well, which means you know…

Martin Pytela: Food combining.

Scott Paton: Food combining, good food, not necessarily so much cooked, you know want to make sure that you detox by having a hot bath, use magnesium or some of the other products we talked about and you also want to rebuild where you want to use the greens and things like the lecithin, XtraPure Lecithin and the Flu Brew are really good, preventative measures right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Well, the Flu Brew is nothing preventive about it. When you are already having a flu, well, then use the Flu Brew because it is going to help you speed it up. Once you have the flu, it is already too late. The only path… you know, you cannot suppress the flu symptoms. The only path through it is to accelerate it, to make it go quicker, because your body is already too acidic and it is just doing all it can to return itself to a more alkaline balance and if you stop the symptoms, you don’t do yourself a favor. You just simply create a bigger problem for later.

Scott Paton: Right. Right.

Martin Pytela: So, the right strategy is what your mom did for you is put you in bed, heat you up, make you sweat, and have you drink lot of liquids.

Scott Paton: Cool.

Martin Pytela: That’s the strategy. That’s worked all along. All of this stuff that they are advertising for you to suppress the flu symptoms, it is a tragedy really because it is setting you up for much bigger problems later. The biggest problem of unhealthy, acidic lymphatic system is lymphoma, cancer of the lymphatic system. So, suppressing the flu essentially is contributing to that.

Scott Paton: And we don’t want that do we?

Martin Pytela: I sure wouldn’t want it for myself or for my family. So, you know, alkalize. That means food combining, get yourself some lemons, fresh lemons and drink the lemon juice. I mean if you want to go fancy, get the ionic foot spa that we have; $600 is not a huge price for this device. They are on the market anywhere from $1500 to even $3000 for something similar. We just found a manufacturer that’s not as greedy and is willing to make something that’s straightforward and not take as much markup on it.

Scott Paton: Excellent.

Martin Pytela: Anyway, the foot spa, you know you set it up, you put your feet in it for half an hour and there you are, all detoxed, good to go for another week.

Scott Paton: So, you would recommend doing it on a weekly basis?

Martin Pytela: Oh yeah, well, depending how sick you are. I mean if you already have something like cancer, you definitely want to do it every day or every other day until the pH of your lymphatic system becomes slightly alkaline.

Scott Paton: How would you know that?

Martin Pytela: Well, the easiest thing to do is to measure it with the pH paper .

Scott Paton: Just like in science in school, you have that pH paper, is that what you are talking about?

Martin Pytela: That’s the one, yeah. We sell pH paper on the Life Enthusiast website, you know in the category pH paper.

Scott Paton: [laughs]

Martin Pytela: And it costs a mere $10 to get.

Scott Paton: Neat.

Martin Pytela: And it is a good thing to have because when you… when you wake up in the morning, you know, you just sort of spit up the first saliva that’s in your mouth and then take a sample of the saliva and get a piece of the pH paper and compare it, after you wet it with your saliva, compare it against the chart and it should be somewhere around 7.0, 7.1, 7.2; the ideal is 7.35. That’s the pH of your blood and that’s the pH your lymphatic system should be.

Scott Paton: And that’s more alkaline, right?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, it is just slightly alkaline; 7.0 is the balance between alkaline and acidic.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: Below 7, it is acidic and so, you know when it is 6.8, 6.9, you are doing okay. At 6.5, you are getting flus, at 6.0 you are getting serious illness, you know precancerous, at 5.5 you already are cancerous, at 5.0 you are dissolving your bones, you are metastatic, at 4.5 I don’t know if you can even be alive.

Scott Paton: Wow. That doesn’t sound very good.

Martin Pytela: No. No. No. It’s not good at all and I have checked all kinds of people with this and it is scary at times.

Scott Paton: So, there is a very easy, simple, inexpensive way to get a handle on where you are, a picture of where you are in your health, right?

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: Because if you are quite acidic and it is interesting too probably to… if you do it and kind of keep track of it like journal it and then find out the day after Thanksgiving dinner what it is [laughs] right?

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: Like oh, boy, I couldn’t see and then you can see because often times we can’t… we don’t really connect the big huge turkey dinner being stuffed laying like a big bloated whale watching the football game with you know flu a couple of days later, right?

Martin Pytela: Right. Well, the other thing is you know your lymphatic fluid carries oxygen, it carries nutrients and oxygen to your body, I mean to the tissue throughout your body and as it becomes more acidic, it loses its ability to carry this oxygen. At pH 6.0, it only has 6% of the original oxygen carrying capacity.

Scott Paton: Oh, wow.

Martin Pytela: Imagine… that’s why people who are acidic are so tired. They are tired because no matter how hard they breathe, the oxygen …

Scott Paton: They are not getting it.

Martin Pytela: The oxygen is not getting to the tissue, to the cells.

Scott Paton: Right. They are not getting it.

Martin Pytela: So, that’s why our having to rely on the sofa and just wait for this whole thing to get over. Yeah.

Scott Paton: Cool. So, the bottom line to all of this is we are not victims of whatever is our flu or whatever we have basically been a willing participant in it and we can do things to change that so that we don’t have to have low energy, we don’t have to have these flus, we don’t have to have all these things that are a problem for us.

Martin Pytela: Absolutely true. Yes. Yes, you control your destiny and you… here is the old saying, you are digging your grave with your teeth.

Scott Paton: [laughs] You have such great visual pictures that you speak Martin.

Martin Pytela: Oh, I tell you, brother… [laughs] anyway, so…

Scott Paton: Yuck. All that grass stuck between my teeth as I dig my grave.

Martin Pytela: No, not like that.

Scott Paton: [laughs]

Martin Pytela: But anyway, yeah, it’s okay to have the odd badly combined meal, but if you do that everyday, you are going to reach the limit of your body’s ability to keep up with it and then the illness sets in, simple as that. So, folks, in preparation for the Thanksgiving or rather now that you are listening to it, the Thanksgiving probably has passed, in preparation for Christmas, for the holiday season, remember that you have to detox before you sin. So, remember you have to sweat, go exercise, hard exercise or maybe some Bikram Yoga if you are into that or go into a sauna, you know infrared sauna is a great way to sweat things out and also go have some detoxifying baths, the bubble bath is a great way to do it, especially when you put some alkalizing salts in it. Himalayan crystal bath salt is a great way to go or the Miracle II bath and if you can afford one, get one of those ionic foot spas because they really keep you on the alkaline side very successfully.

Scott Paton: Wow. That’s great Martin. So, we have come to the end of another exciting podcast full of just incredible information. I know I have learnt a lot. I am sure our listeners have too Martin. I want to thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day and if somebody wanted to contact you and discuss some of these in a little more detail, maybe more detail, for their specific situations, is there a way that they could contact you?

Martin Pytela: Absolutely. You know we appreciate people first reading on our website. You can find information about alkalizing under the health education on www.life-enthusiast.com and if that doesn’t answer it, then call us at 1-866-543-3388 or direct line to me that’s 775-299-4661.

Scott Paton: Great and….

Martin Pytela: And…

Scott Paton: I was going to say if you have enjoyed this podcast episode, you want to listen to more of them, you could head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com and we have had over 40 podcast episodes to date and we are keeping on…

Martin Pytela: Okay, folks, so this is Scott and Martin signing off with Life Enthusiast Co-op, restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott Paton: Bye, bye.

Martin Pytela: Goodbye.


Author: Martin Pytela