Podcast 080: Spiritual and Energy Health

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we know just by looking around that what happens outside of us starts on the inside. It is really important that we take time to get back in touch with who we really are.

Although Smart Minerals is no longer operational, we have many other supplements to complement your Spiritual and Energy work.

Martin and Scott talk about one of Life Enthusiast products from Smart Minerals called “The Gift”. Sadly, The Gift is no longer available. Farrell Brenner has retired, and he will be missed.

Just before recording this Podcast, Martin took a shot of The Gift, a Vibrational Supplement formulated to clear the heart center or heart chakra, meaning all the emotional fears that a person may have, carry a certain vibration, and you can counteract them with a different vibration.

The two primary fears that a human may have are

  1. Am I safe?
  2. Do I have enough?

These are cleared by taking The Gift.

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Podcast 080: Spiritual and Energy Health

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast online radio at its best restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin and at what level are you vibrating today?

Martin: Aummmmmm. Pretty good actually and just before we started I went to the shelf and gave myself a shot of The Gift which is one of our vibrational products and you now the gift is formulated to clear the heart center meaning that all the emotional fears that a person may have, have a certain vibration and you can counteract them with a different vibration and this product is formulated to clear at the vibrational level the heart chakra so the two primary fears that a person may have one is am I safe and the other one is do I have enough are cleared. The am I safe of course people tend to be afraid to cross the street or go to a theater or whatever. The one that do I have enough that’s a cool one, think of Bill Gates, he doesn’t have enough or the other types of guys in the major corporations they just made a couple billion and it’s not enough and they just need more.

Scott: We have been doing a series on the education page on the Life Enthusiast website at www.Life-Enthusiast.com if you click on health education and we are now at part four of the list, part one was cleansing, part two was nutrition, part three was pH balance and now part four is vibrational healing. It was kind of interesting before we started recording Martin and I were chatting and now you realize of course that if we are going to have to talk about spiritual beings having physical experiences as opposed to being physical beings who have spiritual experiences.

Martin: This is the old debate the chicken and the egg is the soul or spirit or whichever part of you is non-physical, the primary or the secondary to the physical and my personal opinion is that this wet wear the suit of meat and protein that I am wearing is not the primary it’s not that there is some kind of chemistry that has thoughts, I think that it’s the thoughts that happen to create the body.

Scott: I tend to agree with you on that one for sure and I think it’s important to realize that the energies that we put into our surroundings impact our health and impacts the way we feel and also kind of what comes back.

Martin: Absolutely that’s why prayer over a meal is an absolutely a wonderful thing.

Scott: In fact Dr. Emoto who we have a lot of pages on the website about kind of proved that when he did his experiments with water. People would think things like love and he would freeze the water and as it crystallized it would freeze the water and take a microscopic picture and if he thought things like hate, Hitler he would do the same thing and there was a huge difference in the way the water crystallized. It’s the same water right?

Martin: Yes absolutely the water will be impacted by the vibrational experience that it is going to go through and then crystallize in different shapes, If you play it the Beethoven’s Pastorale then it will be creating a wonderful symmetrical crystal and if you play it some kind of “I Hate The World” acid rock piece of music it’s going to come out just wrecked and distorted.

Scott: Yeah not so good, we have all heard about if you are stressed your health will not be as good and road rage and all those different things too and I don’t think that we spend enough time making our environment serene, or in harmony and of course we look at the world and with all the wars going on and the conflict that is going on and global warming and just looking down the street at all the garbage that is strewn there or homeless people and it is easy to see that as a species we are not particularly in harmony.

Martin: Yeah collectively we have some challenges but individually think of it this way the movie The Secret it’s brought into focus the fact that you are actually attracting into your life the kind of experiences that you are thinking or have been consistently thinking because thoughts will create emotions and emotions will create states and states will create behaviors and behaviors will create physical results so it’s a primary mover that is in your thoughts. When you choose to think thoughts that is how you create your reality if you’re focusing on what you don’t want beware because that is what you are going to get more of.

Scott: So what you are telling me since I just broke up with my latest girlfriend she only lasted ten days that I shouldn’t be thinking about how I screwed up I should be thinking about what a wonderful woman I am now prepared to allow into my life.

Martin: Now let me tell you a little story.

Scott: I feel like this is a bedtime story Martin and that I am lying in bed with a light there.

Martin: No this is vibrational healing education. A friend of mine you know a person I have known very well for many years was looking for a place and his wife was demanding and he said here is what we can afford and here is the budget and look at the market. There is no way that we can get what you are asking in the budget that we have, and then he thought to heck with it, who am I to tell her what she should or should not want so what he did do is he wrote out on a piece of paper exactly what he wanted, sunny exposure quiet room in the back, carport or garage for two cars, a study for myself where I can quietly work, a dishwasher, clean carpets, pleasant vistas and good views were on the list a small garden for growing herbs and vegetables was on the list. He put it all down there and shoved it in a drawer and forgot about it and let it go. Then he started looking and again the experience was horrendous and they saw these dives and dumps and then just as they were ready to give up and accept this ugly thing they see an add and drive there and they see this wonderful Italian man who had just built his wife the next wonderful house and was moving out of half of a duplex that he had built twenty years earlier and this was his home so it was built with the full pride of this Italian fellow, it had marble tile floors and it had full panoramic view of the North shore mountains in Vancouver, and that is a spectacular view, it had carport for four cars, it had all the rooms and everything he wanted and the clincher, the rent was a thousand dollars a month which was the bargain of bargains. The guy said for the right people and I like you I am going to give it away cheap I don’t want somebody who I can get the top dollar out of, I want to help a young family. So boom there it is so what happened here? I believe that was a typical vibrational experience, the fellow created a thought form and he made it physical by writing it down and he allowed it to essentially act itself through his life.

Scott: That is a beautiful story.

Martin: That’s The Secret.

Scott: And we hear it over and over again. That’s actually how I found my place, it was very similar. I was living with my son and my second son came to live with me and where we were was too small and I thought he was going to come six months earlier and when I looked six months earlier there was not one home for rent because I rent in the neighborhood and I thought this isn’t good and when he moved in with me we had no notice so we had to start looking and within two weeks we had found two homes that were perfect in the neighborhood. I wanted to stay in this neighborhood because the school was good and I wanted to make a commitment to both sons that they could both go to the same school. It just blew my mind because everything that we had on our list on what we wanted was in both places, one was just a little bit closer to the river and that’s the one we took and I just love it because I just walk around the block and I’m right by a river, walk up and down this river for miles. It is wonderful. We just put it out and it was everything we wanted and it was all here.

Martin: That is essentially what these vibrational healing products are about that we have The Gift which is the gift of self confidence in a bottle. So when you take a drop of that you put it on your forehead or your heart or under your tongue, it vibrationally changes your thinking and your emotional pattern in your body. We have the clear lights from awesome water that you take one drop of that in a glass of water and that will completely reset your vibration on a spiritual level and it will take you right up to communicating with your creator this is a non religious spiritual product. Whether you are I don’t know what if you are Christian then you will be closer to Jesus if that is who you want to be close to if you are something else.

Scott: Buddhist?

Martin: Well a Buddhist doesn’t have a guru or person as such you know Buddhist simply believe in doing the right things well you will see clearly what the right things are. So when I took a couple of drops of that then that is usually the end of my work day for me. I won’t make any phone calls because all I want to do is communicate on the inner plain with my creator be that meditative and just enjoy. I want to sit on the porch watching the birds or do something like that.

Scott: You’re at peace in other words?

Martin: Completely at peace, all of the worries of the world completely drop off.

Scott: That is a nice place to be.

Martin: Yes or another product, a cool thing we have is called the Life Pen made by the Swiss company Lebens Quelle. The life pen is just a simple wooden stick, hallowed out and filled with crystals and programmed and you just point it at something like water or liquid or you can point it at a points on your body and it will harmonize the structuring of that situation so if you happen to have a point in your body that is painful it is usually caused by blocked Chi, the pooling of energy, the stuck body fluids that are pooling there because the energy is blocked. You just point it at it and it loosens it up and once the flow is restored everything goes back to functional.

Scott: A lot of what we are talking about is delving into the realm of quantum physics because a lot of the quantum physics scientists have proved a lot once you get past the molecules, past the atoms, past the quarks and everything else and what you end up with is just different vibrational frequencies.

Martin: Yes there was a wonderful movie that came out a couple of years ago called “What the Beep Do We Know?” in which in several interviews had been made with scientists who had been studying this end of the spectrum of our reality where they are showing you that your thoughts can affect the physical situation and that vice versa and that the environment feeds back into you. If you think beautiful things you will have a much more pleasant experience then if your surround yourself with clutter and garbage and disgusting looking things. So vibrationally we can restore all kinds of problems that’s why I believe that at least 80% of all illness has its roots in emotional injury and shocks, something like emotional trauma will create a cancerous situation ten or fifteen years later if you don’t deal with it. Even when you think you have dealt with that it still may create problems in fact I have purchased and recommended to others a program called The Healing Codes and I have written about it in several newsletters it’s on our website under archives. Where the healing codes are a program that allows you to dissolve the patterns left behind by particular emotions such as unforgiveness which is an emotion like people carrying grudges, won’t let go of wrongs in the past which is one of the worst emotions to carry around because it is the emotion that is associated with cancer specifically.

Scott: So Martin what are some of the things people can do to feel more at peace maybe heal some of these things that are going on. You mentioned the gift which was an interesting one.

Martin: On the inexpensive side take a walk in nature and look at beautiful surroundings like in a park by a river. Don’t do it downtown looking at angular buildings made with aluminum and stuff that is not beautiful. What is beautiful are rolling hills and trees and birds things that are fractal in nature not straight lines. And also prayer and meditation.

Scott: Taking some time for yourself also and often times I don’t think we do enough of that.

Martin: And of course you think you are not making progress enough and you need help from people who have gone down this path and have created physical manifestations of these vibrational products, we have a number of them and something like the ADR-4 from the ADR systems where you can clear the field in any liquid. You can set an apple on top of it and it will taste better, you can take a glass of water or wine and set it on top and two or three minutes later it is harmonized and it tastes so much better it is shocking. I have taken this product to parties just for fun and I would pour out two glasses out of the same wine bottle and treat one and ask people to compare the taste from one to the other.

Scott: And it’s the same bottle just one has been treated?

Martin: Absolutely the treated one, you know you can take a ten dollar bottle and turn it into a fifty dollar tasting liquid. It’s just comical or I have an example of it, the Himalayan crystal salt that we carry and there are several mines in the northern Pakistan where the salt is still extracted using manual methods and these people go underground and take it out in 30 or 50 pound chunks that are intact. Taken out on hand carts and we buy it from them and we split it up into smaller pieces but it is all done by hand and it is washed in salt brine and dried in the tropical sun and all that as opposed to the big Khewra mine where they use explosives to break up the rocks to break up the rocks and they use front end loaders and heavy equipment or crushers to make the salt for you that way and vibrationally there is no comparison and there is even a physical manifestation of it. You know we have taken the cheap salt and dissolved it and it has come out acidic to the body whereas the brine we make with this high vibration salt is alkalizing and beneficial.

Scott: That is very interesting, can you talk just a little bit about the Star Chambers? I know we don’t have a lot of time left in this particular show but I think it is something we should be bringing up too. We live in really a soup of magnetic and electromagnetic energy and cell phone waves and TV waves and radio waves and all that stuff but there are ways that you can protect yourself from them.

Martin: Actually just before I talk about that I want to bring up the ADR 3 and ADR Protect, the ADR 3 will clear your office from geopathic influences and the ADR Protect, that’s worn on the person on the back of your watch or the back of your wallet or your cell phone and it will clear your personal space as long as it is touching you it will keep you harmonized, it’s wonderful. I mean in my office I have four computers and two printers running all the time and I have a stack of the ADR 3s all around here and I can take any amount of time in here it feels like a cathedral compared to some other offices I have been too or come to. It is very difficult energy that you feel drained fifteen or twenty minutes after you get there.

Scott: I know what that feeling is like and I think we all do.

Martin: In fact this feeling if the cathedral is exactly the feeling you should be getting in a properly harmonized space. I remember walking into a salt cave, underground in Poland in the Wieliczka caves and I mean these are enormous spaces carved out of salt and they had been mining there for a long time so this is cathedral size spaces of salt and it just feels magnificent to be in there. That reminded me when I walked into my supplier’s warehouse where he had about twenty tons or two containers full of the Himalayan salt and just walking into that space was amazing and that is a similar feeling you get when you walk into the Star Chamber. We use the laminar crystal specially treated Mica to create this circular space sort of like a reactor like space and in the middle of it there is all this energy, pyramidal or cathedral or whatever you would call that, this wonderful energy focused in the middle. That is where we charge the Trans dermal minerals and the twilight America product like the magnesium oil or the bath crystals or the water. Jim Carter started calling it the Star Chamber which has no bearing to anything other than the fact that he had a ceiling painted with the exact replica of the star field. It was like a planetarium experience so when he lay in the middle of the pool it was just like watching the stars so people called it Star Chamber. I don’t know maybe we should be calling it the rejuvenation station.

Scott: That’s a good name the rejuvenation station.

Martin: When you lie in the middle of it in the water it just completely recharges your batteries. Each of your cells is just a little battery, it has a charge or a voltage and as long as your cells are able to create the voltage you are alive.

Scott: Yes and if your cells can’t charge they are dead cells then sooner or later you will be too.

Martin: I now don’t remember the numbers off the top of my head but the experiments were done with what the voltage is on healthy cells, sick cells and cells that are experiencing cancer like a tumor and the voltage goes down on the cancer cells tremendously and once you unplug it, it is dead and it doesn’t come back. Anyway we in the Star Chamber are able to charge it up to bring the voltage in all of your cells up to their full potential. I remember returning back from the session and I felt twenty years younger and people looked at me and said what did you do, you seem to be looking really relaxed and rested and I was. Anybody who is out there listening who would want to have a Star Chamber spa setting we have that available we have a home setting and a commercial set up available as well.

Scott: So people can actually go and experience this?

Martin: Well sadly the last Star Chamber we had available the lady just decided to retire, she closed it up and doesn’t want to deal with the public, it’s just going to be her private thing. This has happened to us so many time now that people who have these Star Chamber, they build it, they run it and after some time they just say I don’t want the public I just want it for myself. So we need more entrepreneurs out there who have a massage studio or some kind of a spa setting where they can install this because all you would need is a room with two beds and a bathtub and you can treat people to rejuvenate them phenomenally. That is about Star Chambers, we have a tiny replica of it available for seventy dollars, it’s called a Star Chamber receiver and it just puts out the vibration of the Star Chamber in a smaller size. Then we have of course a whole bunch of the laminar crystal products such as the magic star products we have the crystal pillows and crystal sleepers and all these types products to bring some of the vibration to your home.

Scott: I know I have a whole pile of them around my home around my computers and in my bedroom and in the kitchen.

Martin: Yeah I remember you have a crystal lamp going and other things like that.

Scott: Yeah the crystal lamps are on all the time and it is amazing when people come into my home they never want to leave because it just feels so good and serene.

Martin: That’s right, exactly so. Folks we can help you clear the space in your home and your personal space and we can help clear your body from the stuck energy and that’s what you need to do. You can even clear your thought patterns and improve the outlook on life because fear creates a very destructive type vibration in your body. It will manifest itself you know fear which is a worry will manifest itself in destructive patterns, destructive aging and downright illness.

Scott: That sounds wonderful.

Martin: Sorry I should have ended on a more positive note but again there is a way out of a miserable place if you find yourself in it.

Scott: And the key is to do some vibrational healing which is looking after your spirit and as we said in the beginning we really believe, I think I can speak for both Martin and myself that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we know just by looking around that what happens outside of us starts on the inside of us and that goes for our health and our energy level and I think it is really important that we take time to get back in touch with who we really are. Then we feel that piece and things start to really change.

Martin: Yes this particular thought is the most difficult thing to explain because especially the folks that put out the Secret they tried to explain it saying no you don’t first get the money and then you get clear in your vibrational field. First you get clear in your vibrational field and then the money comes. It’s the same thing with the health first you get clear in the vibrational field and then the health will manifest and it is difficult for people who are in a troubled place to see or understand because when you are standing at the bottom of a well you are not seeing open country, all you are seeing is this little hole way up high, most everything feels really dark. Believe me when you climb out of the hole and you look around you say Oh, that is what this world is all about.

Scott: That’s right and it’s a beautiful one. Alright so Martin if somebody wanted to talk to you more about vibrational healing and particularly the ADR products or the laminar crystal or even Himalayan crystal salt how can they get a hold of you?

Martin: Well it is very easy, call 1-866-543-3388 or ring the phone that is on my desk at 775-299-4661 and come visit the website www.life-enthusiast.com.

Scott: That’s because we are enthusiastic about life right?

Martin: Yes that’s the motto.

Scott: We are all about restoring vitality to you and to the planet and we look forward to seeing you on our next show.

Martin: Thanks for listening, bye-bye.

Author: Martin Pytela