Podcast 210: Metabolic Typing – Part 3

Peter D’Adamo wrote the book “Eat Right For Your Type” or “The Eat Right Diet” (Random House) which shows that individuals with different blood groups have different optimal food requirements. Special proteins called lectins, in foods that were not traditionally eaten, frequently cause immune reactions in the intestinal wall and may eventually lead to a wide variety of diseases.

The relationship between the three basic metabolic types and blood groups is rather straightforward. Blood group O is the oldest blood group. It originated in the hunter-gatherer area and corresponds to the P-type or non-vegetarian type with a high requirement for protein and fat. Group A resembles most closely the S-type or seed-eating vegetarian type, while B is the lacto-vegetarian type, and closest to the balanced metabolic type. Blood group AB has the characteristics of A as well as B.

Author: Martin Pytela