Podcast 098: Magnesium in Your Bath

Martin and Scott discuss one situation in the human body – it’s the imbalance of calcium and magnesium that causes you to either feel joyful or miserable, either peaceful or easily upset.

Our autonomic nervous system (fight or flight) is regulated by calcium and magnesium. Calcium kicks it up (accelerator) and Magnesium slows it down (decelerator). Transdermal magnesium works the best.

The best way to absorb Magnesium in through the skin – your body’s largest organ.

Podcast 098: Magnesium in Your Bath

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op Podcast online radio network Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Seasons greeting and we are hoping you are having a great holiday time. Hi Martin Happy New Year.

Martin: Happy New Year 2009 we are recording our first session in 2009 and I feel optimistic towards the future.

Scott: Good because all the news on the stock market and foreclosures up and the real estate prices down it is nice to hear someone is optimistic.

Martin: I tell you why there is this one particular situation in a human body and it is the imbalance between calcium and magnesium that causes you to feel either joyful or miserable, either feels peaceful or easily upset.

Scott: Oh so you have it balanced so no matter what is going on around you are feeling peaceful and joy and bliss that we all want.

Martin: Well put it this way I have the understanding that your autonomic nervous system, the fight or flight system is regulated by the balance of calcium and magnesium. Calcium kicks it up and magnesium slows it down so one is the accelerator and the other is the decelerator. So when you have a lot of calcium in your body it is very easy to flare up into this maximum response let’s just say the saber tooth tiger growls behind you somewhere.

Scott: Sort of like road rage?

Martin: Well yes you see someone in front of you and they cut you off and you see that as an attack so you go into this fight mode and in the fight mode you get this I don’t know what you get this bazooka and blow this thing off.

Scott: Or your club?

Martin: Or handgun whatever you’ve got, I mean those are the tools you evolved with if you were still in the Stone Age you would have a big rock on a stick.

Scott: So magnesium and calcium they need to be in a certain balance or ratio in our bodies, what is that ratio?

Martin: Well it is about 2 to 1 you should have twice as much calcium as magnesium by weight for instance if you drank cow’s milk that has eight times the calcium to one of magnesium.

Scott: So you are actually getting out of balance when you are drinking milk?

Martin: Yes right and also very important the soils in which the produce that we eat is deficient in magnesium is not deficient in calcium.

Scott: So we are getting lots of calcium even though everyone is telling us osteoporosis is growing and we need more calcium supplements we are getting lots of calcium.

Martin: Well this is really important to get when you start getting the osteoporosis where the calcium is disappearing from your bones are you becoming lighter are you losing weight I will give you the answer no you are not. You are not losing any weight if you started with a 150 pounds and healthy bones you are still going to be 150 pounds with bad bones the calcium has not left your body it has left your bones. It has gone into a solution it is now in liquid form in your lymphatic system so you should be asking why it has happened.

Scott: Well Martin why has that happened?

Martin: As you are storing more acidity in your body it needs to be buffered somehow and the buffering system is the calcium that you store in your bones. You pull it out of your bones to buffer the acidity so the most common acid events are lack of sleep, stress but also drinking of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, sugar, meats, wheat all the white refined stuff. So those things cause acidification of your body so now we need to alkalize it because the acidification of your body fluids causes calcium to come out of the bones into the solution so as to hold it into the proper pH because if it weren’t buffering your blood would become too acidic and you would just die. The range is very narrow the blood is held very precisely at 7.35, pH which is about the pH of sea water as well.

Scoot: So if we have enough calcium in our body and not enough magnesium, if we take in more magnesium will that alkalize our body?

Martin: It will help for the calcium to stay in our bones it needs magnesium. Magnesium activates the sticking of the calcium in the bones.

Scott: Okay so we don’t have enough magnesium and we are somewhat acidic so it is easier for the calcium to be leached out of the bones.

Martin: Right that’s correct and it stays in solution.

Scott: So we need to alkalize ourselves but we also need to get more magnesium which is not necessarily the same thing.

Martin: Right those are two things both of which we need to take seriously.

Scott: So Martin what are some of the warning signals and oh by the way we have some solutions if you don’t have enough calcium and we have a special code we are going to give you a little later on in our show today that if you decided you wanted to get some magnesium and it will save you a bit of money so stay tuned for that, but Martin just getting back to the problem that we have what are some of the warning signals? I have this idea that if I am raging and getting really mad while I’m driving, road rage and that sort of stuff that could be one but what about other ones that tell us we may have some magnesium deficiencies.

Martin: Okay tooth decay, osteoporosis, nerve issues like nervousness, jitteriness, restless leg syndrome you know people just sitting there fretting and jingly, insomnia as in difficulty falling asleep, hypertension or high blood pressure, fatigue you know feeling tired all the time, diabetes, depression, blood clotting and the good one is panic attacks.

Scott: Oh really so for someone who is very anxious chances are a magnesium supplementation would help.

Martin: That’s right it is not a mental illness it is a deficiency, people think they are manic because god gave them a bad brain no they gave themselves a bad diet and one last one that is worth noting is asthma. Asthma is also associated with an imbalance of calcium and magnesium as well.

Scott: So you have things like asthma, panic attacks, blood clots, depression, diabetes, fatigue if we are tired all the time, insomnia what about migraine headaches?

Martin: Oh yeah absolutely do you remember that commercial on TV that says apply directly to the forehead?

Scott: Yeah.

Martin: Well that is what they use magnesium applied directly to the forehead to neutralize it.

Scott: You had mentioned tooth decay which was kind of interesting to me so if I took a liquid magnesium solution and brushed it on my teeth or rinsed my mouth out with it that would help my teeth?

Martin: Right it would but remember this is not just a local problem. When you are having calcium magnesium imbalance in the body or your body is just turning acidic and it is just starting to dump calcium it needs to be corrected right at the core or the source rather than just fiddling with the little bits. So the magnesium reapplied to the teeth will help re-enamelize them so that is why you would want to use the magnesium, like we have the magnesium oil which is the liquid form of magnesium chloride that is an important tool to help you pack the back into your teeth.

Scott: So the magnesium in that would help restore the calcium to your teeth?

Martin: Yes but before I get there let me tell you how you cause the most acidity in your body, how you cause the biggest loss of magnesium: mental stress, physical stress, coffee, sugar, lots of salt as in too much salt, alcohol, soda drinks the phosphoric based pops, smoking, medical drugs you know especially the diuretics they give you for blood pressure it is just about anything. Over the counter, prescriptions well a great many of them leads to acidity in the body and then high carbohydrate diet. Here is an interesting thing a lot of people who think vegetarian is being healthy find themselves in serious health problems like they will have high cholesterol. How come I have high cholesterol when I am a vegetarian? They told me that eating high fat diet causes cholesterol problems. It’s because the doctors don’t understand, I don’t know what they are doing and why they don’t get it but high cholesterol is not caused by too much fats its caused by too much carbohydrates and carbohydrates lead to the magnesium deficiency because you need to be able to consume more magnesium to be able to burn this you know the metabolic process requires you to have this and if you don’t have it you will get further breakdowns in your bodily functions.

Scott: So magnesium is important for our metabolisms and if we have a slowing metabolism which everyone says you do as we grow older that could be in part because we are running out of magnesium or we don’t have enough magnesium for the amount of calcium we have in our body.

Martin: Precisely so we already know that it is naturally depleted and it is naturally deficient in the diet so we don’t really need to have a discussion about it is absolutely necessary that you supplement it and if you don’t you are going to end up with these wonderful illnesses you know the degenerative illnesses that society is so common for, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome with this huge fat tire around your middle, hormone problems anyway I could keep going again in the same circle.

Scott: So if you wanted to increase the magnesium you have in your body an oral supplement is probably not the best way to do it.

Martin: Well the reason why an oral supplement is probably not the best way to do it is that magnesium will cause a bowel flush, a bowel flush is when your stool becomes runny, liquid and if you take enough of it you will have what is known as projectile diarrhea and everything just comes out very quick and very fast with lots of urgency.

Scott: So you better not be driving on the road when that happens.

Martin: If you decide you are going to do large doses of magnesium orally you can’t leave the home until you have emptied out because when it comes there is no stopping it. So for anybody who is having constipation or problems with that taking the magnesium orally is a great idea.

Scott: So what would be a way that you would recommend that people get their magnesium levels up to an appropriate level?

Martin: Well the common things that people do is that they go for a magnesium citrate or a magnesium malate that would be magnesium reacted with citrus, citric acid, citrate or maltase which is the acid found in apples but what really is more intelligent is to take the TransDerma Magnesium and we have had the wonderful advantage of having done business with Jim Carter and Dr Shealy and we have perfected the transdermal magnesium techniques.

Scott: Well what is Transdermal magnesium?

Martin: Well magnesium is magnesium and trans dermal is a Latin word for taking things instead of swallowing it or eating it what you do is put it on your skin. You can either take it in a bath or you can massage it on.

Scott: So trans being across and dermal being the skin barrier? So a nice soothing warm bath would be a stress release normally and with the magnesium even more so and you were saying high stress is one of the reasons why we don’t have enough magnesium.

Martin: Yeah so a double cure you relax and you will restore and you will sleep like a baby when you add magnesium especially in the evening it is just a wonderful experience. So what we have is the technology that Jim Carter called the Star Chamber it’s a scalar technology other scientists that have figured it out. Scalar as in static standing waves there are two issues related with electricity one is called current and the other one is called potential and the electric current you understand magnetism that is a magnetic current or electric current as in electric socket stuff that powers your appliances. Well potential is most commonly seen as when you see a van der Graaf generator with somebody touching it and having their hair stand up sort of all the way around the edge like a halo kind of thing static electricity is one of the aspects of that but anyway so the electric potential can be raised by certain minerals and this mineral that Carter calls the Laminar crystal can accumulate large quantities of this energy and this energy can be transferred into water, into liquids and even the magnesium chloride crystals that we sell as bath crystals that actually is a hexa hydrate natural. Meaning for every molecule of magnesium chloride MgCl2 there are six molecules of water so even though it looks solid it is actually quite wet so even that crystal is structured and with that water being all structured we now have that ability to turn it into this penetrating material. Whatever the water has dissolved in it will help deliver it inside your body rather than just leaving it on the outside. So we have a tool to deliver minerals into your body and bypass the digestive system and getting it directly to the tissues and your lymphatic system will pick it up and your circulatory system will move it around and we will directly mineralize and alkalize all of your body tissues very quickly.

Scott: So Martin if someone wanted to take a look at the transdermal magnesium where could they find it?

Martin: Well it is on the life enthusiast co-op website under health blogs under magnesium supplements there we are discussing all the aspect with it and all the health issues associated with it we carry two brands the Twilight America and the TransDerma Minerals both of them are high quality products at very attractive prices. We have been actually under selling our competition there is some competition by a wide margin. Yeah so there is the magnesium oil which is the liquid form of it that you can massage onto your body and there is the magnesium gel which is enhanced with the seaweed extracts that actually helps with iodine supplementation and then there is the bath crystal which you would just dissolve in your bath water. You can do foot soaks with it or just the whole body soaks.

Scott: Wonderful so this brings us to the end of this particular podcast episode and in our next episode we are going to be talking about magnesium and the fountain of youth because there is just some amazing information that we have got to share with you about how you can stay young.

Martin: That’s right magnesium is involved in reduction of several hormones and if you are deficient in magnesium your endocrine system will not work right and all of that, we will get into the technical details later.

Scott: So Martin if someone wanted to take action and try these magnesium products what can we do for them?

Martin: Well let me make it even less painful I will give out this code here MG107 if you use this code in our checkout part in the shopping cart you will get a discount on everything in the magnesium category so when you go to the home page at www.life-enthusiast.com and click on shop by category and find the magnesium that is where you find all of these magnesium products.

Scott: Wonderful so you have been listening to the life enthusiast co-op online radio network restoring vitality to you and to the planet, I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela see you all next time everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela