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Podcast 116: Vaccines, Statistics and Your Health

Podcast 116: Vaccines, Statistics and Your Health

Podcast 116: Vaccines, Statistics and Your Health

This important question does not appear to have ever been adequately studied. Vaccines are enormously profitable for drug companies and recent legislation in the U.S. has exempted lawsuits against pharmaceutical firms in the event of adverse reactions to vaccines which are very common. In 1975 Germany stopped requiring pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination. Today less than 10 % of German children are vaccinated against pertussis. The number of cases of pertussis has steadily decreased even though far fewer children are receiving pertussis vaccine.

Measles outbreaks have occurred in schools with vaccination rates over 98 % in all parts of the U.S. including areas that had reported no cases of measles for years. As measles immunization rates rise to high levels measles becomes a disease seen only in vaccinated persons. An outbreak of measles occurred in a school where 100 % of the children had been vaccinated. Measles mortality rates had declined by 97 % in England before measles vaccination was instituted.

Why Do Vaccines Fail To Protect Against Diseases?

Walene James, author of Immunization: the Reality Behind The Myth, states that the full [5] inflammatory response is necessary to create real immunity. Prior to the introduction of measles and mumps vaccines children got measles and mumps and in the great majority of cases these diseases were benign. Vaccines “trick” the body so it does not mount a complete inflammatory response to the injected virus.

Learn more about “Why to Avoid Vaccines”.

Support your immune system instead with products that will strengthen it so that it may effectively work on viral problems:

Podcast 116: Vaccines, Statistics and Your Health

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to Life Enthusiast online radio network restoring vitality to you and to the swine. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin we kicked this one a couple of episodes ago or the last episode about the swine flu and all the rest of it and unfortunately the Canadians haven’t been listening to us because they just announced a swine flu vaccine will be ready by the fall. Local scientists expect to have a vaccine seed within the next few weeks which is a sign that H1N1 vaccine will be ready by fall. Dr. Frank Plummer scientific director of the Winnipeg based national micro biology lab, doesn’t that sound impressive, said scientists are rushing to develop the vaccine so it will be ready to roll out in time for the annual flu season like you know that is in like eight months from now right. Changes in the influenza of viruses are difficult to predict but Plummer said he thinks the vaccine will protect against the current strain. Earlier this week scientists cracked the genetic code of the H1N1 influenza virus also known as swine flu. Plummer said the DNA sequence will help scientists understand how the virus work and how it changes in humans. Great it will change and change and change. People here have risen to the occasion and worked really well as a team trying to get to the bottom of this problem Plummer said at a news conference Thursday morning. World health organization officials warned Thursday that one third of the world’s population, two billion people would be infected if the human swine flu goes pandemic. I think we need to panic.

Martin: Yes be afraid be really afraid but you know this is the thing that gets to me so much because the news media is just whipping up this frenzy. So let’s just start with the word pandemic, pandemic means that a lot of people get it and it goes human to human transmission and that it goes wide. It does not indicate anything about the severity I mean you could all be sneezing and that is a pandemic by definition. That is why they are going from stage five to possibly stage six because it is transferred readily.

Scott: Let’s talk about the pandemic a little bit more, what is the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?

Martin: Well an epidemic is that in one epi center in some place you have a whole bunch of people sick with something and pandemic is well you have pan which is the Greek word for everywhere like pan American or Panavision or whatever and that means that it is everywhere so now we go from epidemic to pandemic so instead of having it localized it is worldwide.

Scott: See because pandemic to me sounds way scarier then epidemic does that must be worse than an epidemic and an epidemic I know is bad.

Martin: And yet you know I could have an epidemic of sneezing and it is going to be declared a pandemic because everybody is going to sneeze. So that is the one point that the news media folk are just loving it because this word has such a loaded meaning and it has such a scary weight to it and yet it is nothing. The substance behind it is empty; it is just another big puffed up nothing.

Scott: Right and before we get into our response to that I have one other question for you and that is this, let’s suppose for example that the swine flu became this massive problem like the news said it was going to become and it is like this thing that happened to the Spanish in 1918 where millions of people died which was a terrible tragedy and let’s say the swine flu became kind of today’s equivalent of that eight months from now when the vaccine comes out is the swine flu that they made the vaccine for the same swine flu that is going to be around in eight months or will it have mutated already and be something totally different.

Martin: Well that is the crap shoot they cannot know they are saying they cannot know and they are hoping that it is broad enough to get it but I will come back to that point. What I wanted to say was that you know with all the respect to all of these guys who work in that territory or that environment in the science you know Steven Covey has got a phenomenal example of what I am trying to say in his book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and it has everything to do with strategic versus tactical thinking and he talks about management versus leadership and he defines management as somebody who teaches you how to sharpen your machete and someone who teaches you to have a better swing and teaches you personal motivation and staying on the job and all of that in your effort to cut a wonderful path through the jungle. Leadership on the other hand is the guy who climbs up on the highest spot in the whole terrain and says hey guys you are going in the wrong direction, over there east not north. So that is what we have here these people are researching and chasing this one thing, they are trying to eliminate this one virus, they are trying to attack this one virus. It is like another metaphor to me is like a man to a hammer most everything looks like a nail and these people understand that they would like to find the culprit and hit him and here on the other side in the natural wellness in the pleomorphic terrain, cellular terrain management universe we are saying why don’t we just strengthen the immune system, why don’t we put a systemic antiviral support into the body and I don’t really care if you are H1N1 or H2N7 we are covered.

Scott: So here is the thing if you have tons of people dying in developing countries because say a monsoon has gone through and it has disrupted their water system and flooded them out and everything else and cholera by the thousands or something like that you are really talking about what happens when people are living in squalor and they are not eating properly and they are not sleeping properly, they are tired they are worn down and they are exhausted and starving.

Martin: Yeah malnourished, immune system is compromised and all of that.

Scott: So I guess what I am saying is that if somebody was relatively healthy and they were exposed to that particular germ in the air in the unhealthy environment and then they went back into the healthy environment they would probably get a cold or something and than they would be fine because their immune system would be able to handle it but when you put people in impossible situations and you basically knock down all their defenses then how can they protect themselves from what is going on in the environment.

Martin: Well point to be made, these same Canadians that you are ranting about there are about 1500 or 1600 known cases and one that serious enough to warrant a hospitalization.

Scott: I think you should say that again.

Martin: So all of Canada which is 30 million people so that is a tenth of the United States have identified 1500 hundred or so at this point, cases of swine flu and one of which was serious enough to require hospitalization.

Scott: So less than point one percent.

Martin: Well never mind anything it is not even bad enough to go to the hospital, this one person that was in trouble was probably weak enough with who knows what else.

Scott: More people have died today in car accidents than even went to the hospital with the swine flu problem.

Martin: Right how many children have died of hunger in sub-Saharan Africa today?

Scott: Yeah I suppose I could look that up but I think I did the other day.

Martin: Well I am sure it is an ugly number but it is a lot more than the 1500 cases of swine flu in all of Canada and all of this time and effort and research dollars that have been thrown at this and all of this clamor and pharmaceutical companies that are just paddling as hard as they know how to develop something. I mean the direction you know where is the leadership, where is the leadership saying come on guys you are heading in the wrong direction to begin with.

Scott: Well it strikes me… we keep coming back to big business and the big pharmacy and they think the answer to everything is in a pill and a not a good lifestyle and that to me I guess is something that we are going to harping on over and over again is there is lots of natural alternatives that will always work because you know it is not like.

Martin: I need to ask this or play this out one more time Scott if there are rats in your back alley and you are an MD what are you going to do?

Scott: Get a cat?

Martin: Maybe.

Scott: Put out rat poison.

Martin: Yeah you put out rat poison and you get a gun and you start shooting the rats. Yeah you lay out poison and traps and guns.

Scott: Yeah and I guess what I don’t do and what I never consider doing is getting the garbage truck to come and take all the garbage away and clean the place up.

Martin: No because that is not part of your solution, you are only focusing on the symptoms and you never focus on the cause because in the medical premise is removal of symptoms equals a cure.

Scott: Right removal of symptoms equals a cure and we know that is not the case.

Martin: No that is like sticking the chewing gum over the red flashing light on your dashboard.

Scott: Yeah and I was thinking that somebody comes in with cancer or whatever and they give them chemo therapy and they say yep we have cured the cancer and it comes back a little while later and his liver has stopped working and he dies from liver problems and they say well he didn’t die from cancer he died from liver problems so wee fixed the cancer.

Martin: Yep success.

Scott: So what are some of the things that we could do you know so we can protect ourselves and get our immune systems up or okay I feel a little piggish and I have a runny nose and a sore throat and maybe a bit of a fever so I might have this swine flu thing coming on what should I do?

Martin: I think I must be a genius because about three months ago we launched a product called flu stop.

Scott: Yes they should have called it swine flu stop.

Martin: No that would be just ridiculous but anyway flu stop is actually badly named I don’t think they will get away with it for long they cannot have a product name in the um pardon me they cannot have a condition name in the product name or else FDA will never approve it. But they call it flu stop successfully right now so be it and I don’t think the next batch of the product will have the same name. [Sadly, there never was a next batch.]

Scott: You will hear us saying one of these days do you remember when we were talking about flu stop well now it is called whatever it is.

Martin: It is going to be a viral stomper or something.

Scott: Viral stomper, perfect.

Martin: Anyway the point is that the product based on herbal stuff, old Chinese ideas is very effective in inhibiting viral multiplication. It just kills off the influenza A virus ability to reproduce. you know if I take your ability to reproduce away the worst you can do for me is kind of tickle my throat.

Scott: Yeah there is no growth.

Martin: It can only get as bad as it is going to get by the time you start spraying this stuff in the back of your throat. The second thing and this is funnier than funny is the Twilight America product called topically every pain I regularly spray it on my belly because I use it for magnesium and iodine supplementation. I don’t know have you had any encounters with this one?

Scott: No

Martin: Oh you don’t remember it smells like a wet dog when you spray it on it is kind of funny. I have had people tell me I couldn’t possibly use this it smells disgusting, how could I just stink myself up. Although I had one woman call me up and she said her children just love it, I take them out of the bath and put them onto the bed and I stink up their feet with topically every pain. Of course what that does because this product has Valerian root and golden seal and St John’s wort in it. It is wonderfully calming relaxing and it improves moods and at the same time preventing infection. I mean you could probably quote some stuff about golden seal root it is a world well renowned and known anti viral, anti bacterial and anti septic.

Scott: Yeah it has been used by Native American healers for a wide range of ailments and they use it if there is local inflammation and infections and it was also used as an anti septic and a anti bacterial and an anti viral so you know it helped with the digestive system as well so when the Natives had colds or flu’s or respiratory problems, congestion, ulcers or constipation that was the root that they went to, they have used it for centuries and centuries.

Martin: That’s right and that’s a good thing it was working then and that is going to continue to work even when all the antibiotics and all thee vaccines and all of that have completely blown itself up because this is a universal inhibitor. You know the power of creation everything has its own antidote in nature we don’t have to invent it; it is already there all we have to do is find it and use it.

Scott: That’s right and use it.

Martin: But there is too little money to be made on golden seal root spray in fact it is such a joke we sell this four ounce bottle for twenty five dollars and actually I am going to put it on sale this week for all of our listeners if you stay with us till the end of the podcast I am going to give you a code so that you can get it for twenty dollars instead of twenty five. Anyway I wanted to quote this fellow he called me up and he said he would take this topically ever pain and spray it straight into the back of his throat right from the atomizer and I said brave man but then I tried it myself and you know what is funny is that when you blow it to the back of the mouth while missing the tongue you actually don’t taste this crazy thing.

Scott: Wow I can’t imagine it would be worse than Buckley’s.

Martin: Yes it would be worse than Buckley’s but effective and works. It is amazing how effective that advertising campaign of Buckley’s is.

Scott: Well the other thing that is in the topically every pain that is important to mention because we talk about this all the time is it is full of magnesium.

Martin: Right of course that is the primary carrier there and this is the delivery mechanism on it. Gosh we have talked about magnesium so much that it is not even funny.

Scott: Yeah if you are not taking magnesium and we say topically actually you had someone ask you a bit about that maybe we should say this again. If you take magnesium supplementation and you stick it in your mouth in order for you to get enough for your body to absorb it and make a difference, the other result of taking of taking that much is you would get the runs and you would have diarrhea.

Martin: Right the typical bowel tolerance for magnesium is somewhere around 2000 mg per day which is about three teaspoons of this.

Scott: And not enough.

Martin: Well it is barely enough for daily maintenance you know if you have a deficit you know you’re like magnesium depleted and you are trying to bring your levels up there is no getting there without having constant diarrhea or else use transdermal magnesium, that’s just the way to do it. Either as a bath crystal or foot soaks or a full bath or these spray on or massage on magnesium oil or the gel or the topically everything. Personally I use the topically everything all the time because it has the alfalfa and kelp extracts in it. So I get the instant benefits of the amino acids and minerals from kelp which is from the sea water like oceans and from the alfalfa which is from the land, Alfalfa is another really amazing plant you know alfalfa roots go deep like twenty to thirty feet deep. It’s insane I mean most plants are four to six inches maybe a little bit more you know these hundred foot or two hundred foot trees that topple with the wind and you see their root system and there is nothing there it is very shallow like one foot deep at most but not alfalfa it grows about two feet tall in the field but it is twenty to thirty feet deep on the root system. So it gets the minerals from deep down even when the soil is depleted alfalfa is always loaded with minerals.

Scott: Yeah because it goes below where the depletion occurs and actually the name alfalfa means father of all foods.

Martin: Yeah that is an Arabic word.

Scott: And Arabs used it to feed their horses claiming it increased the speed and strength of the animals and it is huge.

Martin: Absolutely and of course you can have horses and cows live on straight alfalfa hay, there is a huge amount of protein in alfalfa and of course the mineralization is just legendary so that is why I use topically everything. I use it to give myself a mineral and amino acid supplementation everyday transdermally.

Scott: So through the skin as opposed to orally.

Martin: Yes although it appears to be this fellow and I am ever so grateful to him I wasn’t going to try it myself but after he told me he was doing it I thought oh yeah I will do it I will try anything. It is quite bearable I certainly wouldn’t do it on a five year old child but anybody who is a fully functioning adult, not a wuss and a wimp can do it.

Scott: Right and well we had a nice testimonial from a lady in BC Canada about topically everything that I wanted to share with everyone as well and she goes dear Martin I am a middle aged, fairly active woman and I recently had the opportunity to go water skiing and I can remember when I used to water ski all the time it is an activity that I have seldom done in the last decade and this resulted in one particularly very sore arm muscle. So before bed I applied topically everything two times and in the morning my arm was so much better it was as if a few days of healing had passed. It was truly amazing so there is another example of putting something on your skin that has a healthy benefit and it just blows my mind when you hear doctors say you can’t put anything on your skin because I mean they prescribe nicotine patches and all this other stuff so they know that stuff gets in and it just amazes me.

Martin: Oh yeah we had this conversation just recently right where there was this friend of your that was saying I don’t think this is anything possible.

Scott: And her sister of course had a bath in magnesium salts and if you have too much magnesium you get heart palpitations and of course this is what was happening to her and I said well it couldn’t have been from the magnesium because your body doesn’t absorb anything right and she said my sister doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Martin: Oh isn’t it wonderful when you get to pull off one of those.

Scott: It is and it is like Yes! I scored!

Martin: Okay so what do we tell the world this is one of the better things we can do we have three products in this Twilight America you know like the topically every pain with the golden seal and topically everything which just has alfalfa and kelp and then we have the golden seal drops which is just straight golden seal for the brave folks who would like to add it to their daily tea or something like that.

Scott: And if you go to the Life Enthusiast website at and click on brands and go down to Twilight America you will see an introduction and all sorts of information about it including a six day challenge and information about those three particular products and I think we should do something for them actually Martin I think you are going to do something for them right.

Martin: Absolutely I have got the code ready it is TEP for topically every pain and 20 for 20 percent off so if you type that into the exit as TEP20 the three products that I am qualifying this too is the topically every pain and the topically everything and the golden seal drops, enjoy, so just stock up.

Scott: Just fill it in under where it says coupon code and just put TEP20 in there and you will get twenty percent off. Awesome that is a great deal and you know you will never be a swine for taking the topically every pain.

Martin: This thing I do want to say this without being too crazy I actually appreciate the researchers these people who get to go to work and think and spend the time really trying to make humanity suffer less like you know they really try to do that and they are good people. It is just that they are paddling in the wrong direction its just their direction is misguided or there isn’t any. I actually just heard that China whether that it is the whole country or just a province banned the importation of pork from Alberta because there is a particular heard of pigs that got infected by this flu. Oh yeah some German official from the world health organization put out this message that says don’t eat pork products because we don’t know if the virus will survive on the pork or not. Well I am glad for it because I am an advocate for not eating pork but I think it is just about as stupid as it gets.

Scott: So let me ask you a question Martin if there was a virus and let’s say for example you cook the meat I guess at four hundred degrees would it survive?

Martin: It would just kill it so dead that it wouldn’t be any deader. I mean with absolute certainty I mean you have to be licking the meat before you cook it.

Scott: I was going to say licking the raw meat before you cook it to get anything I mean it is ridiculous before you cook something I mean this is one of our complaints isn’t it also we are eating dead meat there is nothing living in it that’s why people go, have you see there was a YouTube where there was this guy who went to McDonald’s and he bought two burgers and he left and stuck one burger in his jacket and ate the other burger when he got home he took the jacket off and hung it up and didn’t wear the jacket for a year and of course he found it and he pulled it out and it looked exactly the same as it did I can’t believe it but a year earlier so then he went back to McDonald’s and he had basically all of these burgers that were a year old or six months old and he started creating this collection and he did this video on this thing and these things were not decomposing there was nothing living in them so here you’ve got all these people saying I am not going to eat pork or I am not going to eat this or that because when you cook it you might get the flu and we are going what type of misinformation are these people spreading?

Martin: Yeah and this is the world’s health organization I mean this is the I mean my words are not coming together to express the astonishment that I feel at the stupidity at that level.

Scott: So can we do just a little digression here it is a similar type of topic that has nothing to do with health that I found out the other day that just blew me away one of the major environmental catastrophes that has occurred and is ongoing comes from used tires all these people wear down these tires and they are not good anymore and they take them to the tire shop and they put new tires on and what happens to the old tires there is like twenty square miles of tires like a hundred feet high in these different spots around the United States one of them went on fire for whatever reason you know they are black and the sun beats down and they combust right it took them four months to put the fire out so this wasn’t just a small problem so what do you do with these tires so in Arizona this company figured out that they could crush up the tires and cut them into small little pellets and mix them in with asphalt and put them on the roads and what would happen is if you are in a place that gets really cold you see tons of cracks happening in the road all the time well with the rubber road as I call it expands and contracts with the temperature so it never cracks so this is what they did and they did it in Flagstaff, Arizona where it gets hot but also gets cold they put it up seven years ago and they did one half of a highway for twenty or thirty miles with this stuff and they did the other half the way they normally did it the half that they did seven years ago looks perfect it looks brand new the other half looks worn and beat and cracked like crazy so the senator from Arizona says you know what this is a solution to two problems one is constantly repaving roads that are cracking and two getting rid of all this environmental disaster that is occurring all over the country because it isn’t just one place it is a massive problem. If you think of how many people are on the roads with cars and how many cars that you have to change the tires it is just incredible. They were actually going to make a law to use twenty percent of rubber or something in your pavement and the road building lobby managed to get the thing squashed. First of all I didn’t realize there was a lobby for but there was.

Martin: And why is that because we want the roads to need repair and we want the work we can’t have roads that last twenty years.

Scott: It was interesting because I interviewed one of the guys that did the lobbying and it was like well we don’t want to be told what to do, we aren’t saying there is anything wrong with it we just don’t want to be told how to do our job because we think we do a really good job and I was like what are you talking about but basically a regular road is four inches thick and a rubber road is two inches thick the regular road last for X amount of years and the rubber road doesn’t seem to ever stop lasting and it is like oh man all this misinformation that gets out there and people not doing what is in the best interest of everything that is high and good. I mean I am sorry if you are out of work because there is no more roads that need repair but.

Martin: Well you could build new roads man.

Scott: Or you can find something else that you could do that would be of value not.

Martin: Well you know this is so dunderheaded because of course they are trying to protect what they have as opposed to thinking forward and if we have the same road building budget and we no longer have to spend it on fixing stupid roads that are broken we could actually build new roads or we could deploy these guys to pave the drive ways and do whatever we want elsewhere and else how but because people have these limited idiotic self-interested thinking they squash it.

Scott: There is no city in the world where you can walk around and say here is an area that we could really improve a lot on and take the money from repairing roads we are not talking about new roads but repairing old roads and put it into fixing up parks or.

Martin: Okay Scott we have to start a movement where do I sign up I mean we need to go there and overcome the problems in Arizona and everywhere else.

Scott: Well in Arizona they have it fixed they put rubber roads down the other thing too that is strange about this is they interviewed the guy that put down that highway the guy who actually made it and he said you know what this stuff is so easy to work with, it is so fast and he said I would never go back to the old way of doing it so once they understand that this doesn’t smell as bad and it doesn’t do this and it doesn’t do that.

Martin: Well clearly we have some problems this is why some people will never go to discover America and some people won’t try something new so it is time for you wussies to try some golden seal on your flu.

Scott: That’s right and it tastes worse than Buckley’s and when you decide to get some we are going to give you a discount what was that code again Martin?

Martin: TEP20

Scott: So when you go through the check out process you can look and there is a little field that says coupon code and you just put TEP20 in there and you get 20 percent off on the Twilight America the topically everything and the topically every pain or if you just want the golden seal.

Martin: I tell you I have turned you into a complete political rant you used to be a nice civilized man but you have been spoiled.

Scott: It is the elk antler velvet let’s talk about that another day.

Martin: We will try that some other time. Alright wonderful so Scott I would like to sign off with call me at Life Enthusiast co-op at 1-866-543-3388 or look me up at this is Martin from Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela
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