Podcast 111: Nano Minerals and ORMUS – Part 2

When gold and platinum-group metals are transformed into the monatomic state, a fine white powder is produced. This substance was used by pharaohs and kings of the ancient world. It was also part of the secret knowledge of medieval alchemy and the Knights Templar. Research on this has been forging ahead, and some amazing properties of high-spin monatomic elements have now been scientifically confirmed.

This has huge and potentially revolutionary implications. Humanity now has within its reach a potential cure for cancer without drugs or surgery, an environment-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, a means to transform human consciousness, the possibility of low or zero-gravity flight, space travel by manipulation of space-time, and access to other dimensions (which scientists have now proved to be real).

The purpose of supplementing with ORMUS products is to nourish your body, mind and soul, for healing and enlightenment, for general health support, rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement. By increasing the subtle, natural energy of life force (holy spirit, prana or chi) at the cellular level, you can increase your physical and spiritual health.

Believed to help cell to cell communication, ORMUS Supplements can strengthen your immune system, repair damaged DNA, slow or halt aging, increase psychic awareness, and energize your light body.

Podcast 111: Nano Minerals and ORMUS – Part 2

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and the nano minerals of the world. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, and if you were listening to us last time we were discussing the spiritual ramifications of nano minerals in other words mono atomic one atom and mono atomic gold, silver and all these other types of minerals. Even though it sounds highly scientific, space age, sci-fi and all of that sort of stuff occurs naturally in the environment and it is the basis for the ancient alchemists and the alchemists were looking for this because they thought it was like the philosophers stone, the gateway to a higher spiritual consciousness and everything that we have found and the research that I have done and Martin has done suggests that they are on the right track. So one of the questions that I have for us and I wanted to ask it right off the hop before I forgot is that we have this mono atomic silver colloidal that I see in the stores and I am kind of confused about the two. Are they the same or are they different? What’s the scoop?

Martin: They are very different; they are as different well think of carbon it exists as charcoal and it also exists as diamonds, and it is pure carbon. Or in case of the gold the yellow metal gold that you use in jewelry is just metal and the monatomic gold is like glass and its properties are very different. So in a similar manner colloidal silver is made from metallic silver and it is made by what should I call that process you use silver electrodes and you apply electric current to them and as the silver slowly dissolves into tiny particles that is what you create, the colloidal silver there and the properties of that is that small organisms like viri how do you pronounce the plural of virus and bacteria and even some single celled organisms like giardia or other protozoans they don’t do to well in the presence of silver it shuts down their breathing mechanism and so they stop being able to continue their existence. So that is why you would use colloidal silver it’s nature is antibiotic where the mono atomic silver would be a very different experience it has to do with consciousness and it doesn’t conduct electricity and doesn’t exist in the form that we are discussing.

Scott: So if someone has just to go on a tangent, if someone has a viral infection then colloidal silver would be a good thing to put on it as opposed to some of the medicated ointments that the pharmaceuticals put out.

Martin: Well you know if you have a surface infection polysporin would be a common topical that would kill off the infection on the surface and colloidal silver would do something very similar. Also if you have a throat infection let’s just say strep throat you can gargle with antibiotics or you can gargle with colloidal silver and if you have some venereal disease like some nasty thing I don’t want to give people suggestions you could kill it off with antibiotics or colloidal silver.

Scott: That is fascinating but when you want to get to a higher level of consciousness you don’t want colloidal silver you want mono atomic or ionic silver.

Martin: Well here we are getting into some other crazy language; people have the need to understand the difference between colloidal and ionic. A colloid is a suspension of particles in a liquid like your blood is a colloid, milk is a colloid what we have here is a suspension of particles in a liquid medium.

Scott: And a particle is a lot of molecules and atoms it is not just a single atom.

Martin: That’s right it is all clumped together and if you took a piece of paper you would be ripping little bits and pieces out of it and you would have bits right. That is colloidal now ionic is means dissolved which means the bond in the molecules that you start from have been disassociated. Let’s just use an example of common salt, sodium chloride, if you dissolve it in water it goes ionic and becomes a salty soup. If it is in its molecular state you will have the salt crystals still in your shaker so when sellers of different supplements talk about ionic supplements it means they have been dissolved into the ionic state so you may have started with calcium carbonate which is your most common chalk and then you have to react that calcium carbonate with some sort of acid where the calcium comes apart from the carbonate ion. Then you have Ca plus plus which is the calcium ion and then you have the other part SO4 plus which would be the sulphuric acid ion taken apart. It is a chemical explanation ionic is easier to absorb because anything that is in liquid in an ionic form can be absorbed in your cellular structure readily. It is not quite so with colloids, colloids need to be digested if they are organic substances in it or is indigestible like in colloidal silver you do not digest the bits of silver. They are actually just floating through your body until you god willing pee it out. You don’t want them to stay because if they stay in your body you are going to end up with this nasty thing called argyria which means you have turned your skin blue. You probably missed that show on Oprah huh?

Scott: I did.

Martin: There was this one guy he made quite the history because he made it to the Oprah show because he, that’s a funny guy because he is in his fifties and he truly is blue like a smurf you know and he was explaining how it came about and he said I had skin infections all my life just terrible skin so when I started using colloidal silver first I took it internally which improved things quite a bit and then I started using it externally and that took care of my skin infections and my skin started improving and I got it into my head that if a little bit was a good thing than a whole bunch more is going to be even better. So he was taking a thousand times the recommended dosage and he was practically bathing in the stuff.

Scott: And it turned his skin blue.

Martin: Absolutely and he is now known as papa smurf.

Scott: Now if he stopped taking it would his skin revert back to normal?

Martin: Nope he is permanently blue he is a smurf. He is exotic whenever he enters a room heads turn oh yeah he is different.

Scott: Cool so Martin we talked about nano minerals last time and now I understand the difference between mono atomic silver and the colloidal silver but you also mentioned this thing called ORMUS so what is this thing ORMUS?

Martin: Well it is an acronym and stands for orbitally rearranged mono atomic elements that were something that David Hudson put together and it existed under other names. There is a name in Egyptian that is translated as “what is it”? In biblical language the word manna has been used to describe that.

Scott: Like manna from heaven?

Martin: Yeah like manna from heaven in fact for instance there is a story in the Old Testament for Moses who collected gold from his people and burns it and then feeds it to them.

Scott: So how could that be if it were like gold bricks that we have?

Martin: Well first of all people might wonder that people were thinking it was an allegorical statement that it is something that we cannot understand but once we understand about mono atomic gold and alchemy, it is actually described literally it is just common story that yep Moses took some gold and brought it up to mount Horeb and did his stuff and did the alchemy process on it and he was a master of the craft and you know craftsmen, he was the master of the practice of spiritual alchemy and he was able to feed it to his people and make them very healthy and last on next to nothing on their meanderings in the dessert.

Scott: Yeah because there was very little food

Martin: So the point being this stuff is what makes us healthy. Animals seek it out, plants seek it out but when you find volcanic soils that are rich in this ORMUS material they grow the most healthful produce. You know you have red wine produced in France which is grown in the basalt volcanic soils of Massif Central. The French farmers and wine drinkers should be getting sick with all the alcohol they consume but no they are doing just fine. Then people start discovering this produce or fruits that make people healthy like Noni juice from Tahiti or Aloe Vera juice from Arizona or there is this enormous band of volcanic soils that run through eastern Washington. There is all kinds of stuff grown there that grows much better than in any other soil. We buy a lot of ingredients for the Exsula superfoods there we have been aware for a very long time of the presence of the mono atomic rhodium and iridium especially in produce. So when we use alfalfa that is from the fields rich with ORMUS, its healthful properties are enormous compared to something grown in soils that are poor in the monatomics.

So I would like to return to the conversation about what it could do to ones consciousness. We were talking about if a little bit does some than a whole lot should do you right. No so you know it is like plugging in an appliance that is wired for 120 V into a 220 V outlet you just spin it out of control and it’s broke. So similarly with this we don’t encourage people to take more than what they can handle.

Scott: Yeah nobody wants to have blue skin.

Martin: Well okay but that is the colloidal silver story but even with these monatomics. If one teaspoon a day is the recommended dose you could expect from it to have elevated consciousness. You know this thing is spiritual not religious and you need to understand that this has no religious content whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what your persuasion is or who you call your prophet or who you want to follow this simply gives you the ability to be in touch with your higher self with the spirituality at a better rate or at a greater intensity.

Scott: And the truth is that a lot of the ancient writings, they knew about this stuff and they wrote about it as you were talking with Moses, in a literal fashion which then because we couldn’t believe they were talking literally well that must be a parable or something.

Martin: So if you were to instead of taking a teaspoon a day and took a whole bunch more you will start seeing some strange changes. In 1996 when I first learned how to concentrate the ORMUS I thought well I will see just what the tolerance levels are before I start telling people about it. So instead of one teaspoon a day I was taking six or eight and it didn’t take me too long before I started getting these strange things like I started hearing peoples thoughts you know all of a sudden I don’t know what you would call it but I knew what the other people in the room were thinking and it is hugely distracting. Number one I want to tell you is that it is extremely boring most thoughts that people have are as boring as watching news on the television or worse and the second thing is that it is distracting, it is like five or six people in a room and it is like noise with everybody talking at the same time.

Scott: It is just like when you go to a party and there is twenty people in a room and you have all these conversations going on and it is just kind of this buzzing sound and it is very hard to concentrate.

Martin: The other thing that started happening with me was that I was having to be in the here now, in the instant now moment. I was very blissful I was wanting to be in touch with the creator, pursue spiritual … be in touch with the higher self. It would be perfect for me to take that and take off into the Himalayan hills somewhere in a cave where someone would just bring me a bowl of rice everyday and just contemplate my navel and that would just be a perfect setting for hat but it sure was very distracting as far as running a business because I had to write myself notes such as if the phone rings pick it up. You know I would be in a conversation with somebody else and I couldn’t remember anything other that what is in my mind right now and had to make notes about everything and couldn’t remember from one moment to the next.

Scott: So you are not necessarily able to function well in our society.

Martin: Not with an overdose of that you won’t. It is perfect for giving it all up and heading off to the hills and pursuing the spirituality. I mean if I were able to retire into a monastery it would be just the greatest thing but that really wasn’t the situation for me, At that point I had two kids and a wife to look after and I still have that so I had to cut back and it didn’t take too long for it to wear off because we naturally wear it off. I think it just comes out in the sweat and the urine and whatever it leaves the body and I think that is why we eat you know we eat stuff so we can get more of this ORMUS material back into our bodies. So we need to eat produce grown in soils that are rich in ORMUS that is what we are after. There are all kinds of healing stories from people who are taking a reasonable amount of the ORMUS. People get better from any form of condition of degenerative condition like arthritis or fibromyalgia or cancer or Multiple sclerosis I mean you could name just about any condition that is caused by a human body falling apart.

Scott: That the ORMUS puts it back together.

Martin: Well it helps the body repair the damage at the DNA level somehow the cells that are dividing or multiplying incorrectly as a tumor or you know like in the case of MS your nerves are losing their ability to carry the signal correctly. Well all of a sudden they start being able to repair themselves and again the signalling is okay and you are able to walk again and your ability to keep balance is returned and all that. I mean I don’t remember exactly the details but I remember the stories shared with us for people that would be able to give up their wheel chairs that they were confined to because of multiple sclerosis and it just all came back. Right thinking returns. I had an experience of eating a lot of algae you know blue green algae from the Klamath Lake you know we have that brand and are selling it on our website as the E3 live algae, Klamath lake is well known for the richness of the minerals that are in the lake you know it is the glacier run off from the mountains all around it which are a volcanic origin so there is a lot of minerals in the lake and undoubtedly a lot of them monatomic so I think it was about twenty years ago that I started taking the blue green algae and all of a sudden so many things that were wrong with me health wise started to correct themselves. Starting with my consciousness and starting with my thinking and my ability to reason and my ability to actually know what is right improved tremendously. I think it had a lot to do with the Ormus content of the food.

Scott: Sure your mind would be clearer you would be more connected too; I believe there is a universal mind right.

Martin: Yes and I think the creatures in the ocean do something similar you know I believe the coral and the pearl you know the shell fish are doing the same thing when they are building their bodies they are actually assembling it in the calcium matrix which is like the chalk matrix that they really are pulling together and concentrating the Ormus within their bodies. So when the coral calcium craze started about ten years ago people were getting better from just taking coral calcium and the people who were selling it advertised to everyone that it was the calcium and I think they were wrong and it was the Ormus that made the difference. I mean sure calcium is needed in the body but I think it had much more to do with the Ormus rather than the calcium itself.

Scott: Interesting so where could we get some Ormus if we wanted to you sort of alluded to a couple things.

Martin: Well I would prefer if people bought it from Life Enthusiast co-op it would be found in the products under nano minerals we have several of them you know the simplest way to get it would be to take some Himalayan salt and start practicing Brine Therapy where you take a teaspoon of the concentrated brine because you know the whole natural salt does have a content of the Ormus in it. It is not quick, but after a year or two of use people start noticing all kinds of positive changes in their body.

Scott: Cool and you made a really good point when you said it wasn’t really quick because it can be very jarring to jump from one level to another level because you know no one wants to be enlightened immediately because you are no longer able to function in society right.

Martin: For sure you go from being a regular guy to being a high conscious human being pretty much you have to say good bye to the life as you knew it and definitely if your friends are like hey man let’s go watch some football and drink some beer that is just not going to be very attractive to you anymore once you are on a spiritual high. It just doesn’t work anymore. So anyway there they are these minerals you can go to www.life-enthusiast.com on the products minerals, Ormus there are several of them listed there.

Scott: Great and do we have a special gift for our listeners?

Martin: Oh yes we set up something the ORM77 that will get you ten percent off for everything Ormus, it is an enormous discount.

Scott: You are knocking them dead today Martin.

Martin: Well I tell you I am so witty I could almost slap myself.

Scott: So if somebody wanted to talk to you more about any of the particular health issues they have or questions that they may have about Ormus or minerals or any of these other topics that we have talked about in our previous podcast episodes, how could they get a hold of you?

Martin: Well I am sitting here waiting for the phone to ring at 1-866-543-3388 and my direct line on my desk is 775-299-4661 and of course I would welcome people to listen to our other podcasts at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com and more importantly if someone is listening to this to post some questions on there I mean I hope I am covering the right topics but it would help to know what people are thinking that are listening to this.

Scott: So we would love to get your feedback if you have any questions and what you like about the show and any topics that you would like us to cover if there are specific topics and issues that you would like us to cover we would be delighted to talk about those too.

Martin: Well we must be doing something right because the number of listeners is constantly going up.

Scott: That’s right we are one of the top health podcasts on Podomatic right now.

Martin: Good it is about time we have been at it for two years.

Scott: Yeah we are finally hitting our stride so next time Martin I think we will go into more of the nano minerals and the Ormus because I know that section has a whole pile of really fascinating stuff including some talk about the Bovis scale and water and things like that, that I really want to go over in more detail with all our listeners because I just find it absolutely amazing and it is interesting because I think there is some connection with what Dr Emoto talks about with the secret life of water.

Martin: Yes there is so much strange stuff going on just as a side bar here. Ormus or nano minerals seem to like tight spaces they like to hide in something that is laminar you know like a book is laminar like, for example a book is laminar, you lay it on the side and the pages are the layers, and Ormus would love to hide between the pages and for instance the laminar crystals that we use in our energy charging which is a form of mica and I wonder if you remember from your childhood when mica was still available in big chunks you could see how it was layered it is like a book, like plywood type of thing or for instance the crystals that we sell you know the magnesium chloride crystals they are not just naturally MgCl2 it is actually MgC2.6 H2O meaning that the mineral exists as a hydrate in its most natural form so that means that every molecule of this salt is holding six molecules of water all around itself. So if you look at pictures of snowflakes that Emoto took where you see how all of them are symmetrical you know the shape of the snowflakes it is all in the hexagonal format, well similarly with this magnesium chloride that all is also in the hexagonal format it is all layered holding the Ormus within itself all in this natural six sided universe which reminds me of the bees you know when they build their honey combs that is all six sided as well. I mean what do they know is there a high level of Ormus in the pollen of the flowers well I wouldn’t be surprised because it is the consciousness and what is seed if not consciousness of the plant.

Scott: Yeah interesting I mean the whole thing becomes more and more fascinating the deeper and deeper we get into it.

Martin: Yes these are good seeds for meditations, let us meditate.

Scott: And on that note folks we will see you all next week you have been listening to Life Enthusiast online meditation station restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Martin: Aum…. Talk to you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela