Podcast 190: Silica and Connective Tissue Health

In this week’s podcast Martin Pytela and his co-host Scott Paton discuss all the wild forest fires that are currently burning around Martin’s home.

They go on to talk about a new product at Life Enthusiast from Silicium Labs called G7 Light Legs”. It’s formulated specifically to help shape, refresh and restore tired legs, especially female legs. The ingredients deal with cellulite and tiredness.

Another product you can use for this purpose is Orgono Silica Liquid, known to create an incredible feeling of lightness and ease. Its essential oils and plant extracts encourage the circulation of blood and eliminate swelling. It contains anti-inflammatory agents such as Horse Chestnut to reduce varicose veins and nourish the skin from within.

Silicium products help increase your body’s defenses, protecting against external invaders, pathogens and pollutants. Whichever product you choose (and why not try them all?) you’re well on your way to those legs that are going to make people stop and pay attention.

Author: Martin Pytela